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Marnie Greenberg, founder and CEO of Marnie Greenberg International LLC, is a world renowned insightful life strategist, medium, speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur, with more than 20 years of experience in healing and natural medicine. She created and directed a successful multimillion dollar business before the age of thirty.

Marnie, Co-Creator of the universally acclaimed Yuen Method and 36th generation Shaolin Grandmaster, along with legendary 35th generation Shaolin Kung-Fu Grandmaster, Dr. Kam Yuen, co-authored their latest International Best Selling book, Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot with the intent of exposing people to a newer version of the Yuen Method, which has continued to evolve and expand over the years. Marnie explains that each new change makes their groundbreaking method faster, more comprehensive, easier to learn, and exposes students to an even higher level of consciousness.  

Marnie lectures and leads live seminars and events internationally and has presented at sold-out venues throughout the United States, Spain, and Germany.

Marnie has personally consulted Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, movie stars, professional athletes, world champion martial artists, music legends, and individuals from all walks of life.  

Marnie Greenberg Neutrality

Marnie has successfully deleted chronic pain, illness, and stress in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, and on her online events for millions of people worldwide. She has also effectively trained thousands of others to do the same.

While resolving illnesses and pain was the initial focus for Marnie when she began this work, she has expanded to any and all areas of life that frequently cause distress and misery, such as finances, relationships, weight loss, fitness, and aging complications. All of these can be resolved with immediate results.  

In the wellness industry, people are accustomed to gradual results and improvements, not an on-the-spot game-changing experience. This is why what Marnie offers is so valuable – Surprisingly, sometimes we just need a quick reboot! Marnie built her online business to teach people how to turn weaknesses into strengths, and her own life was saved with the very method she teaches.  

Marnie is an exceptional teacher applauded for creating innovative learner-friendly materials that simplify absorbing critical skills and taking them to a new level.

Dr. Kam Yuen

“For more than two decades I have witnessed Marnie Greenberg’s impeccable perception, intuition, and insight, which provide you the exact answers to any life question you may have that has not been fully answered to your satisfaction.  This results in your professional life, personal life, and business life moving forward with ultimate strength, and without any glitches. Her ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint the unseen weaknesses that keep you stuck, and delete them on the spot, is far beyond anyone.

It was an honor to pass the torch as 36th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster to Marnie Greenberg. In Martial Arts, titles are not given, they are earned! Marnie's lifetime dedication, commitment, and proven track record of achieving immediate results for her clients have made her the recognized next generation in the legendary Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame."

Dr. Kam Yuen DC. Kung Fu Grandmaster

Marnie's insights into areas of my life, and the people in them, astounds me. She is as close as I’ve come to a thoroughly grounded, very real Angel, and I’m so glad to have her generous, healing spirit in my life.

Naomi Harris James Bond Star -  Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee (“Moonlight” – Best Picture, Drama)n Doe

In the midst of utter chaos, confusion, panic and crippling fear, Marnie appeared like a beacon of hope in my life. Like a lighthouse on a foggy murky day, she beamed her shining light on my problems and basically brought me back to safe harbor as I struggled with one of the most debilitating and traumatic experiences of my life. Consider this. You take your daily vitamins to pep and boost your immune system and make yourself feel better? Why not take your daily dose of Marnie’s multi? This vitamin lady will strengthen you beyond anything you ever thought possible!

Karina Gauvin - Musical Artist "Queen of Baroque Opera"

Marnie Greenberg Bestselling Author


"My personal mission is to enrich the quality of people's lives by helping them find the specific answers within themselves that will instantly resolve their difficulties," says Marnie.

Enabling and empowering others with the ability to identify and delete the specific unknown weaknesses that are silently sabotaging their well-being allows people to instantly resolve any life problem.  

According to Marnie, "Of all the things that challenge us, uncertainty about the future, and worry regarding what tomorrow may bring are the major issue for most people."

With impeccable intuition she pinpoints and removes the hidden weaknesses that are silently sabotaging your well-being, allowing your dreams to automatically and effortlessly be materialized into reality.

Marnie deletes the subconscious underlying reasons/causes/sources of pain, illness, stress, and limitations, on-the-spot, leading to instant self-empowerment. She makes the impossible, possible, at lightning speed.

Rather than being forced to play the cards you were dealt, Marnie stacks the deck in your favor – a game-changing one-of-a-kind experience.


Marnie consults with Fortune 500 and smaller companies, using her insight to increase the bottom line, delete any toxicity in the work place environment, bring managers and their teams together so they work as a more cohesive unit and increase the communications between departments so that everyone is on the same page.

Corporations are definitely open to this, especially because the employees become so much happier and more invested in their jobs. In her consultations she determines the current weaknesses of the company structure as well as the probability of future success in various aspects of their business, upcoming corporate deals, new product development, loan approvals, mergers and so on.

After determining current and upcoming difficulties and obstacles intuitively, she continues to delete each one by accessing the unconscious minds of those people or groups involved, determining the actual unseen weaknesses, issues and blocks and deleting them on the spot. This process results in solutions showing up naturally and with the right actions being taken automatically. 

Marnie was Honored in Discover Magazines for the “Power of Women SD”

Celebrating San Diego's Accomplished Women!

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Marnie has a passion for philanthropic endeavors, and has partnered with the non-profit group, Safety Harbor Kids, in enriching the lives of disadvantaged parentless and homeless children.  

Numerous special events have included the Malibu Charity Polo fundraiser, a Jackson Browne benefit concert, and raising funds for their Spirit of Goodwill Challenges.

Marnie Greenberg and Jackson Brown

It was an honor and privilege for me to join forces with Safety Harbor Kids in promoting and supporting Jackson Browne’s amazing sold-out Acoustic Benefit Concert for the kids.

As a powerful female Kung Fu Grandmaster, Marnie is also the primary sponsor of Dragonfest, the world's largest martial arts event, which raises funds for the Martial Arts Museum and enables the global martial arts community to continue to thrive! 

Marnie and Dr. Yuen Fundraiser for NFL Football Stars -
Delete Sport Injuries on the Spot!

Marnie Greenberg and Dr. Yuen demonstrated their #1 International best selling book, Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot, on NFL Football Stars and Professional Athletes who had multiple injuries. 


Legendary Dr. Kam Yuen & Marnie Greenberg!

Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame Vol 4
Marnie Greenberg Martial Arts Museum Hall of Fame


Marnie first evidenced her intuitive and healing abilities before the age of five and soon discovered she was also a medium. As Marnie grew, so did her abilities. Soon it was apparent that, as a youngster, she had exceptionally strong psychic gifts, as well. Information she claimed to receive from the deceased proved unerringly accurate and her talent for psychic readings had friends clamoring for her advice.

After graduating with a business degree in finance/accounting, Marnie’s innate healing abilities called to her so strongly that she ultimately decided to spend time investigating how other alternative techniques compared with what she had been doing on her own. As a medical intuitive, Marnie could feel other people’s pain in her own body, visualize where the “dark energy” resided and intuit how to release that energy.

In her early twenties, Marnie was fortunate to encounter mentors who offered encouragement, advice and wisdom. She traveled the U.S. and abroad studying with some of the world’s most respected healers. Marnie trained in a variety of alternative and energy healing techniques, including Touch For Health, pioneered by Dr. Thie, Love Yourself Heal Your Life taught by Louise Hay, the Healing Tao with Mantak Chia, and Tantra: the Power of Sexual Ecstasy with Margot Anand. Marnie familiarized herself with Reiki, N.E.T., Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Philippine Psychic Surgery, Hawaiian Healing, yoga, and meditation. Eventually, she sought out Deepak Chopra for advanced study in personal enlightenment at the Chopra Center in San Diego, California. 

When Marnie began her quest to research what others were doing, she came across the book, You Can Heal Your life, written by Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House. In the back of the book was an A to Z list of medical conditions, with the specific mental causes for each one followed by the way to overcome the problem. Marnie resonated with the book and decided to meet Louise Hay in person by enrolling in a certification course in San Diego California. After Marnie became a certified instructor in Love Yourself Heal Your Life in 1999, she was at Louise Hay’s home when she began receiving messages from Louise Hay’s deceased mother.

Although Louise’s mother strongly urged Marnie to approach Louise with what had been communicated, Marnie was more than reluctant to comply, thinking Louise would be put off by both her age and the fact that she knew absolutely nothing about Marnie. However, as it turned out, Louise was surprised that Marnie had received this information from her mother and said she had worked with other medical intuitives.

She was genuinely interested in what Marnie had to say and philosophized, “What I need comes to me at the right time. I answer my phone, check my emails, and all is well.”

Marnie remembers, “Without hesitation, she felt I was there for a specific purpose and followed up by having several one-on-one consultation/reading sessions with me.”

The two kept in touch with one another and Louise attended one of the first live seminars Dr. Yuen and Marnie put on in San Diego. “She gave me so much ‘you can do it’ energy at that time and I will always thank her for enlightening my life with non-judgmental, inspirational and insightful guidance,” Marnie recalls. “What I respected most about Louise was the fact that she actually ‘walked her talk;' she was the real deal.”

Marnie next pursued healing and meditation at the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, California.

It was at the Chopra Center that she met Dr. Roy Martina, a world-renowned holistic medical doctor from Amsterdam who developed a powerful comprehensive healing system called Omega Healing. After one of Martina’s lectures, Marnie approached him to do a healing session on him. He was non-judgmental and accepted her offer. Her own abilities prompted the doctor to ask Marnie to be an assistant/instructor.

Marnie was so impressed with Martina’s work, she traveled to Italy with him to study at his Academy. She learned more about his techniques, which tackled the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, and attempted to balance the emotional body and to return to our core essence, which restores one to greater health, ease and happiness.

In 1999, while Marnie was teaching a workshop called Emotional Balance: The Path to Inner Peace and Harmony with Dr. Roy Martina at the Deepak Chopra Center, one of Dr. Yuen’s workshop graduates demonstrated Dr. Yuen’s Method on her. She was so intrigued she immediately scheduled a personal appointment with Dr. Yuen. As an innate psychic, medium and healer, who knew just about every technique out there, she realized she had to meet this Dr. Yuen.

Dr. Yuen went to work on Marnie and in five minutes the back pain she had endured for 12 years from severe scoliosis disappeared permanently. Marnie recalls, “I couldn’t believe it. The minute Dr. Yuen finished making the energetic corrections, I knew this was the most advanced technique on the planet and felt I should do whatever I could to bring it to others.” With Marnie’s diverse background, she was astounded by Dr. Yuen’s speed, accuracy, and results. Dr. Yuen cut right to the core, on the spot. Nothing was passed off as an excuse; not the seriousness of the illness, how long it had lasted or the patient’s belief or doubt in the technique. All these obstacles could be handled.

Therein lies part of the genius that is Dr. Yuen’s. His belief was and still is that anyone and everyone can be taught to have reliable intuition. The program begins with a person’s intuition being awakened and activated on the spot, and it later is strengthened to be quick and accurate.

In the Yuen Method, having consistently reliable intuition requires being in a mindless, empty and neutral state. This is the ultimate purpose of meditation and it takes yogis and those who meditate decades, and even lifetimes, to achieve it. Dr. Yuen, Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu, had spent years mastering the mindless state. Again, part of his genius was in developing a system that, in a matter of minutes, allows a student to attain this state for short periods, and thereafter to rapidly expand this ability. Anyone can do this, just as thousands have.

Having reliable intuition then automatically leads to insight. The insight in his system lies in finding the precise and exact underlying subconscious and unconscious causes of pain, which Dr. Yuen terms weaknesses, and deleting them, which then leads to results on the spot.

Marnie was blown away by this method and immediately began to co-teach with Dr. Yuen.


Marnie was surprised to discover that Dr. Yuen’s workshops were only attracting an average of twenty people. Dr. Yuen recognized the strength of Marnie’s gifts and happily accepted her offer to promote the workshops. Marnie’s superlative healing abilities, her dynamic presentation and organizational skills, and her unflagging commitment to Dr. Yuen’s dream of bringing the technique to the masses has made her Dr. Yuen’s closest protégé. The resulting partnership bridged the diverse cultures of ancient China and modern America to give their students/patients the best of all worlds.

She rewrote all the manuals as well as the books Instant Healing and Instant Rejuvenation, making them more user friendly, developed flow charts that simplified the learning process, and established a rigorous program for students to become certified, first as practitioners and later as instructors.

Marnie Greenberg and Kam Yuen

She promoted and co-instructed seminars across the United States and in Spain. Within the first six months, enrollments increased to thousands of attendees that included not only energy workers, but clinical health professionals from every field, as well as people with no background in either health care or alternative medicine who wanted to use the method on themselves and their families.

It was not long before both Dr. Yuen and Marnie realized that the technique could be applied to any area of life or any life problem or to allow people to achieve what they wanted/needed or desired in record time with no conscious effort on their part. The expanded workshops now included stress, relationships, finances, and other personal issues. They also knew that anyone could learn to use this method to succeed. It was only necessary to pinpoint and delete the underlying unknown causes that originally created the problem.

Stevie Wonder Home

Stevie Wonder

During one of the seminars in Chicago, Stevie Wonder arrived with his team and following the seminar, participants stayed for most of the night holding hands in a vast circle, while accompanying Stevie as he sang “We Are the World” and a variety of other songs.

After building a tremendously successful multimillion dollar business before the age of 30, and after spending years of co-leading seminars around the globe with Dr. Yuen, developing new materials, the two business partners decided to go their separate ways.

Marnie went on a spiritual quest in Sedona, Arizona researching the vortex energies and worked with master shamans to gain an understanding of their methods of healing. Marnie describes her life at this time to have been amazing. She had financial independence, lived in a beautiful house surrounded by nature at its best, had a loving relationship, was running up and down mountains daily and eating whatever she pleased. Out of literally nowhere, she woke up one morning unable to eat without excruciating pain....


For Marnie’s complete story detailing her life and death struggle, as she followed the medical route towards near-death, click here to read about it in her book.

Marnie experienced a serious illness, which caused her to be hospitalized and led to an unbelievable medical fiasco that lasted for over an eighteen month period. Fortunately, after re-uniting with Dr. Yuen, the seriousness of her prior condition was transformed into an unimportant non-issue in a matter of minutes. She has experienced firsthand how critical disorders can be shifted to inconsequential trivialities in a matter of minutes when Dr. Yuen reminded Marnie that all that was needed was to use intuition for the correct insight as to the right answers of what the true underlying causes/reasons/sources of any problem were.

Dr. Yuen instantly reset her body, mind, and spirit. He gave her the exact answers and insight that resolved her life-threatening condition on the spot. It was another pivotal moment in Marnie’s life. She realized that it did not matter how severe her condition was, that obtaining the right answer saved her life and she was once again motivated to reach as many people as possible with this message.

Of course, she had known this all along. However, she now realized that being in unbearable pain with the quality of her life destroyed, she was blindsided by unknown underlying weaknesses that kept her from being able to find and delete the causes of her own problem. They included past traumas, referred weaknesses, and all her past experiences of uncertainty regarding the future, which then triggered all her past experiences of not knowing what was going on in the present. Because she was unable to identify these weaknesses before working on the presenting condition itself, she found herself to be in what she describes as a “black hole.”

Marnie’s advice for people who find that they are suddenly blocked and are unable to get themselves out of their own predicament is to not to give up, but to join her Monthly Membership group.


Marnie and Dr. Yuen rejoined forces and co-created what is now trademarked under the name Yuen Method. They are continuing to evolve the method, literally on a daily basis.

Over the years the multiple changes had made the method faster, more comprehensive, easier to learn, and exposed students to a higher level of consciousness, so that today the method barely resembles the technique being used when Marnie first met Dr. Yuen 20 plus years ago. They no longer refer to what they’re doing as “healing.” The word healing implies something extraordinary is taking place. They insist that what they are doing is very ORDINARY, EVERYDAY STUFF, because that’s exactly what it is.

The various changes of what now is called the Yuen Method have been incorporated in their recent book, Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot. The book attempts to get the information out to the masses, rather than focusing only on health care professionals and energy workers.

Of course technology has changed so much, Marnie and Dr. Yuen no longer have the need to travel, but can teach much larger groups and do it online. They also prefer to strengthen groups as a whole. Group strengthening and deletions are more empowering, because of the synergistic group effect.

They also set new standards for getting immediate results with online clinics, courses and consultations.

Their events go beyond speaking about changes … changes are done on the spot, not with the slowness of a mindfulness that involves extended mental thinking, but rather that which automatically resides within your physical innate intelligence. They are action leaders, not thought leaders. They will take action with you to resolve your past and predetermine your future. You will be strengthened to everything you learn, and you will achieve immediate results without speaking about unclear and uncertain possibilities. You will have clarity and certainty without the sabotaging effect of both your own mind and everyone else’s.