The Yuen Method of Enegetic Healing and Holistic Health, with Marnie Greenberg and Dr Kam Yuen

The Yuen Method

What Is The Yuen Method? 

The groundbreaking Yuen Method is a departure from all other techniques used currently or at any time in human history.  It does not involve healing and anyone can learn the method, just as tens of thousands have in over thirty different countries. The Yuen Method does not include talking the problem through nor does it rely on the conscious beliefs/disbeliefs of the caller as to whether the process works.

How The Yuen Method Works

Success is entirely the result of locating the true reasons/causes/sources (weaknesses) responsible for creating the problem in the first place. These previously unknown culprits are never apparent to the conscious mind. Rather they lie buried in the subconscious and non-conscious minds and once located, they are deleted, just as easily as one deletes unwanted emails. This results in the immediate resolution of any problem.  Dr. Kam Yuen and Marnie Greenberg insist that there is nothing magical, mystical or complex about the method. They regard it as just ordinary every-day stuff that no one has thought of before. Their students seem to agree.

Dr. Yuen and Marnie Greenberg have recently co-authored an updated version of the Yuen Method, Delete Your Pain and Stress on the Spot, and within twenty-four hours of publication, it became an International #1 Bestseller on Amazon.'

Who Is Dr. Kam Yuen DC?

Dr. Kam Yuen, aerospace engineer, doctor of chiropractic medicine, best-selling author, globally celebrated lecturer/key-note speaker/teacher and legendary 35th generation Shaolin Grandmaster is the founder of the Yuen Method and Chiro-Science. Dr. Yuen is widely credited with popularizing Kung Fu in the Western Hemisphere.  With his face appearing on the cover of every major martial arts magazine and as the country’s foremost martial arts expert, he was technical advisor to the original TV show, Kung Fu, whose main character, played by David Carradine, was modeled after Dr. Yuen.  He also teamed up with David Carradine to create the most successful Kung Fu and Tai Chi videos ever released.

As a Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Tai Mantis Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi-Kung,   Dr. Yuen realized that he was intuitively able to recognize his opponents’ underlying subconscious and unconscious weaknesses at an early age. Years later Dr. Yuen decided rather than training students to develop and use this advantage to easily defeat their opponents, the ability could be put to far better use in resolving pain, stress, illnesses and other life problems, by identifying and deleting the underlying weaknesses responsible for creating these unwelcome conditions.  Maximizing people’s lives, rather than teaching people self-defense, which is inherently based in violence seemed the far better choice.

Detecting and deleting underlying subconscious and unconscious weaknesses became the basis for Chinese Energetic Medicine, that underwent a name change to Yuen Energetics when Marnie Greenberg joined Dr. Yuen as a partner in 1999, following which the method continued to evolve, including many radical changes making the method faster, more precise, easier to learn and exposing students to higher levels of consciousness, culminating in the Yuen Method, now known for being light years ahead of anything else available.

Who Is Marnie Greenberg?

Marnie Greenberg, Co-Leader and Co-Creator of the Yuen Method and founder/CEO of Marnie Greenberg International LLC, is an internationally acclaimed life-resolution intuitive and medium, best-selling author, a gifted speaker noted for her ability to reach world-wide audiences, and an exceptional teacher applauded for creating innovative learner-friendly materials that simplify absorbing critical skills and taking them to a new level. As a remarkable entrepreneur and exceptional strategist with more than 20 years of experience in Alternative Medicine and expertise in a diverse range of therapies, Marnie built a successful multimillion dollar company by the time she was in her mid-twenties.

“For more than a decade, I have witnessed Marnie Greenberg’s impeccable perception, intuition, insight and telecommunications, which provide you the exact answers to any life question you may have that has not been fully answered to your satisfaction.  This results in your professional life, personal life, and business life moving forward with ultimate strength, and without any glitches.  Her ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint your unseen weaknesses that keep you stuck and delete them, on the spot is far beyond anyone.” Dr. Kam Yuen DC. – Kung Fu Grandmaster

Most recently, utilizing her financial background, she has acted as an advisor to individuals and both Fortune 500 and smaller companies.  Consistent with the principles of the Yuen Method, she has consistently found that the reasons/causes/sources for the entire spectrum of current difficulties and obstacles a company faces, including employee stress and under-performance, poor decisions, choices, actions and strategies of upper management, lack of communication and cooperation between departments or with supervisors and so on, as well as what unexpected future challenges may blindside the company, are never apparent to either the conscious minds of the people involved or to the hired expert consultants.

Marnie concludes that by intuitively locating and deleting the subconscious and unconscious weaknesses of the people involved and the company as a whole, rather than relying on the conventional approach of leveraging research, analytics, and industry expertise to resolve current difficulties, one is able to REWIRE the entire fabric of a company for effortless and automatic success.

Marni Greenberg, Co-Founder of the Yuen Method of Energetic Healing

Marnie Greenberg