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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Actually Achieve the Goals You Set, and Finally Fulfill All Your Future Needs, Wants, and Desires?

It's Time to Delete the Accumulated Baggage that is Preventing You from Creating the Life You Envision and Deserve!

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Actually
Achieve the Goals You Set, and Finally
Fulfill All Your Future Needs, Wants, and Desires?

It's Time to Delete the Accumulated Baggage that is Preventing You from
Creating the Life You Envision and Deserve!

Pre-program and Accelerate Your Life By Connecting with Marnie Every Month

Infinite Range of Topics

Covering an infinite range of topics, and showcasing her truly one-of-a-kind perspective, Marnie’s Membership strikes a completely unique balance of insight, self-empowerment, plus a little something indescribably amazing that you simply must experience yourself!

Improve on a Regular Basis

Designed in a Tele-Clinic style in which you will receive a monthly group strengthening and deletion call. You will improve on a regular basis with unparalleled benefits and continuous self-improvement.

Live Strengthening & Deletion Call Every Month on Specific Topics

Submit Your Problem To Marnie Every Month

Every month you can submit your primary request directly to Marnie.

She will specifically include you in the group strengthening and deletions. 

This is NOT just general strengthening. Marnie specifically directs strengthening and deletions to each participants central nervous system so that it is most effective. 

Submit Your Feedback To Marnie Every Month

Every Month you will be able to submit your feedback to Marnie after the live strengthening and deletion call. Marnie will continue to strengthen you in-between each Month's call. 

She will evaluate and re-evaluate on each call based on your feedback. You will feel consistently connected to Marnie's energy field - she has you on her radar!

Connect With Marnie Every Month!

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE SHOULD NEVER STOP, and doing so continually by listening to Marnie's Monthly Live Calls will provide you with such an opportunity, one that requires little, if in fact any effort on your part.

Here are the 12 Essential Topics Marnie Covers ...

Marnie Greenberg Delete Your Physical Pain

Delete Your Physical Pain

Marnie Greenberg"s Delete Your Financial Blocks to Abundance

Delete Your Financial Blocks to Abundance

Marnie Greenberg Stress and Anxiety Relief

Delete Your Stress (Mental/Emotional)

Marnie Greenberg Resolves Relaionship Stress

Delete Your Relationship Stress

Marnie Greenberg Rejuvenate Your Body/Mind/Spirit

Rejuvenate Your Body/Mind/Spirit

Marnie Greenberg Teaches You How To Instantly Increase Your Physical Vitality

Instantly Increase Your Physical Vitality

Marnie Greenberg Lose Weight and Achieve Your Ideal Body

Achieve Your Ideal Body

Marnie Greenberg - Learn How to Manifest Your True Purpose in Life

Manifest Your True Purpose in Life

Skin/Facial Rejuvenation

Resolutions Into Reality

Sexual Rejuvenation

Pre-Program For
Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

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Strengthening & Deletion
Monthly Membership

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  • The goal is to dramatically accelerate achieving what you desire in life.
  • You receive Consistent support all year long at a FRACTION of the usual prices.
  • Get started improving your life right now.
  • Submit a personal request to Marnie and participate in the monthly live calls.
  • Send in your feedback after the calls for additional strengthening and deletion on a consistent basis.
  • Topic-Specific Activations 
  • If it's not for you, you may cancel anytime

Based on the #1 International Bestseller

Marnie Greenberg Delete Stress and Pain On The Spot Bestselling Book
Marnie Greenberg Membership

July Call
Wednesday, July 31st
5:00 PM Pacific Time

How to Make the Best Decisions
Includes all Physical Pain, Illness, and Stress

Marnie will STRENGTHEN and DELETE the

True Reasons, Causes and Sources of Your Pain and Stress. 

Includes All Physical Pain, Life Problems, and Deletions for Coronavirus Symptoms and 
Strengthening for the COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster!

Submit Your Personal Request to Marnie Now!

Includes a Coronavirus Self-Strengthening and Deletion
Activation For Protection, Prevention, and Ultimate Defense!

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Strengthening Support

Strengthening & Deletion Clinic


  • LIVE Clinic Call with Marnie every month
  • Send your personal topic to Marnie every month! 
  • Send your personal feedback to Marnie after each call!
  • Explanatory PDF manuscript covering each monthly topic
  • IMMEDIATELY IMPROVE in ALL aspects of your life! (Relationships, Finances, Career, Health, Fitness, Less Aging, and much more)
  • Topic Specific: Self-Strengthening & Deletion Activations


Ultimate SUPPORT

Strengthening & Deletion Clinic and Course

$997 One Payment + $147/Month


  • INSTANT ACCESS to an entire vault of monthly call clinics, bonus clinics, manuscripts, and activation library (Value over $3,000)
  • Plus Marnie's Level One Intensive Course (Value $997/50% off!)
  • Learn How to Activate Your Insight, and Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot!
  • Geometric Charts Yuen Method
  • LIVE! Lifestyle Mastery Class! First Month FREE ACCESS ($297 Value) 

A Message from Dr. Yuen

Get Immediate Access!

Dr. Kam Yuen

For more than two decades I have witnessed Marnie Greenberg’s impeccable perception, intuition, and insight provide you the exact answers to any life question you may have that has not been fully answered to your satisfaction.  This results in your professional life, personal life, and business life moving forward with ultimate strength, and without any glitches. Her ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint the unseen weaknesses that keep you stuck, and delete them on the spot, is far beyond anyone.

It was an honor to pass the torch as 36th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster to Marnie Greenberg. In Martial Arts, titles are not given, they are earned! Marnie's lifetime dedication, commitment, and proven track record of achieving immediate results for her clients have made her the recognized legendary next generation in the Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame."

Dr. Kam Yuen DC. - Kung Fu Grandmaster

What Our Members Are Saying:

KARINA GAUVIN / Musical Artist "Queen of Baroque Opera"

Like a lighthouse on a foggy murky day

"In the midst of utter chaos, confusion, panic and crippling fear, Marnie appeared like a beacon of hope in my life. Like a lighthouse on a foggy murky day, she beamed her shining light on my problems and basically brought me back to safe harbor as I struggled with one of the most debilitating and traumatic experiences of my life. Consider this. You take your daily vitamins to pep and boost your immune system and make yourself feel better? Why not take your daily dose of Marnie’s multi? This vitamin lady will strengthen you beyond anything you ever thought possible!”

KARINA GAUVIN  /  Musical Artist "Queen of Baroque Opera"

NAOMI HARRIS / James Bond Star - Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee (“Moonlight” – Best Picture, Drama)

I feel lighter, happier and much more centered and clear about the path I’m on.

"A session with Marnie is a great investment in yourself and your life. I have had several, and am still amazed at the impact she has had in my life. Quite apart from her warmth, positivity and determination to ensure that you get as much as you possibly can from your time with her, she really does work! I still don’t understand how she does it, but I guess I don’t need to, as the results speak for themselves. I also feel lighter, happier and much more centered and clear about the path I’m on. Her insights into areas of my life, and the people in them, also astounds me. She is as close as I’ve come to a thoroughly grounded, very real Angel, and I’m so glad to have her generous, healing spirit in my life.”

NAOMI HARRIS  / James Bond Star -  Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee (“Moonlight” – Best Picture, Drama)

Are Hidden Unresolved Life Issues Holding You Back
Achieving All You Want In Life?

Unrecognized blocks could be the ONE thing holding you back from fulfillment, happiness & success.

Discover the priceless skill to identify all hidden saboteurs and delete on the spot, allowing you to effortlessly manifest your ideal future!

Learn To Access The Right Answer To ANY Question, And Solve Any Life Problem, On The Spot!

Pre-program and Accelerate Your Life By Connecting with Marnie Every Month

Whether you’re totally new to the Method, or have been practicing for years, you can join Marnie wherever you are. This program is created so that you’ can experience group strengthening and deletion in the comfort of your own home on a regular basis.



With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problem on the spot!



Marnie interactively improves the listener in these topic-specific activation recordings by deleting all common blockages to future success. You will experience Results On The Spot!



Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your life – without pain, illness or limitations.

Marnie Greenberg

Author of the #1 International Best Selling Book: Delete Stress & Pain on the Spot!

Marnie is an internationally recognized insightful life strategist, with more than twenty years of experience in healing and natural medicine.

Marnie has successfully deleted chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people spanning the globe, and has effectively trained thousands of others to do the same. 

Her mission is to provide people with answers that they can find within themselves so that they achieve results on the spot.

Marnie Greenberg

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific Deletions!

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific Deletions!

Marnie healed my shoulder before a golf tournament

"Marnie healed my shoulder before a golf tournament. I have never met Marnie, she eliminated my pain while sitting pool side with my wife, I'm a believer."


Petrie Alexandra Williams / President - Safety Harbor Kids

She has removed my pain and restored my energy!

"For many years I have seen orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists, and none of them compare to the nothing less then miraculous results that Marnie Greenberg has achieved for me.  She has removed my pain and restored my energy”. 

Petrie Alexandra Williams / President - Safety Harbor Kids

President - Safety Harbor Kids
Marnie Greenberg and Josefina Achaval, Singer and Actress

Marnie gave me the courage and the passion

"Marnie gave me the courage and the passion to come here today and to inspire people and help in any way we can. It doesn’t matter how small or big it is.”


Marnie Greenberg works with Malibu Beauty Contest winners

Thank You for Strengthening our Dreams into Reality!

"Marnie gave us the confidence to pursue our dreams."

Beauty Pageant Queens - Miss Malibu USA and Miss Malibu Teen USA

President - Safety Harbor Kids
Marnie Greenberg works with Malibu Beauty Contest winners

Marnie gave us the confidence to pursue our dreams!

Beauty Pageant winners Miss Malibu USA and Miss Malibu Teen USA 

President - Safety Harbor Kids
  1. The Best Time to Start Getting Results is Now!

Get Ready!

It's Time to Clear Your Body/Mind/Spirit So That All Your Dreams are Quickly and Easily Manifested and Actualized.

Get Ready!
It's Time to Clear Your Body/Mind/Spirit So That All Your Dreams are Quickly and Easily
Manifested and Actualized

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I enroll?

How do I listen to archived calls?

Are there benefits from listening to the replays?

Can I cancel at any time?

From: Marnie Greenberg

You and I both know that initially something brought us together.  There are no accidents in the universe. The fact is that you and I resonate with the same vibrations.  We are the open-minded searchers.

THE UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE & HIGHER VIBRATIONS speak to us letting us know there is something more, and if you listen closely, they reveal that you can reach previously unimagined heights without struggling to do so by simply opening yourself up to the deletion process.

As you’re aware, when you have a problem, deleting the unknown reasons buried in your unconscious mind responsible for creating your particular problem in the first place, results in a total and permanent disappearance of the culprit on the spot.

I know you are open to your life changing for the better, and this is why you listen to my live streams or participate in my Activation Tele-Clinics - and the vast majority of you have experienced this, many likening this to a miracle.

Deletions Do More than Resolve Specific Problems

Resolving problems is phenomenal. One minute you’re struggling with physical pain, stress from mounting debt, betrayal by a loved one, and down an endless line your mind focuses on. Then within an instant - poof - you’re free for the moment until the next disturbance surfaces and troubles you.                    

I want more for you. I want you to experience a new way of life. One that doesn’t involve struggle and suffering. It’s more than just achieving your goals and eliminating difficulties by deleting your underlying weakness. There is a bigger PLUS to deletions.

As you continue to release negative energy via deletions, the frequency of your vibration elevates. Each time this occurs, you resonate and are surrounded by a new level of increasing unconditional love, joy, wisdom, non-judgment and self-acceptance as well as attaining a closer communication with the Universal Intelligence.  AND IT’S ALL SO EASY TO ACHIEVE.

Now I'm wondering if you'd take it one step further, rather than giving up and remaining exactly where you are at currently - I’ll Strengthen and Delete your blocks on an ONGOING basis.

Here's What This is About ...

When we adopt something new into our lives, like a hobby or a new skill, everything seems fresh and fascinating. We enthuse over it. We believe that it is something that we want to keep doing, and something we want to master.

We are excited to pursue it at the beginning, but eventually we become frustrated over one thing or another and rather than realizing we have been triggered by our past failures and without deleting the triggers, we develop negative thoughts and emotions that block our passage—often leading to a dead end.

Thoughts like “I’m so frustrated because I’m not showing consistent results or maybe this isn’t my thing after all” begin attacking us.

In the end, what does it really come down to? Honestly?

Your mind has sabotaged you into not believing, "It's not possible.”

I, on the other hand, KNOW THAT IT IS POSSIBLE.

I don’t want you to lose your fire and MOMENTUM and go back to life as you knew it.

What Is the Best Scenario in Life?

The best scenario in life is acquiring and achieving final resolution for anything and everything. If you refuse to let your mind or the minds of those in your space sabotage you, it is simpler and easier than you think.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • *  Is there anything at all in your life that you are still struggling with in an effort to make happen?
  • *  Is there anything in your life you are still uncertain about?
  • *  Is there anything in life that still bothers, annoys, troubles or confuses you?
  • *  Is time still a scarce commodity for you?
  • *  Are you fighting, defending yourself or raging battle against anything?

Most likely, your answer is yes to one or more of these questions. That is not to say that haven’t made progress. You undoubtedly have.

But are you willing to push the envelope further by adding the still undiscovered insights that will continue to improve the quality of your life, or have you had enough and are you satisfied with the status quo?

Whether you are satisfied with your progress or frustrated by your lack of it, I have to remind you that change is not painful at all. Although this may not be apparent to you at this moment, it is easier for you to continue changing than to stop or to give up now. It takes tremendous effort, energy and time not to change while the whole universe around you is at a constant state of flux. In fact, continued change is the easiest and most natural option open to you.


Join me so I can guide you in resolving any of above questions you answered “yes” to. Additionally, my monthly strengthening and deletion call ensures you will stay strong with what you have already achieved, and allows you to continue the process until ultimately you are able to ride life just as a surfer rides ocean waves on a surfboard, enjoying the process.

Here are some examples of the continuous growth you can expect

The following chart compares a few of the differences, although there are several more:

Final Resolution of Life 

Non-judgment & impartial

Alignment with what is true


Resolution to all  



Stillness, quiet mind  

Serenity, tranquility

Wisdom, insight

Neutral 100% of time



Centered 100% of time

Settle for LESS

Occasional to frequent judging

Occasional alignment  

Some knowing      

Occasional to frequent  resolution

Less suffering    

Less stress  and worry    

Some internal dialogue  

Less emotional

Occasional to frequent insight

Lose neutrality when frazzled  

Frequent victim of weaknesses

Fewer imbalances  

Occasionally to frequently centered

As You Were

Subjective, critical, judging

Inability to determine what is true

Confusion, not knowing

Worrying, complaining, hoping,


Frequent stress and worry

Constant inner dialogue

Frequent emotional upsets

No insight, logical or emotional

No neutrality

Constant  victim of weaknesses


Never centered


Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Benefits
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What do I receive each month in the membership? 

What types of problems can be resolved?

How does this work? How can Marnie do all this from a distance?

Do I need to have any previous training before I join?

Do I have to be on the live calls to get the benefits?

Can I subscribe mid-month?

What happens after I register? 

I'm not interested in the monthly topic/it does not pertain to me.

Are the monthly calls and Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activations the same every year?

How do I maximize my results?

How soon can I expect results and how long can I expect the results to last?

Do weaknesses disappear forever or can they come back?

Are there benefits to continuing on in the membership? My problem went away!

Is one strengthening enough to deal with an issue or will a person need more than one? How many more? I have been told that occasional strengthening does not work.

I noticed changes even before the live call took place, can that happen?

I seem to have the same recurring problem. Can the karma be deleted permanently?

Sending in a Personal Issue to Marnie

How many times per month may I submit an issue to Marnie? Or is it just one issue per month?

Should my submitted issue be about the monthly topic theme or could it be about anything?

What if I don't experience a change after the monthly call?

Can I interact with Marnie on the live membership calls?

In today’s call Marnie mentioned something about family members. Can they also get the strengthening, along with me? Or, do the have to become members themselves?

Can I register a family member on their behalf without them knowing? (because they don’t know about the method and I know they will not join because of being skeptical) or can I just mention an issue related to them if the topic does not apply to me?


Are the live calls recorded, in case I am not able to attend live?

When you are a member, do you have unlimited access to the recordings or is there a time limit?

Are non-members able to purchase recordings of past calls?

Is there a benefit to purchasing and listening to past calls?

Can I download the recordings?

How do I access the recordings?

Payments and Billing

Can I join the membership group for just one month?

If I cancel my membership, will I still have access to the months in which I participated?

Learning the Method

How can I learn the Method for myself?

Does Marnie teach live courses and give personalized training?

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