Special Message From Marnie ...

As a special client of mine … I wanted to share my insight with you.  

I have many email questions coming in … 

Please read the following in full, so that I can best support you in living your life with 100% infinite potential. 

Here's the Good News …

I've made it very easy for you to continue to improve for 12 weeks straight!

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I will continue to strengthen you on a regular basis … 

Here's the benefits you will receive: 

Benefit 1: Submit your requests to me! 

Stay connected to the live strengthening and deletion  for 12 weeks straight… allowing you to maximize the benefits of remaining linked to my energy field, to be supported and strengthened by the group energy rather than being limited by the conventional thinking of the collective conscious, and finally to receive my personal attention in resolving your specific problems. 

Benefit 2: Better Quality of Life! 

Receive Continuous support … 

Life is multifaceted … You must strengthen every area of your life. 

The first focus of the upcoming program is on less aging. The sooner you begin strengthening yourself for aging changes (preferably by age 30), the fewer issues you will have later in life and the longer you will live enjoying a life of quality. 

For those of you who want to lose weight and achieve the ideal body effortlessly and permanently, the second focus of the seminar programs you for doing just that while it deprograms you from all the misinformation about “diets, supplements, eating the right foods, consuming less calories, ect.,ect., ect. It also will improve your finances because the two, weight and money, are practically inseparable. 

The Life Hexagon consists of: 

Health, Relationships, Fitness, Rejuvenation/Less Aging, Finances/Career, Life Purpose. 

I named the program Ultimate Rejuvenation because we have many areas in life that need rejuvenation.

  • We think we have a weight problem, but the causes can be relationship stress or any other area of your life hexagon
  • We think we have physical pain, but the causes can be financial or relationship weaknesses
  • We think we are aging and therefore have less energy, can’t sleep well, have lost much of the zest for life, etc. but the true causes lie hidden in our minds and spirit

You have to be BALANCED in ALL areas of your life. 

So even if you have worked through relationship problems, or your desires … you must strengthen all aspects of your life hexagon. Each area of the Life Hexagon must support every other area in the hexagon if you want to delete the struggles in life, once and for all. 

This strengthening must be done on a regular basis, and I will focus on that as one aspect of the  activation-strengthening experience.

Let me give you an example: 

If you were to clean your house, not having done so in the previous year … you would tackle the mess by beginning in one room, and then moving on to the next. 

However, once you have cleaned every room, you still need to do detailing – under the sinks – inside the refrigerator – behind the sofa, all of which may not have been dealt with for the prior 10 years (exaggerating a bit to make my point). 

And even when you are sure the house is now 100% clean … the pipe bursts in your bathroom and the plumber comes to fix it and notices that you have mold growing in the inside wall in the bathroom, which is invisible to the human eye. 

The above is analogous to your body. You can complete a program on fulfilling your desires, receiving many benefits. Nevertheless, it is a process that requires more detailing. And even when you are 100% congruent to your desires, there is always the NEXT level … what do I mean? 

I mean that this Method is PREVENTATIVE. 

Statistics show that the leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart attack and stroke. 

There is one thing you DON’T want to do … 

You believe you are taking the proper measures by eating properly, doing the recommended exercises, and even possessing good genes.  All of a sudden … it happens to you … it’s a “call 911” and the cardiologist rushes you into emergency surgery …or you simply don’t survive. 

What you really needed was not the conventional method of diet/exercise/anti-oxidant and other supplements, but a method that stopped these conditions before they ever manifested-period. 

I am telling you this from my experience … 

14 years ago, my dad thought his health was fine, he got regular check-ups at the doctor, passed the stress test and was told he had the blood work of a 20 year- old. He was in great shape and the perfect weight. 

Soon after, I got a call from my mom in total panic …  “Marnie, dad is in the hospital, and scheduled for emergency bypass surgery – the doctor says he has a 99% blockage in all 4 arteries and might not make it. They even bumped the person scheduled for surgery as he was being rolled in and gave his spot to Dad.” 

Normal people would be in a state of dread, praying that all will be ok … But not me, I took a deep breath, stayed neutral, and immediately started strengthening and deleting …. Long story short, he survived and beat the odds! 

I was able to reverse the process and save my dad’s life with a series of strengthening and deletions. 

This was 14 years ago … 

But my lesson was – DO NOT WAIT!

Of course, now I know that the KEY in PREVENTING DEATH is Strengthening your Weaknesses IN ADVANCE – you have the power to change your future health before it happens …. HOW? 

Join my 12-week Ultimate Rejuvenation Program: 

I am here to support you … 

  • I want you to be in charge of your health
  • I want you to live to be 100 and not look or feel like it
  • I want you to have a better quality of life – 100% infinite potential 

I will strengthen to optimize your systems, organs, and all aspects of your life. 

If you have taken programs from me – that’s great. However, the stronger your central nervous system and your physical intelligence, and the more details you strengthen, including every aspect of your structure … systems, organs, tissues, every cell, molecule, atom, to the quantum particles up and down your physical structure, the less likely you are of developing aging problems of any kind … and believe me, the list is a long one.   

It’s a process of continual strengthening and deletion. 

You spend 24/7 with yourself – become a self- expert and live without pain, illness, or limitations. 

Don’t accept anything less than the best quality of life!

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Discounted Price $897 (SAVE $100)

3 monthly payments of $299 (every 30 days)

Ultimate Rejuvenation Special - Click Here