Are You Suffering From Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Pain or Stress?

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Marnie Will Delete Your Stress And Pain So That Nothing Bothers, Disturbs, Troubles Or Annoys You …

You Will Achieve Neutrality – Above It All!

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Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do You Have Important Life Decisions You Are Unsure About?
  • Do You Feel Stuck or Blocked?
  • Are You Searching For Answers?

This is Your Opportunity to Have All Your Unanswered Life Questions and Unresolved Problems Answered! 

  • Health, Fitness, Relationships, Money/Finance, Aging/Time, Purpose/Career/Education/Business/Job
  • For YOU, your friends, your family or even your pets!

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Marnie Greenberg Personal Consultations to Resolve Stress and Pain

Frequently Asked Questions About Marnie's Phone Consultations …
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Q: What happens during a personal consultation with Marnie?

A: In Marnie’s consultations she initially determines any past, current and upcoming weaknesses and obstacles intuitively, then she continues to delete each one by accessing the unconscious minds of the person, or groups involved, determining the actual unseen weaknesses, issues and blocks, and then Deletes Them on the Spot! This process results in solutions showing up naturally and with the right actions being taken automatically.

Marnie Greenberg consults individuals and groups on how to feel, perceive, and intuitively pinpoint the “answers” to their unseen blocks and achieve results on the spot. Her ability to feel, perceive, and intuitively direct people of all walks of life the applicable answers that can radically change and create an unlimited infinite potential life is impeccable. She makes what seems impossible, possible at lightning speed.

Q: What is the cost & length of a personal phone consultation with Marnie?

A: Personal consultations with Marnie are 25 minutes and the cost is $700.

Q: How soon will my phone consultation take place?

A: Personal consultations are available in the mornings between the hours of 8:00am-11:00am PST. Marnie’s phone consultations are typically booked eight weeks in advance, but we will always offer you the absolute earliest time available on her schedule.

To schedule your consultation, please send us an email request at [email protected] so that we can reserve you a spot that is most convenient for you.

Q: How do I connect with Marnie and can I use Skype?

A: Yes. We encourage everyone outside of the USA to use Skype. Please give us your skype name. At your scheduled time, Marnie will Skype or call you using the information you provided.

Q: Great! I purchased my consultation time, exactly what is my next step now?

 A: After you purchase, you will immediately receive further instructions.

Q: How do I change/reschedule my consultation time?

A: If you wish to reschedule your consultation time please e-mail our office at [email protected] 48 hours in advance. Please include your invoice number.

Q: What are the PREREQUISITES for a consultation with Marnie?

    A:  1. You must be an active member of Marnie's Monthly Membership Group. Join the group Here.

         2. Watch one of Marnie's FREE live Stream Tele-Clinics. Click Here to watch now.

Q: Why will the PREREQUISITES maximize your results with Marnie? 

 A: As a group member, you will be familiar with the principles that Marnie references in her consultations. Knowing the basic terminology, you won’t waste consultation time on explanations of what Marnie is doing.

The Live Stream is a clinic, and you will experience RESULTS in real time – Marnie deletes pain and stress over the phone/web, and it’s important you experience this demonstrated. You will maximize your consultation with Marnie by watching what is possible in a short period of time.

A Message from Marnie

In the past 20 years of experience in Holistic Medicine, and co-teaching the Yuen Method with Dr. Yuen, working with clients and large groups around the world, I have realized how important it is to experience a personal consultation so that you can be in charge of your life and not depend on other people for your well-being.

This is not to say you can’t delete your own blocks, rather sometimes you just need that insight of another experienced consultant to reset your body, mind, spirit.

I have received hundreds of e-mails that say,

“Marnie, I am great at helping others, yet not with myself”.

Even the best leaders in the world have coaches (the President of the USA, professional athletes, CEO of Fortune 500 Companies, etc).

It’s ok to get off track once in awhile.

It’s time you STEP UP, SPEAK UP, and schedule a consultation so that you are not only living at 100%, but also YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL.

What FUELED me to write this book …

I waited a year before I asked for assistance – yet once I did – it reversed my condition on the spot!

It doesn’t matter how serious your condition is, or how trivial it may seem, we all benefit from a PERSONAL CONSULTATION.  For me personally, it saved my life and can save yours, too.

My mission is to achieve RESULTS ON THE SPOT, and direct everyone and anyone who asks me to live a life  without pain, stress, and illness!

This brings me more joy than anything in the world.

It’s time we STOP limiting our potential and take action to delete the blocks that are holding our life hostage!

If you know me, the only things I dislike are SLOW RESULTS!

I was born with NO patience and I don’t like waiting! This is not a weakness; rather it’s brought me to search for what works “fast”, and most important, find the REAL REASONS, CAUSES, AND SOURCES behind pain and stress, and resolve this for others. I would rather have instant answers and immediate results for everything in life, and most important my health!

If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything!

The wrong answer, makes your problem worse!

The right answer, deletes your pain & stress on the spot! 

With all due respect, a common denominator of what I have noticed:

It is far too often that leaders are blindsided by their weaknesses, and all it takes is a simple 25 minute consultation to reset your body, mind and spirit.

What we think is stress or a serious disease, is really not! If you read my story in the introduction of my book, you will understand that even experienced practitioners, leaders, and health care professionals get blindsided.

I am most interested in consulting those who are interested in INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, and improving their life on a daily basis.

Are You Suffering From Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Pain or Stress?

To Schedule Your Consultation Now – Please Send An Email …

Marnie Will Delete Your Stress And Pain So That Nothing Bothers, Disturbs, Troubles Or Annoys You …
You Will Achieve Neutrality – Above It All!

(Click below or send an e-mail to [email protected])