Marnie Will Delete Your Stress In The Workplace, So You Feel More Vitality, Productive & Focused …
You Will Achieve Neutrality – Above It All!

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Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do You Feel Stuck or Blocked?
  • Do You Have Important Business Decisions That You Are Unsure About?
  • Are You Burned-Out?
  • Are Your Business Relationships or Co-Workers Causing You Conflict or Stress?
  • Are You Searching For Answers?

This is Your Opportunity to Have All Your Business Questions and Unresolved Problems Answered!



Marnie consults with Fortune 500 and smaller companies, using the method to increase the bottom line, delete any toxicity in the work place environment, bring managers and their teams together so they work as a more cohesive unit and increase the communications between departments so everyone is on the same page. Corporate America is definitely open to this, especially because the employees become so much happier and more invested in their jobs.

In her consultations she determines the current weaknesses of the company structure as well as the probability of future success in various aspects of their business, upcoming corporate deals, new product development, loan approvals, mergers and so on. After determining current and upcoming difficulties and obstacles intuitively, she continues to delete each one by accessing the unconscious minds of those people or groups involved, determining the actual unseen weaknesses, issues and blocks and deleting them on the spot. This process results in solutions showing up naturally and with the right actions being taken automatically.

Greenberg consults and trains companies and individuals on how to feel, perceive, and intuitively pinpoint the “answers” to their unseen blocks and achieve results on the spot. Her ability to feel, perceive, and intuitively direct people of all walks of life the applicable answers that can radically change and create an unlimited infinite potential life is impeccable. She makes what seems impossible, possible at lightning speed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marnie's Phone Consultations …

Q: What is the cost & length of a business phone consultation with Marnie?

A: Business consultations with Marnie are 45 minutes and the cost is $497.

Q: How soon will my phone consultation take place?

A: Business consultations are available in the mornings between the hours of 8:00am-11:00am PST. Marnie’s phone consultations are typically booked between four to eight weeks in advance, but we will always offer you the absolute earliest time available on her schedule.

To schedule your consultation, please send us an email request at so that we can reserve you a spot that is most convenient for you.

Q: How do I connect with Marnie and can I use Skype?

A: Yes. We encourage everyone outside of the USA to use Skype. Please give us your skype name. At your scheduled time, Marnie will Skype or call you using the information you provided.

Q: Great! I purchased my consultation time, exactly what is my next step now?

 A: After you purchase, you will immediately receive further instructions.

Q: How do I change/reschedule my consultation time?

A: If you wish to reschedule your consultation time please e-mail our office at 48 hours in advance. Please include your invoice number.

Q: What are the RECOMMENDATIONS before a consultation with Marnie?

    A:  1. Read the book: Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot. (Available on Amazon – click here)

         2. Attend a FREE live Stream Tele-Clinic with Marnie (or Watch a Replay Here)

Q: Why will the RECOMMENDATIONS maximize your results with Marnie? 

A: When you read the book, you will be familiar with the principles that Marnie references in her consultations. Knowing the basic terminology, you won’t waste time on explanations of what Marnie is doing.

The Live Stream is a clinic, and you will experience RESULTS in real time – Marnie deletes pain and stress over the phone/web, and it’s important you experience this demonstrated. You will maximize your consultation with Marnie by watching what is possible in a short period of time.

Consultations for Corporations and Organizations 

Marnie’s corporate consultations span company structure, business strategy, financial performance, enterprise risk, security problems, concerns about expanding or merging, new product development, capability building and technology status and effectiveness. 

She does an in-depth evaluation of current specific challenges the company faces and explores employee interactions among themselves, with their supervisor and upper management and when working as a team member. Included is an assessment of employee stress, productivity, job engagement, time management and fulfillment levels. She works closely with upper management regarding their ability to lead, inspire, delegate strategically, innovate, make decisions and experience purpose/fulfillment. As a final step she assessing the probability of future success in all aspects of the business. 

Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of excellent business consultants out there available for assessing all of the above factors and improving your company by leveraging research, analytics, and industry expertise to help design and execute the critical programs you need for leadership and change. 

While this traditional consultation has been the most effective one available for the last several decades, frankly, thanks to the ability we as individuals (or as an entire company) possess to transform on the spot, today’s analytical approach is quickly becoming outdated, soon to be a product of bygone eras. Implementing strategies based on statistics and what has worked for others in your field is quickly being replaced by REWIRING the entire fabric of your company for effortless and automatic success.  

Go from Managing Company Problems to
Deleting Them, on the Spot!

I have consistently found that the reasons/causes/sources for the entire spectrum of current difficulties and obstacles a company faces, including employee under-performance, the poor decisions, choices, actions and strategies of upper management, lack of communication and cooperation between departments and so on, as well as what unexpected future challenges may blindside the company, are never apparent to either the conscious minds of the people involved or to the hired expert consultants. 

The cause of any problem in your life or in the life or your company is never what you think it is. The same holds true for the reasons when the particular wants/ needs/ desires you have projected for your company have failed to materialize in reality. 

The true culprits responsible for creating any past, existing and upcoming company difficulties or for thwarting your expectations for the company’s success lie hidden in the subconscious and unconscious minds of the people and groups involved. By intuitively accessing these levels of the mind, it takes only a few minutes to pinpoint the exact unknown causes, sources and blocks responsible for weakening those involved and allowing the particular problem to manifesting in the first place. Each underlying cause/reason/source creating these weaknesses are then deleted on the spot, just as easily as you now delete unwanted emails. 

Strength has now replaced weakness in attracting and obtaining whatever previously has been out of reach. Successful results now surface on their own, without any application of effort, energy, and time. Your future actions, decisions and choices will automatically be the correct ones. All you lose during the deletion process is struggle, worry, regret and uncertainty, all of which now disappear once and for all.  

Sound Too Good to Be True? 

Undoubtedly, it does. However, this isn’t just another marketing ploy using catchy phrases and promising to transform your company. Nor is it some spiritual hocus pocus or a lot of hype, over-promising and under-delivering. 

While I cannot boast twenty years of experience transforming hundreds of corporations throughout the world using this method, I do, however, proclaim to be ahead of the curve. Along with Dr. Kam Yuen, I have spent twenty years successfully deleting chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet for what now numbers hundreds of thousands of people spanning the globe. 

I cite our success in these three areas only because when doing demonstrations, the results are instant, dramatic and life-changing. Here we have people who wake up each morning knowing they’ll have to struggle just to make it through another day. 

The outcomes we are able to provide in these cases are impossible for astonished audiences to overlook. One minute, the bodies and/or minds of these victims, having been crippled by chronic pain, stress or illness, perhaps of a fifteen to thirty- year duration, within a few minutes become pain free. Many leave the stage with tears running down their checks, realizing the quality of their life has been restored. 

There is nothing miraculous happening here, nor is there any healing involved.  We are just tapping into the true physical potential of our brains and downloading information that already exists.  Anyone can learn this technique, just as tens of thousands have, now practicing and teaching this revolutionary method in over thirty-five countries. 

The same principles are equally successful at resolving any and every possible life problem, in this case, turning financial stress into financial excess for individuals, corporations/businesses of all sizes and organizations.  

The method is fully clarified in the section on deletion explained.  However, there is no need for you or anyone in your company to accept that this process works. The results manifest without any cooperation or intellectual understanding from the recipients of this process. I assure you that no belief is required. Your beliefs or doubts are irrelevant, and pretty much just limit your potential. Totality has no limitations. ALLOW the OUTCOME and the TANGIBLE RESULTS to speak the TRUTH for what has taken place. It’s the fairest choice you can have in life. It annuls and cancels any and all debates and arguments.

Nonetheless, I am equally adept at transforming workplaces, but the results, such as tripling your bottom line, while being activated on the spot, obviously require some measure of time to manifest in the physical world.

I am most interested in consulting those who are interested in INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, and improving their life on a daily basis.

The work-place is the ideal setting for the deletion process.

Choose to make the quantum leap your company deserves,
one that is miniscule and at the same time infinite!

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