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Quick overview of the show…

I took 3 live callers with various types of physical pain and rejuvenated them on the spot.

CALLER 1. Problem: Shoulder Pain, Stress/Overwhelm

Do you feel your husband could be more supportive?

Do you fear you won’t make the right decisions?

If you resonate with this, listen to how I deleted it for Katherine so that you can experience the same changes.  

CALLER 2. Problem: Extremely Painful HERNIA

Is it easy for you to make quick decisions, or are you STUCK in indecisiveness?

If you are slow at making decisions, listen to how I strengthened Anna, who is a body worker, for choices so that her future flows with ease.

I identified and deleted all the negative emotions/experiences of betrayal and trust issues that were rooted in her core foundation that traced back to her father.

After I deleted grief in her heart, she became aware that she was not loving and supporting her mom and dad, and immediately the burning sensation left and her pain dissipated.  

Also, she was very SLOW in her decisions and felt stuck moving forward. I pinpointed that STILLNESS was the root cause of her hernia.

After I deleted this, she said, “OH My Gosh, that was amazing! I feel like a totally different person. My pain is completely gone! That was such a short period of time to have such an enormous change, and I’m familiar with energy and I felt totally different – just like that!”

She commented … “You don’t always see what it is, so it’s nice to have support – someone on the outside looking in to give insight.”

My solution for what she stated was the exact reason why I started my monthly membership.  I now offer year-round insightful support so that you never get stuck or blindsided.

CALLER 3. Problem: Vision – Floaters

Do you ever feel disappointed because you always speak your truth and honestly do what you say you are going to do, however never attract that in return ….

Are there people who have betrayed you? Lied to you? Did not protect you?

Maybe you can relate with Lauren, the third caller, who had floaters in her left eye and was feeling fear and panic.

I traced this back to her childhood and not feeling protected by her mom, and the trauma associated with this negatively affected her perception. This created panic of not knowing what was going to happen in her future.

I deleted grief and loss due to people that were not truthful and deeply hurt her.

Simply stated I said to her “You Gotta KICK ASS!”

She replied “I have NOT been kicking ass – all my life people took advantage of me!”

She recognized that all her life she was not noticed, heard or seen, and felt invisible.

After I strengthened her to reclaim her feminine power, she said she felt a huge shift in her energy.

After I deleted all her panic associated with not being able to see clearly, and negative emotions of when she felt powerless, the lens in her eye became clearer.

I strengthened her to attract honest people who bring out her best.

At the end, she said with an EXTRA OOMPH, “I kick ass in life!”

She felt in her power, calm, with more energy, and her vision improved.

If you resonate with these same problems, you will feel improvement just by listening … How easy is that?

It’s time to DELETE your belief that this is IMPOSSIBLE, and MAKE IT POSSIBLE, on the spot!

If you are asking the question …

Will this work for me?

The answer is YES! You just have to be open.

It does not matter how serious your problem is, every condition is reversible!

This transformation happens immediately, on the spot, simply by locating and deleting the previously unknown causes and the exact hidden weaknesses that created the problem in the first place.

If you want the same results … be sure to listen to the end as I also discuss how to resolve your pain and stress in this month’s Monthly Membership Program.

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