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Thanksgiving – A New Perspective:
Why You Don’t Have to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving
What Should You Be Doing Instead?

Delete Your Abundance Blocks!

Thanksgiving actually provides us with an opportunity to delete the problems we have with receiving!

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For many people the Thanksgiving Holiday means feasting, four-day weekends, football games, floats and family reunions. Critics complain that the meaning of Thanksgiving has slowly deteriorated, and is now almost completely lost as we not only have Black Friday, but an expanded blitz of media hype, sales pitches and marketing tactics as a forerunner to Christmas. Critics are adamant about reclaiming Thanksgiving as being a time of expressing our gratitude for what we have received.

At Thanksgiving dinner this year, perhaps your family will be one of those who sit around the table and before eating, give each person a turn at conveying what he/she is grateful for, such as good health, love and support from their family, having received a much needed raise at work or meeting Mr./Ms. Right. 

Taking a closer look at this, however, realize that for most people gratitude is a product of the mind and offering thanks provides the mind with a temporary sense of well-being.  

The question is, who are you thanking? Any higher power such as God provides  unconditional love, unconditional giving and wisdom and has no need for receiving anything. The need for offering thanks exists only in your mind, although this may be difficult for you to accept. There is no reality to it.

A more truthful position is to acknowledge that what you have received, material or non-material, is the result of what you are strong for.

The mind’s whole concept of receiving is rooted in scarcity (there is not enough to go around) and often in a belief that you are not good enough to receive in the first place.  These thoughts create a false need to be grateful for anything you receive, especially if you believe a higher power is involved.

Thanksgiving actually provides us with an opportunity to delete the problems we have with receiving 


  • ·  Be strong for receivingIf you are weak, strengthen yourself for receiving in general and delete the causes/reasons/sources of the underlying weaknesses.
  • ·  Be strong for being worthy of receiving – this is often an underlying weakness related to receiving in general
  • ·  Delete any karma related to receiving
  • ·  Be neutral about receiving so it is not conditional: receiving/not receiving/neutral 
  • ·  Be strong for abundance!

Delete Your Blocks To Abundance ...

Let me assist you as we approach Thanksgiving this year with the unconscious resistance nearly all of us have when it comes to receiving.

Currently, at some level, whether conscious or not, our minds are present to remind us that we are not good enough. We have lived under a dark cloud of self-condemnation for centuries.  Thanks to our ancestors, parents, culture, education and the collective thought, our minds have been conditioned to think we should be different than we are/better than we are.


That’s What You Should Be Doing This Thanksgiving

What is it that you want to receive?  There is no scarcity of anything and truly each of you is deserving of receiving whatever it is you want, need or desire.  If this truth makes you uncomfortable, let me delete it for you so you will have a closer resonance with the Universal Intelligence.

You also must be congruent for receiving what you want. This means deleting each and every unknown weakness that is currently sabotaging you.  It’s as simple as that.

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As I strengthen your needs, wants and desires, not only will they manifest, but each and every deletion will allow you to reach and be surrounded by higher frequency levels as you continue to evolve

Delete Your Blocks To Abundance ...