You Saved My Dad’s Life!

· May 22, 2020 · 43 comments

On April 20th, I received a 911 email from Wayne, a wellness consultant, that said: “Marnie, my dad has COVID-19. He's in the hospital on a ventilator.

I need your help ASAP!”

This is an incredibly inspirational lifesaving story.

Watching this video will Strengthen Your Insight so that you are in Your Full Power!

I know that these are incredibly challenging times and that you could use some EXTRA Support right now!

I also know that we attracted each other because you and I both resonate with taking action in times of a crisis, rather than being paralyzed with grief, devastation, overwhelm, and confusion.

When all the odds are against you, you know that you will beat the odds!

Repeat to Yourself:

“I can reverse anything. I am open and receptive to change.”


Please leave your comments below.
Wayne, his family, and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

(Click on the glass of wine in the image below to play the video)

What I love about Wayne is that he did not contact me out of weakness; rather, he contacted me out of strength so that he could stay strong and assist his loved ones.

He got his mind out of his way and Joined my Monthly Membership immediately.

In my online membership portal, Wayne submitted his personal request to me that said:

For my Dad, his name is Wing, 81 years old
He is currently in RICU at the hospital.
He has lung damage from the Coronavirus. His lung capacity is only 40%, therefore requires a ventilator. Background info: COPD, heart disease, had triple by-pass heart surgery seven years ago, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoker.

Wayne listened to the April 29th live membership call.

The topic of the call was: Delete Physical Pain, Including All Coronavirus Symptoms.

Wayne also listened to the Coronavirus Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activation daily so that he could stay fully focused and strengthen his dad.

We all have the Yuen Method skill!

I’m just here to keep you strongly neutral so that you can stay in your full power.

Wayne’s Feedback After the April Membership Call:


Feedback for my dad in the hospital with the Coronavirus …

Day 1 (Thursday, Apr 30th) after the call, my dad is showing signs of improvement:

– Reduced sedation slightly and was able to respond to nurses by squeezing hands and moving feet.

– Reduced oxygen level, oxygen level not critical now and starting to breathe more on his own.

Day 2 (Friday, May 1st) after the call, very significant improvement!! Great news!!

– Completely off the ventilator in the morning and breathing 95% on his own and only using a nasal tube to provide some oxygen.

– Completely off sedation, but not completely aware yet.

Great Work Marnie, my dad is almost there, let's keep the momentum going!!!

With Marnie and Dr. Yuen, there is always Hope!!

With Yuen Method there is always a way!!

Thank you so very much!!!

Final Update:

OMG! Words cannot express how I feel right now for all the good work and support I have received.

You saved my dad's life!!!

I am lost for words here and I know saying “Thank You” doesn't even begin to express my gratitude of how I truly feel for what you have done for my dad.

My dad came home from the hospital yesterday Sunday, May 17th, and is at home continuing to recover and doing well. And he is COVID negative.

Forever grateful and thankful!!!

All the best,

This is truly a lifesaving method.

I strongly believe that “anything and everything is reversible.”

Most important, I am here to remind you not to get psyched-out worrying about Coronavirus symptoms, or any illness. YOU are in charge of your health and well-being.

I truly care about you, and from my heart, I want the best for you and your loved ones!

Be preventative and proactive –

Get the Coronavirus activation for FREE as a bonus when you join my Monthly Membership program.

Join now! BEFORE you need a miracle!

Wayne, I love you.

I love your parents, your family, and I am sending lots of unconditional love.

Please leave a comment below – Wayne, his family and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

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Shi Jing

Thanks for sharing Wayne! You are so brave! WOW – I’m so glad your dad beat the odds – amazing! I love the picture of your parents smiling and the glass of wine – cheers to strong health and many more Chinese dinner celebrations! I’m also in Marnie’s membership and my health keeps improving. Keep going Strong – the world needs you! Shi Jing

Andrea Ranalli

I feel honored for being able to witness one more example that anything is reversible. I tend to doubt it and panic as soon as I have any minor physical ailment. So thanks to Wayne and Marnie for their joint actions to make it happen again. Thank you both!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Andrea! I’m glad Wayne’s story strengthened you and reinforced your full power. I can’t wait to connect with you on the May 27th membership call. Sending you Extra Strength! Hugs, Marnie


Another wonderful miracle. I can only imagine Wayne’s concern,especially given his father’s medical history. I hope we hear more….

Marnie Greenberg

Anne, you and Wayne have a lot in common! Like I always say, your nickname is Anne the Almighty – you are a powerhouse and have conquered major life challenges that would take most people out. You stand strong in your power, like Wayne, and you both are winners!! I love you, Marnie


This sharing makes me feel Happy and with heart full of Gratitude for Great work of Marnie!
The Real PRESENCE of Marnie makes all difference for better in our lives!Thank you Marnie! You know…

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks TS for watching … so glad it made you feel happy! I know how much your father and family have improved since you have been in the membership group. I love ya and sending Extra Strength your way, Marnie


Wow! That was a jaw-dropping number of underlying health conditions to tackle in addition to the virus and yet you still prevailed! Fantastic work!!

Marnie Greenberg

Marta, Wayne + Marnie = infinity. The combination of both of us strengthening his dad (and his dad accepting it on a subconscious level) is what truly saved his life. Thanks for participating live in every membership call I have ever had in the past few years. This is a reminder for all the strengthening and deletion you apply to your family. You are amazing Marta!!! Thanks for sharing your heartfelt comments with Wayne, myself, and the community! Huge Hugs and I’m looking forward to another round of Ultimate Rejuvenation on the May 27th call. Love you lots, Marnie


Another example of a dire situation being rectified almost instantaneously by the YUEN Method and Marnie’s compassion and expertise. Nothing is impossible! Blessings for Wayne and his family!!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for watching Steve. I love how open and receptive you are and that you truly know nothing is impossible! Woohoo! You are like Wayne – proactive and strongly take charge of your well-being. It’s awesome your daughter is also in the membership and both of you are improving every month. I read your feedback and so glad that your vision is better and all is smooth in your life! Lots of Love to you and your lovely family, Marnie


this is touching.

Ashleigh Deanshaw

This was wonderful to listen to. It highlighted how amazing the Yuen Method is and how it gives so much strength to us so that we can be in the best place we can be to deal with life’s rollercoaster ride. I am thrilled that all worked out so well for the family involved :)

Marnie Greenberg

Thanksfor watching and sharing your thoughts. Sending you EXTRA Strength. You having amazing insight and just like Wayne, I love that you keep going know mater what! Huge Hugs, Marnie

Rafa Mejía

Gracias por compartir, fuerza y neutralidad.


Congratulations Wayne for your fathers recovery. Marvelous Marnie is amazing as well as Dr Yuen! So happy for the results you received using this method. It’s incredible!

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Jill!! Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Hugs, Marnie


Wayne, you made me realise why I decided to join Marnie´s membership and also include my parents because I want all of us to be healthy and protected, specially during these trying times. You are very fortunate to know how to apply the Yuen method because you can help yourself and others. I am starting. My goal is to get to that neutrality mode in which I can perceive my insight and know the reasons, the causes and sources of problems. I am actually eager to get to that state which right now looks hard and far to achieve but… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Rosa, I love having you and your parents in my monthly membership program. They are so fortunate to have a loving daughter like yourself take such good care of them! Confirming I am working on all of you and looking forward to connecting on Wednesday’s membership call. Thanks for your comment. I love that you resonated with Wayne’s story and strongly take charge of your wellness! HUGE HUGS, Marnie

Robert Farmer

This is a wonderful story. Thank you Wayne and Marnie for sharing how even the most seemingly difficult conditions can be changed and reversed. God Bless Wayne, Wayne’s Dad and Family, Marnie and Family, and Marnie’s Staff! Joann ends her emails with Hugs and I seem to resonate with that. So, Energetic Hugs to all in this Community! Keep Up The Good Work Marnie!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. This speaks loud coming from a Retired Firefighter/Paramedic! You are amazing, you have seen it all and truly get this! I love that you took the leap and joined my membership. Confirming I have your personal request for the upcoming membership call on Wednesday and I’m on it! I have your back! Huge Hugs, Marnie


Thank you for sharing; what an incredible moment in very unique times. One thing is for sure, like Marnie says, everything is reversible and we must call on that energy. I read your story to my wife and we had a nice moment to reflect on life. Sending some Yuen Method Chi to your father to come out of this stronger than before. Cheers!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi C.K.L, That’s so nice to send Yuen Method Chi to Wayne’s father! You got it CKL – one for all, all for one- STRONG! Let’s continue to change the world together! I Love having you in the group! Hugs and lots of love, Marnie


It is wonderful and encouraging watching stories like this! Thanks for sharing!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Petra, I’m sending you Extra Strength to your lungs! I know you have been through a lot and I am amazed how STRONG you are!
What I love most about you is that You Never give up! Just like Wayne! You got it! I love ya, Marnie


Thank you, Marnie! Your strengthening is just in while beeing at a point of kind of desparation struggling with a mixture of mine and my son’s healthproblems, boredom, loneliness and feeling little meaning in my live. So reading your comment means a lot to me, helping to still not giving up, like Wayne did. You are wonderful, Marnie!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Petra, I’m deleting your “struggling energy” and loneliness. You are never alone – you are all-one – Strong! I love you and I’m sending you extra strength. Come join us on the next membership call – the group is very supportive so that you never feel lonely again. Hugs, Marnie

Christie Grant

Marnie always inspires me and reminds me that anything, ANYTHING is reversible! All we need to do is use the geometric figures with the awareness that as long as we are open and receptive to change, we can accomplish anything! Thank-you.

Marnie Greenberg

Love ya Christie!! You got it!!! Keep kicking ass in your life. I am sending you an EXTRA OOMPH of energy now as I type this! I know you feel me! Hugs, Marnie


What a wonderful success story! It felt so great to hear about how the Yuen Method has led another family to health and wellness. And it is even more powerful considering the seriousness of this particular situation! I was just about to write to Marnie to give feedback as to how wonderful I am feeling in my life since I joined her membership 3 months ago, then I saw her email about Wayne’s father. Yes , this method works! Yes anything and everything is reversible! My mother in law had emergency gallbladder surgery a month ago. She was nervous about… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Kimberly, WOW! Just like Wayne, I love that you are continually self-strengthening and deleting for you and your loved ones! So glad you made it through your travels Corona FREE!! Woohoo! I am always with you in the background, remotely sending extra strength!!! Your entire family is open and receptive to change!! Looking forward to connecting with you on Wednesday’s live membership call – I’m on it!! Love you, Marnie

Stacey Hayes

This is absolutely wonderful! So happy for all of those involved, very inspirational! Marnie is the best!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Stacy, Thanks for watching and so glad you and your awesome dad are in the group … Onward and Upward, connect Wednesday Live, hugs, I love you and your family, Marnie

Karen Hudock

Wow…what an amazing story. So happy for you Wayne that your dad has had a miraculous recovery. So many obstacles that were overcome, I am in awe. Another great example of how Marnie gives that unconditional love and skill to each and every one of us. And truly a belief that any thing is reversible. Love it!!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Love you Karen!!! Huge Hugs, Marnie


Empowering and Touching story :) This reaffirms the Depth and Power of this work ! Yay Teamwork!
This story along with the so many seemingly ‘amazing’ results Marnie has achieved with her Work, I for one, would love to see this premiered as a Hollywood Movie ~ so that the Awareness of our Possibilities could reach many Lives. Feeling so grateful to be in this Group to Learn and Grow with such Beautiful Heart Interconnected Beings. xoxo

PS Thanks Joann for helping non-tech me navigate to this page :)

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Maria, Thanks for sharing and watching Wayne’s video. I love you and so glad you are in my monthly membership. You were born to conquer! All that you have achieved is truly remarkable. Month after month, reading your monthly feedback is pure awesomeness. Sending you an Extra OOMPH of Marnie Kung Fu Energy. Kung Fu meaning kicking ass in life and being the BEST at all you do – and you are the BEST! As I always say, don’t mess with the best, because the best don’t mess! Unconditional loving strengthening hugs, Marnie


It is so amazing! All that anxiety. And then to have a great outcome. That when it seemed no way out, it actually changed. So wonderful. Thank you Wayne for sharing this. Strengh to your whole family.
What fantastic work you two performed, Wayne and Marnie

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for watching Kjerstin and sending your strength to Wayne’s family. All of us together sending strengthening and deletions = infinity!!! It’s the power of the group that really makes the difference. I love you!!! You are the definition of unstoppable! Sending you hugs and unconditional love, Marnie

Caroline Masters

Hi Wayne and Marnie – thank you for sharing this positive, heartening and uplifting story! Yes, when we work together and use the Method anything is reversible. Wayne, I can truly appreciate how you felt and the situation you were describing with your father’s hospitalization and with his medical history. Wonderful that he is now home and recovering and healing so well! We have benefitted so much in our journey to reverse my husband Christopher’s CHF and related conditions, from participating in the activations, teaching and receiving “Marnie Monitoring”, double Chi from Dr. Yuen and the team including Joann &… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Caroline, Thanks for sharing and trusting me to assist you with your husband’s health. You are a powerhouse! I have been strengthening Christopher 24/7 and just like Wayne’s story, you + me = infinity. He is open and receptive to change and you are so dedicated and committed to listening to the self-strengthening and deletion activations daily to assist him to continue to get stronger. More coming on Wednesday’s call … HUGE HUGS, I love you both, Marnie

Julie D

Such a wonderful success story, I am so happy for Wayne and his family! I can so relate to how you were feeling Wayne, feeling some of what you were feeling and a bit overwhelmed/exhausted myself dealing with my 81-year-old dad’s health issues such as COPD, swollen feet, and confusion. Being 7 hours away from where he lives I have to trust and rely on other caregivers to help him. I talk to him every day and am so thankful to Marnie and her membership to help me be strong and to assist me in strengthening my dad. Your monthly… Read more »

Erin Boyle

This is such an uplifting story! Thank you for sharing Wayne and Marnie! The speed of recovery was incredible for Wayne’s father and has proven once again the power of The Yuen Method.
Take care All,

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