Comments from just a few of the participants who experienced this program with Marnie

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Success Stories After The Entire 4-Week Program

“I just wanted to say thank you for the Relationship Clinic and the speed you used to go through SO MANY issues”

I just wanted to say thank you for the Relationship Clinic and the speed you used to go through SO MANY issues. The format is amazing, you were able to address so much so quickly of other peoples' stuff that I didn't realize was a match for me too. I like that you were able to tune in to an individual then refocus quickly to the group, then dive right back in to one person.

I appreciate your clarity and conciseness and your availability and openness. I even cleared just reading your PDF materials! I like how you set up our relationship with ourselves as number one–a very unique approach in dealing with those “outside” issues. A psychic class I once took said 97% of the thoughts we think aren't even ours. You provided a way to get back to “me” and refocus and actually be in my body again!

I get so many aha's and intuitive hits for me (before I could only get them/see for others). I also was able to break up with the karmic guy, the reason I signed up. I got so much more. Thank you for all that you've done!!! Much appreciation!!!

– J. B. Lake Elsinore, CA

“Oh yeah one word to describe me today: boldness. I dare to do things that I was once too afraid to tackle.”

My entire 4 week clinic has been outstanding. There are no words to describe all the amazing changes that have taken place (and so much more to come because of the neutral state ). Today, I am much more confident, my self-esteem is at an all time high. I now know when I feel aches and pains in my physical body, I am in my mind and the only way to get rid of them is to practice neutrality…and I love and accept myself unconditionally. It works wonders for me.

I've also enjoyed not being bothered by things as I used to once upon a time. Priceless! And it took only 4 weeks to feel the shift(s). I also enjoy the feeling of being spiritless and mindless … what a freedom. Thanks Marnie for everything. I will always be grateful for what you taught me.

– J. M. B.  Queensland, Australia

 “I feel like a totally different person.”

Marnie, I could not sleep after our last clinic. I feel like a totally different person. Light, hopeful and strong. Like I want to take on new fun challenges in my life that would bring me joy. I am Obviously writing more than I normally do, as I feel like I matter in this world now. I feel like I want to live life now. Karma being deleted huge. A big thank you!!!!!

– K. H.   Auburn, WA

 What an awesome clinic

What an awesome clinic, surpassing all possible expectations. You were so thorough, crossing all the t's and all the i's dotted. So well presented and thought out. This last activation started out quite gently then built and built. For me there was an amazing sense of completion and expansion at the same time, buzzing with possibilities. Thank you so much for the extra week

– S. Y  Bury St. Edmunds, U.K.

 I felt more centered and peaceful”

Hello Marnie,

Thank you again for this wonderful program and your presence.

To list all the improvements would make this a very lengthy reply, but do want to mention that I found this clinic incredibly useful and was looking forward to each call.

My perception of myself has shifted, with more certainty about what it is that I actually want in an intimate relationship and life in general. Throughout this course I felt more centered and peaceful (that alone is priceless btw) and made decisions much more quickly as to what felt weak or strong.

Unexpectedly my skin cleared up; got a small bonus at work; felt ok about myself during the menstrual cycle (since a very long time!); found it easier to walk away from negative people and return to center within minutes after confrontations (whereas would have taken hours or days before); feel warmth towards my parents and sister & so much more – and generally feel that this time was a preparation for something wonderful which I now await with calm eagerness.

I highly recommend Marnie's program.

A bow of gratitude to you Marnie.

– I.M.   San Francisco, CA

 My emotions are precise and simple”

The fact that these issues with work and childhood are so clearly up in Chris's face and out in the open in our family is really, certainly beneficial and well really miraculous. These things have been so effectively avoided for so many years,that it's a testimony to the effectiveness of the method as well  as Marnie's strength and correct perception.

These things are coming up in a new way, with clarity and directness,bypassing the usual story and avoidance, not to mention with little emotional chaos. It feels like the honest, direction of change that will best improve and evolve all our relationships is so obvious. So quickly we as a couple are moved into the power of choice, the choice to act differently. I am grateful for this  refreshing quality of experience within this challenging situation and the neutrality to ‘the peripheral past stories'. My emotions are precise and simple.

– K.B.  Lancaster, PA

“I am realizing the importance of  deleting and taking out the trash on a daily basis”

After the first session I had a lot of energy moving out of me and I kept shifting every day in my relation to myself, my family, and others. Who and how people were influencing me became clearer every day. Before the fourth session I was experiencing resting and suddenly feeling connected to people, and I would proceed to clearing the bulk of karma with them and disconnecting, there were so many people coming up that I met the last years, clearing them out of my energy feels great!

After going through the clinic and doing the daily activation, strengthening and deletion I am realizing the importance of  deleting and taking out the trash on a daily basis and staying strong, neutral and unconditional with love and acceptance. I recommend joining a clinic, any other service or learning about the method itself for anyone that wants to improve their personal well being, self mastery or the world as a whole. Thank you Marnie for this incredible journey and your amazing insight, speed and universal connectivity! I have truly been inspired to step my own game up and I feel a drive to continue shedding all limitations as I embrace the infinite physical potential!

– J. L.   Oslo, Norway

“I don't know how we'd get through it, if not for your strengthening & loving activations”

My family has been devided by the ugliness of drug addiction.  I never thought it would happen to us. I don't know how we'd get through it, if not for your strengthening & loving activations. Thank you

– T. M.  Alberta, Canada

“Now even my hearing has improved!”

I feel so much better, more balanced and neutral!. Thank you so much. Now even my hearing has improved! I learned so much and am so grateful!

– H.K  Sarasota, FL

“Experiencing more calmness and balance”

Experiencing more calmness and balance in general.  Have used your example when something goes wrong to stop and take a deep breath and immediately go into correction mode.  Even if it is just to strengthen the midline, it is a big help during the day.

– J.N.  Southfield, MI

“My energy is shifting towards a happier spirit”

All in all, I would say that my energy is shifting towards a happier spirit.

– N. S.  Lewisville, NC

“My days have been awesome”

My days have been awesome when I´ve started the day listening to the activations in the car when going to work. I've been much more calm, patient, balanced and neutral towards whatever has happened during the day.

– S.S.    Malmo, Denmark

“I recommended you to my friends.”

I am so grateful to you Marnie , I recommended you to my friends.

– S. G.  Toronto, Ontario

Success Stories After Week One and Two

That transformation is guaranteed!

My husband  all of a sudden  this week said often that his family was more important than his job. He's never, really never, said that before! It was great to hear!  Big!

That transformation is guaranteed! Marnie, you seriously work from the roots of the weaknesses upward. I know that it may take a month for me to live into these improvements, like their made at such a deep level, like under the skin,  that I have to keep strengthening (and re-listening to the audio) to them,  as the fruits grow out into the light of my consciousness. Also, I like that although I came to this clinic really with my suffering marriage as my focus for improvement, that as I look around I've had this collection of really sweet peripheral improvements in my relationships with my kids, my artwork, my community, my friends and most certainly with self love and appreciation.

– K.B. Lancaster, PA

“I am feeling more energy even after a full days work”

I am feeling more energy even after a full days work which is really surprising. The most amazing thing that happened over the weekend with my big concert in Amsterdam was that the conductor and several colleagues told me they felt I gave them energy. I never really had the impression I was doing something special. I guess I was happier and upbeat and this gave everybody a lift. Thanks Marnie!

– K.G.  Montreal, Quebec

“My mood improved”

My mood improved.

Also, I'm more open to the others (in general).

I'm more interested in going out of my own shelf: I feel like sharing, meeting, communicating more. Even feeling like being willing to meet a partner or develop a new love/romantic/sexual relationship. (I hadn't been so interested lately).

-A.Y.  Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Every week feeling so much stronger and everything becoming clearer”

Improved confidence and comfort with my self in relation to people and in relation to sexuality! My insight/perception of how and who are influencing me is very enhanced! Every week feeling so much stronger and everything becoming clearer, like layers of dirt are coming off along with veils/fog!

– J. L.   Oslo, Norway

“I have actually learned to love part of me that used to bother me in the past”

The changes that I have experienced so far have been an acceptance of the past and a gradual letting go process. That is when I remember to do my daily deletions. To listen to the first session about self acceptance is the breakthru tool for me. For I have realised how much I actually dislked myself. And that whatever I was doing was never good enough for me.

So practice makes perfect and slowly but surely I have actually learned to love part of me that used to bother me in the past. And that the pain and aches kind of dissolve when I love the parts of me that was in need of more love and acceptance…unconditionally! So thanks Marnie for this clinic as I realise that I am becoming more of who I am versus of what people/ society expect me to be.

-J. M. B. Queensland, Australia

“It was so powerful”

This week's clinic triggered lots of thoughts that I might not have been paying attention. When she worked on the physical parts, I felt the change immediately, it was so powerful. My neck/shoulders are always very tight and yesterday I was quite sore, she took that away on the spot.

– J. A.   Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Felt total shift in emotions”

Felt total shift in emotions. Felt lighter. Release in left breast/shoulder area.

– K. H.  Auburn, WA

“Feeling so grateful to be a part of this awesome group.”

” I am so excited about the changes your clinic have created for me and those connected with me. Feeling so grateful to be a part of this awesome group.”

– S. Y.  Bury St. Edmunds, U.K.

“I feel more energetic”

I feel more energetic after I hear the Activation clearings.

– I. F.   Lisbon Spain

“I love the boundary strengthening”

I love the boundary strengthening and all the things you pick up on, too many to count, from losing a child, to abuse, to losing my hair.

– J. B.  Lake Elsinore, CA

“Less Worried”

Stronger neutrality, less worried better overall feeling!

– H. K  Sarasota, FL

Success Stories After Week Three

“Find myself laughing a lot”

My perception and relations to people in general is feeling so many times better! I feel so certain in what I am perceiving in interaction with others and find my self laughing a lot at the comedy inherent in most peoples situations. In other words, I take things less seriously now and have a lighter approach to relating with people and such. Also having intensely positive shifts in relation to my sexuality, experiencing some amazing things with my nervous system/brain in sexual ecstacy!

– J. L.   Oslo, Norway

“I enjoy the recordings daily”

i enjoy the recordings daily and feel they keep me stronger each time I listen to them. I really look forward to the each tele-call.
I feel better overall. Thank you for this excellent relationship clinic.

– S.S. Malmo, Denmark

Your presentation, both in tele-sessions and Pdf's, are very clear and easy to understand

Hi Marnie. Thank you for the tele-clinic sessions so far. Also the Pdf's (just got the week 4  pdf right now. Read it). I think they are useful and brings me more insight about the method. Your presentation, both in tele-sessions and Pdf's, are very clear and easy to understand. Thanks!

– G. H. Tromso, Norway

“I feel like I'm getting stronger and stronger”

I feel like I'm getting stronger and stronger. More clear and thus decisions are easier.I feel like standing up and speaking out for myself is becoming more natural instead of always playing the supporting role. I want to be first in my life, have the starring role, and I feel your work empowers me as a person and as a female. Thank you!!

– J. B.  Lake Elsinore, CA

“I have felt shifts in every area in my life”

Wow, thank you so much again Marnie, amazing.During the activations I just felt stronger and stronger, i felt powerful energy radiating from my body outwards. Amazing expansion. At one point I felt like my body desolved into the Universe. It may sound a bit strange but I felt like anything is possible and I truly felt that I am able to achieve anything. Doing your activations every day has been so awesome, thank you so much for them. I have felt shifts in every area in my life- Truly Awesome, so grateful for this clinic, life changing 

– S. Y.  Bury St. Edmunds, UK

“I love the energy in my physiology as the corrections are made”

I love the energy in my physiology as the corrections are made. I sense something is happening.  I love your detailed specificity and thoroughness.

– C. H  Concord, CA

“I actually feel like I matter in the world”

This week was a huge shift for me. I actually feel like I matter in the world.  Feeling hopeful for the future.

– K. H.  Auburn, WA

“I felt strong and confident”

I felt Protected with the money deletions

I felt strong and confident with the money deletions

– T. R.  Ciudad Autonoma, Buenos Aires

“Moving forward in a relationship”

I have changed so much in how I feel about commitment and moving forward in a relationship.

– J. S. Falls Church, VA

“Very Powerful”

More optimistic about finances. Clarity and change in perception.

Very comprehensively addressed financial aspects. Very powerful.

– W. W.  New York, NY

“I feel more connected”

Contact to other people is deeper. I feel more connected to them.

– B. A.  Brugg, Switzerland

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