How Mariana Overcame Breast Cancer, and Manifested Being a Mother of
2 Beautiful Twin Babies! 

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Now is the most critical time of the year – it's the beginning of the year, and Mariana wanted to share with you all her amazing changes that have happened in the past year, and how YOU can also share in this same energy, rise along with her, and recognize how far you have come as well.

Mariana shares her story of how she
activated her Dreams into Reality, and
How You Can Too …

Turn Your Resolutions Into Reality!
Start the New Year Healthy and Stress Free!

January is the time to Strengthen your Resolutions into Reality!

I know we attracted each other because you know there is an easier and faster way to achieve your dreams.

Life can be extremely challenging at times, and it’s important you have consistent strengthening and deletion on a regular basis.

And this is why I created my monthly membership group so that you have the regular support to charge your internal battery and delete the weaknesses as they come up.

In my monthly membership program, I noticed one common theme last year – group members who keep with me, achieved what they wanted.

That’s why I felt it was important to share with you stories from other group members, on my blog and in the e-mails that I send you.

When group member Mariana first started with me, her health was suffering, she felt totally dependent in her marriage, and was told she would never be able to have children.

Fast forward to now … She was finally able to manifest her desires into reality. She overcame breast cancer, and her health is now 100%, and she had two amazing twin babies who bring her so much joy in her life, and she is independent.

Best of all, she did not just stop and say – that’s enough strengthening and deletion, I’m good … Rather, Mariana did just the opposite, in her last feedback comment she said “Let’s go for it, beyond infinite potential!!!”

She is unstoppable!

Mariana wanted to share with you all her amazing changes that have happened to her in the past year, and how YOU can also share in this same energy, rise with her, and recognize you can do it also!

You resonate with Mariana’s dedication, perseverance, and commitment, which is why you are on my mailing list!

Life is a continual process of finding your weaknesses and deleting them … You are consistently driving to your next destination.

It would take an 8-hour video to really capture and explain all that Mariana went through … However, the most important aspect of her story is that nothing stopped her! She did not accept anything other than she would survive and beat the odds.

Even after she was cancer-free, she was so determined to have a baby, and she went through a lot, but in the end, she manifested not just one child, but even more magically, twins!

She tried, and tried again …
She kept Deleting! Deleting! Deleting!
Block, after Block, after Block.
It was very intense – but she did it!!!


So, ask Yourself this Question:
What is it that you Need, Want, and Desire this year?

My Answer to you is …
Consistent Strengthening and Deleting = ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

This is Your Year to Go Beyond Infinite Potential!

Wrap your arms around yourself really tightly, and give yourself a huge energy hug as you watch this video. You will feel my unconditional love coming at you full force!!!

You are unconditionally loved beyond what words can express,

Marnie and team

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