Reversing COVID-19!
From Positive to Negative Test Results! Truly Lifesaving

· April 15, 2020 · 75 comments

Laurie's Story

What can you do when you get a heart-wrenching 911, COVID-19 call from a family member?

With the death rates rising, and no medical solution, a typical reaction is feeling helpless with extreme panic, fear, and worry!

I’m here to share a story about a heroic doctor who was on the frontlines, and what happens when we don’t accept the medical statistics, the fears, the worries, and we devote our full focus to strengthening the outcome for our loved ones and what can happen!

This is an example of what I call a “Marnie Intervention” that changed a positive test to a negative test … truly lifesaving results!

This just happened to me and my family, and could happen to you! 

I got a call from my soul sister Laurie, (who is not actually my real sister, but she did marry someone with my brother's exact name)!  Laurie is a clinical pharmacist and consultant and she was freaking out!

Marnie HELP!!! My mom just called 911 because my dad’s oxygen is very low and he is not totally alert! The ambulance is on the way!”


Please leave your comments below.
Laurie, her family, and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

(Press the gray arrow on the image below to play the video)

Laurie’s dad, Dr. Remer, is a family physician who was on the frontlines, and had tested positive for COVID-19.

Laurie was scared because both her parents had COVID-19, and her dad was taking a devastating turn for the worse!

I assured Laurie that he would be OK, and gave her my word. “I’m on it, and will do all I can for him.”

I immediately called my brother, who is a doctor, for his advice. His best friend is a doctor on the COVID-19 team at the hospital in Michigan where Laurie is living, and another good friend of his is an infectious disease specialist.

It was horrifying to hear my brother’s advice:

“Marnie, you need to be realistic right now! Laurie’s dad is in the Respiratory ICU unit and he might not make it! Over 2,000 people have died in Michigan so far. Michigan has the 4th highest number of COVID-19 cases in the US. Patients in the hospital can be sitting up eating lunch and breathing room air, meaning no oxygen, and within 2 hours, decompensate and require a ventilator. And when this happens – they can crash fast.”

With all due respect to my brother and the COVID-19 medical team, I chose to see the situation differently, and stay strongly neutral, and not get psyched out by western medicine statistics and fear of death! I know I have the power to reverse ANYTHING!

I worked on Dr. Remer remotely and non-verbally (from a distance without physical contact).

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, hospitals were not allowing visitors and Laurie was worried because her dad was not answering his phone because he didn’t have his cell phone charger. And the hospital staff was so overwhelmed with calls that Laurie couldn’t get through most of the time.

But this did not stop me …

I assured Laurie that I was with him remotely!

I was sending unconditional love, strength and specific strengthening and deletion!

Watch the video above for the whole story, especially if you are worried about your family members' well-being – your parents, children, or partner.

We all want our loved ones to be protected, and feel their best! Especially our aging parents during this time of unknowns.

In this global crisis, I’m here to share real lifesaving stories.

I strongly believe that “anything and everything is reversible.”

Most important, I am here to remind you not to get psyched out worrying about Coronavirus symptoms, YOU are in charge of your health and well-being.

I truly care about you, and from my heart, I want the best for you and your loved ones!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my family!

And my monthly members are like my family!

I put my heart into my work and serve with unconditional love!

I love you Laurie and your entire family!

I’m continuing to strengthen beyond infinite potential – 100% of the time!

I always have your back, soul sis!

I always have your back, members of my private group!

Please leave a comment below – Laurie, her family and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

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Thank you, Laurie for sharing. Thank you, Marnie for all the loving work you do. This is an incredible story and encouraging to hear. Laurie, I enjoyed seeing your comments last night during the call. Marnie the call was off the charts wonderful. Blessings galore – Monica

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Monica! Love having you in the group – extra strength your way!!! HUGS, Marnie


Thanks for the love!


WOW!!! Laurie you are brave! Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks you and the members for sharing the strength!


Thanks Suzanne – sometimes you don’t have a choice!!

Dr. Jason Greenberg

Stan and Harriett, so glad you’re both healthy now! There were a lot of people rooting for you. Covid becomes much scarier when someone you know goes into critical condition. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years ahead. Your both strong survivors!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Bro! I love you! Marnie


Thanks Jason!


What a feel good story!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I felt a great deal of energy on our call. It really kept making me twitch.
Way to go Marnie in reversing the Doctor’s ailments. God Bless!!

Marnie Greenberg

Love ya Ginny!!! Glad you were on the live membership call last night! Sending more strong energy your way!!! Hugs, Marnie


Thanks Ginny!💪🏻💪🏻 Thanks Marnie!!!


Hi Laurie! Thank you for sharing you and your family’s story. I was so happy to see you smile at the end of the video. Very happy your parents are feeling better!! Marnie and Dr Yuen have impeccable insight and neutrality, allowing them to zero in on weaknesses and deleting them, while strengthening the person or groups of people they work on.


Thanks Judy!!! I am definitely smiling now! It was a long and winding road! Grateful they are both doing better!


Amazing! Marnie’s Magic!


It’s great to learn about this unbelievable result! Bravo and thanks for sharing!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for watching Andrea. So glad you are in my group as you truly have had unbelievable results also! LOVE YOU!!! Marnie


Thank you Laurie and Marnie for sharing your wonderful success story! I feel like it is soooooooo important for everyone to hear these stories during this experience we are collectively going through.. Every time I leave the house the fear is palpable and I try my best to smile at everyone I see and spread the vibe of love and peace and neutrality. My mother in law just got home this afternoon from the hospital, she spent three days there, had her galbladder removed. The day before the surgery the doctors were hesitant to operate because suddenly they detected a… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Kimberly, glad you joined me on the membership call last night – great to hear all went well with your mother-in-law!
I’m Strengthening her intestines and deleting her pain. Looking forward to connecting with you on the upcoming April 29th call. I will continue to go deeper and make sure she is pain-free – the call is on deleting physical pain. Lots of love, Marnie


Another great story of strength! Glad to hear your mother in law is doing well!🙏🏻!


This is so incredible Marnie!!!!!!! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I know it also helped how open Laurie was to all your work. Loved seeing and hearing all this!!!! Thank you for sharing such a personal story Laurie and Marnie you are amazing!!!!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Laurie!! Yes, Laurie is a Rock Star when it comes to manifesting fast results – she is super open!
Strength your way, Marnie

Robert Farmer

This is a Great Video illustrating the Power of Marnie and the Yuen Method. As a retired Paramedic of over 30 years, I can relate to two sides of the Medical World. One side is the widespread medical system which can often provide hope, benefit, and success. The other side is the dogmatic approach, limited in its openness, flexibility, and constant concerns about lawsuits if the treatment goes outside the prescribed protocol! Dr. Bruce Lipton, taught in Med. School the Prime Order which is DNA, RNA, Protein. Summary, in this view things are pretty fixed and predictable. Then new research… Read more »


Thanks so much Robert! Yes, good medical care combined with strong focused energy is the most potent medicine! I’m glad you enjoyed the video and the love we share. We have been friends over 40 years!


Wow Robert, thanks for your explanation and insight.
So good to hear views like yours from those who have been in the medical profession and can also see another aspect like the Yuen Method, which may seem a bit woo woo, however in reality very scientific and as Dr Kam and Marnie say, you can’t argue with results!!!
Our thoughts can create illness and can heal it, even thoughts directed to us by another in the specific way of the YM.
So grateful to be part of this group.

Karen W

Thank you for sharing Laurie and Marnie, such a powerful and positive message.
This made me cry listening, and my heart went out to you. So very grateful for all that you do Marnie and what a very wonderful outcome.

Marnie Greenberg

Love you Karen!!! I’m Looking forward to connecting with you on Wednesday’s membership call. Sending you an extra energy oomph – Hugs!

Karen W

Thank you Marnie xoxo

Theresa Maltais

Thank you ! This is a Beautiful Story .. Laurie is so fortunate to have you as her soul sister. Best wishes for continued health for her family. 💐💕

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Theresa, I am fortunate to have you too in our undefeatable group! Can’t wait to connect on Wednesday! Senidng extra strength your way! I love ya, Marnie


THANKS 🙏🏻 Laurie for sharing! 😍 Amazing how even in the midst of adversity you kept STRONG! ✨Many Blessings to You & ALL your Family!✨

Marnie, loved what Laurie said that when you are a Member You treat everyone like family as you strengthen and delete whatever each member needs! 💪🏻😃

Woooow! You are AMAZING Marnie…you have SUCH A HUGE HEART ♥️ filled with UNCONDITIONAL L♥️VE!!!

THANK YOU Marnie for your loving energy!

✨Many Blessings to you and ALL your Family, Joann & Chris! ✨🙏🏻✨

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Isa!!! I love ya – so glad you are open and receptive – we are a strong group! Hugs, Marnie


Forgot to say, Thank you Laurie!
Thank you both! all the best to you… all love to everyone. this has to have been a huge stress.. and for me, just to hear of it makes me feel like a cry would be a very good thing! ☀️


Thanks for sharing, Laurie! Been following your story through Marnie and it’s so wonderful that your parents are better. Cheers to continued health. Marnie, your capacity and ability is amazing ❤️

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Molly, I love you!!! Sending you huge hugs and extra strength! Marnie


Thanks Molly!!! 🙏🏻


Enhorabuena a Remer Laurie y Marnie Greenberg.. Seguro que Remer se interesa por el metodo. Espero que este estupefacto y sonriente. 🌸

Stacey Hayes

Absolutely wonderful, incredibly inspiring! I’m so happy for the doctor and his entire family! Way to go Marnie!! So wonderful to have our inboxes flooded with positivity to counteract all of the negativity that’s being put out there in the world ( that I avoid anyway LOL)

Marnie Greenberg

Stacy, I love having you in my group! Sending Calm strong energy your way! Looking forward to connecting on April 29th!! HUGS and LOVE! Marnie

Jacqueline Revell

Wow, that is so Awesome! I’m so glad that her parents are doing better. I’m not paralyzed with fear about Covid19, but it has been on my mind a little bit lately. I had a little tightness in my chest today and after listening the tightness has left and my bronchials are clear and I can take nice deep breaths and fill my lungs. Thank you 🙏🏼

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Jacqueline, Glad your breathing has improved! YAY! Deleting all your fear! Hugs and Love, Marnie

Steve Hayes

Very uplifting. Nothing is irreversible! Thank you Marnie for your dedication. :-)

Marnie Greenberg

Steve, I love your comment, thank you! YES – Nothing is Irreversible! You are the most dedicated person in the entire group! You have been with us since way, way, way, back. You got it! Keep going strong and grow young … which is the topic for the upcoming April 29th call – can’t wait to connect! Hugs and Love, Marnie


Thank you Marnie and Laurie for your wonderful example to the world of love and strength in times of crisis. Having come very close to losing a child years ago and the intervention of energy work that “miraculously” saved his life I can really relate to your experience. Thank God for grand masters of the universe that show us the way to truth and transformation. So happy for your family!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Jill for sharing! Yes, truth and transformation – the right answer resolves your problem! Laurie is a perfect example of strength in times of crisis! You and Laurie resonate at the same frequency! Looking forward to connecting with you on Wednesday’s membership call! Sending you a huge energy blast, Hugs & love, Marnie


Love the power of this story. I’m so happy your mom and dad are recovering! Marnie is amazing, I could feel the love and support you energetically sent to Laurie and her family.. truly authentic and powerful work🙏😇

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Amanda! Hugs and Love, Marnie


Always taking care of us, THANK YOU!


Sending you strength and love to you, and your parents Laurie, amazing! I can feel Marnie’s rock-solid energy throughout the video – this method is the best. This method has strengthened all areas of my life! Duo Marnie and Dr. Yuen said before health kills you, other areas in life will get you, that is true, we take on others’ worries and burn out. I know Marnie has my back, not only mine but my family and everybody in the group! I sleep with Marnie, and wake up with her 🥰 even some days multitasking I let the calls run… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Nadee for sharing! I love you and so happy you are so open and receptive to change. I am glad that you feel the support and strength of all the unstoppable group members. You are in the “I can reverse anything” energy field 24/7! I can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming membership call. Hugs and Love, Marnie

Caroline Masters

Hi Laurie, thank you so much for sharing the events with your family and with Marnie – I listened to the video last night just before bed, and it is so heartening to hear more about this positive news! And thank you for your extra strengthening in the chat during the bonus call on Wednesday – my husband Christopher has been quite ill, and we are determined to reverse his situation and condition. All the very best to you and your family! – Caroline

Marnie Greenberg

HI Caroline, Thanks for your comment. Sending you and your husband extra strength. Hugs and love, Marnie


Correcting all people in the hospital reminds me of a year ago when my daughter had a very difficult childbirth. Marnie corrected all, and mother and baby are fine! What a miracle! I am filled with gratitude that Marnie was able to help in the Michigan hospital and literally save lives.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Mary, I love you! I am thrilled you are in my monthly membership so that I am on it when you most need it. I am so glad all went smoothly with your daughter and her newborn! I’m always here to best support you through the tough times. Hugs and love, Marnie

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