​Tuesday, ​May 8, 2018
5:00 pm Pacific Time!

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The webinar is taking place on ​May 8, at ​5:00 PM ​Pacific time.

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Our live streams have thousands of listeners. The good news is, space is unlimited if you watch the stream on Facebook, via your computer or phone. ​When you resonate with other caller's problems, you will benefit along with them. Everyone listening to the call will receive immediate improvement from the strengthening and deletions.

Here is the link to watch on Facebook:

However, if you want to talk to Marnie personally, you must connect via the webinar, and space is limited on a first come, first serve basis.

Webinar Instructions: You will be prompted to download the software the first time you attempt to connect, or download the app if you are using your cell phone.  Just click the webinar link and follow the instructions. Please do this ahead of time, so that you will not be delayed when connecting to the webinar.

Webinar Link:


​When you connect to this link, you will be put in the queue while you listen to the LIVE Broadcast. Marnie will speak to as many callers as time permits. If you are selected, you will see a notice on your screen that says you have been promoted to “Panelist”, and are in line. Please listen for the operator announcing your name – this means you are selected, and on LIVE! (you will see a notice on your screen that says you have been un-muted) ​Please be sure that your device microphone is on, and working (the audio setting should be found in the upper left corner of your webinar screen)

G​uest Listen Only C​all-I​n

Dial:  +1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll) Webinar ID: 511 577 758 When you call this number, you will be able to listen to the live call, but you will not have the opportunity to speak to Marnie. This option is Listen Only.  International numbers available:

We will send you a reminder email with the Event Information the day of the event.

​Watch Marnie in Action!

​​Here is a quick overview of the previous show …

Click ​Here to watch

​Marnie  took 3 live callers with various types of physical pain and rejuvenated them on the spot.

CALLER 1. Problem: Shoulder Pain, Stress/Overwhelm

Do you fear you won’t make the right decisions?

CALLER 2. Problem: Extremely Painful HERNIA

Is it easy for you to make quick decisions, or are you STUCK in indecisiveness?

CALLER 3. Problem: Vision – Floaters

​​Are there people who have betrayed you? Lied to you? Did not protect you?

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