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POWER WOMAN Marnie Greenberg is a world-renowned insightful strategist. With impeccable intuition she pinpoints and removes the hidden weaknesses that are silently sabotaging your well-being, allowing your dreams to automatically and effortlessly be materialized into reality.

Marnie deletes the subconscious underlying reasons/causes/sources of your pain, illness, stress, and limitations, on-the-spot, leading you to instant self-empowerment. She makes the impossible, possible, at lightning speed.

Rather than being forced to play the cards you were dealt, Marnie stacks the deck in your favor – a game-changing one-of-a-kind experience.

Marnie Greenberg Cover Discover Magazine
Marnie Greenberg Discover magazine article
Discover Magazines – Cover Story on Marnie – September Issue – Read Here
Marnie Greenberg - Power Woman San Diego
Discover Magazines – November Issue – Article on Marnie – Read Here
Marnie Greenberg article by Richard Clemmons in Discover magazine
Power Women San Diego award - Marnie Greenberg

Meet Marnie Greenberg

Marnie is the founder/CEO of Marnie Greenberg International, LLC. As the co-creator of the widely acclaimed Yuen Method and a 36th-generation Shaolin Grandmaster, she collaborated with the renowned 35th-generation Shaolin Kung-Fu Grandmaster, Dr. Kam Yuen, to co-author the international bestseller, Delete Stress and Pain, on the Spot. This book aims to introduce a modernized version of the Yuen Method, which has evolved and expanded over the years. Marnie explains that each iteration enhances the method's speed, comprehensiveness, ease of learning, and elevates students to a higher level of consciousness.

Marnie Greenberg is a globally known insightful life strategist, author, speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in healing and natural medicine.

Marnie Greenberg lectures and leads live seminars and events internationally and has presented at sold-out venues throughout the United States, Spain, and Germany. She has personally consulted Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, movie stars, professional athletes, world champion martial artists, music legends, and individuals from all walks of life. If there's anyone who can successfully delete chronic pain, illness, and stress in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, and online events for millions worldwide, it’s Marnie Greenberg. She has also effectively trained thousands of others to do the same. Nothing miraculous is involved, and anyone can learn the technique.

In the wellness industry, people are accustomed to gradual results and improvements, not an on-the-spot game-changing experience. This is why what Marnie offers is so valuable – Surprisingly, sometimes we just need a quick reboot! Marnie built her online business to teach people how to turn weaknesses into strengths, and her own life was saved with the very method she teaches.

“My personal mission is to enrich the quality of people's lives by helping them find the specific answers within themselves that will instantly resolve their difficulties,” says Marnie. Enabling and empowering others with the ability to locate and delete the specific unknown weaknesses that are silently sabotaging their well-being allows people to instantly resolve any life problem.

Marnie Greenberg and Dr. Kam Yuen Kung Fu

“For more than two decades I have witnessed Marnie Greenberg’s impeccable perception, intuition, and insight, which provide you the exact answers to any life question you may have that has not been fully answered to your satisfaction.  This results in your professional life, personal life, and business life moving forward with ultimate strength, and without any glitches. Her ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint the unseen weaknesses that keep you stuck, and delete them on the spot, is far beyond anyone.

It was an honor to pass the torch as 36th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster to Marnie Greenberg. In Martial Arts, titles are not given, they are earned! Marnie's lifetime dedication, commitment, and proven track record of achieving immediate results for her clients have made her the recognized next generation in the legendary Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame.”

Dr. Kam Yuen DC. – 35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster


Legendary Dr. Kam Yuen & Marnie Greenberg!

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Marnie Greenberg and Dr. Kam Yuen Martial Arts Museum Hall of Fame Book
Marnie Greenberg and Dr. Kam Yuen Hall of Fame Book excerpt

Special Tribute to Dr. Yuen's Life and Legacy
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