OOMPH Into Action
On The Spot!

· March 10, 2020 · 173 comments

Behind the Scenes BEFORE I filmed this video –

This a PERFECT example of how I live my life!

I took my sister-in-law (who is visiting from Kentucky) on a hike, and she was like OMG this is so AMAZING!

Right when we were at the most incredible edge of the cliff, she said, I wish I could capture this moment and take it with me.

I literally STOPPED in my tracks and filmed this video – spur of the moment!

(Only 15 seconds)

I was trying to capture this energy for her so that she could take it on the go with her anywhere.

Of course, the sound was not perfect, lol, and I wasn’t looking perfect, but I did not think about that in the moment – I spontaneously recorded, on the spot.

Is there something in your life that you are not starting because you feel that you have to be perfect before taking action on it?

If yes, stop mentally thinking – press play – and FEEL my energy – it will give you an extra OOMPH INTO ACTION, ON THE SPOT!

Words can’t possibly articulate what my energy in this video will STRENGTHEN WITHIN YOU!

This is the true me!

The authentic me where I’m laughing for no reason, and when I’m in this energy, I feel anything’s possible!

I want YOU to feel the same way!

Repeat to Yourself:

I love all my imperfections, and my spontaneous authentic self – STRONG!

Watch the videos and I will delete all your hidden weaknesses and self-criticism so that you are STRONG to this affirmation!

Leave me a comment below how this energy makes you feel and you will receive 100X the Strengthening Effect!

Note: If you left a comment on the previous video blog, “Insight on the Spot” – be sure to read my reply – I answered, strengthened and deleted hidden weaknesses for everyone who participated!

This is a reminder – You don’t have to be perfect before you start something!

Time to take the seriousness out of your life and start having FUN!

If you are in my monthly membership program – I can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming March call, and keep strengthening and deleting. It's all about creating abundance in all areas of your life!

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Laurie G

My daughter Gracie feeling Leg pain and knee and hip while running ! Delete pain please!

Laurie G

Love you so much! She’s feeling better! You rock! Kids are all home with nothing to do lol! What’s up with coronavirus ??


100x’s action mode! Saw a rainbow today and actioning towards the Pot O Gold! Marnie, perfect timing again! Whoop whoop!

Nathan Broad

When you point at the phone taking the footage and move your hands to 180 degrees you feel the deletion


Hi Marnie, What an awesome video and the perfect message for me right now ! This is all I want , to live in the moment! Thank you for the reminder of holding back waiting for perfection, I am being too hard on myself about my grades in school and feeling a bit overwhelmed . Ultimately, all I want is to live the moment with confidence of what feels right for me ….too many years of aligning myself to overcome weaknesses that surround me and are “logical”. I am ready for the new step which is STEP into what is… Read more »


Feeling it Marnie ! Thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️Lots of love to you and the team !


Good Morning Dear Marnie,

What a wonderful way to start my day! Your laughter made me feel happy too! :) Your subject matter this morning was perfect for me… I have been that procrastinating person for many years “it’s not perfect, so I can’t do it”. More Time, more Freedom, more Creative Energy is true abundance. Thank you for being part of my life. You are an amazing woman and I look forward to the 25th. Hugs! Debra


Thank you ,, lost this joy but it’s coming back ! Love to you


Beautiful! I liked your first “imperfect” video, even more: the spontaneous Marnie in real life, I loved it. This incredible video of you in the mountains by the sea in a bright day illuminated my dull, rainy morning in Buenos Aires. I connected with all that abundant nature and I could almost smell the sea! Thank you!


Perfect timing to receive this new mantra: “spontaneous action brings me Great JOY!” Yes!

michael lewis

That was a nice warm energy washed over me


I love you, you’re the BEST!


What about Coronavirus Marnie? What can we do to stay strong and avoid getting it?

Nathalie Gauvin

this is amazing to read, because I do feel the calm in regards to the virus. Not surprised you were strengthening us. much love and thank you

Nathalie Gauvin

me too heart heart heart


Hi Marnie!
Thank you for this WONDERFUL video! An opportunity to feel you! To feel the ABUNDANTE ENERGY FROM NATURE THROUGH YOU!!! Always a pleasure be with YOU and joy to see you! Make me feel very HAPPY this moment!
Marnie a strengh he had today blood ( you know who is). Thank you Marnie!


WOW. These two videos really fluffed up my energy vibe! I instantly wanted to expand my aura into that scene and get back in touch with those elusive fresh feelings of spontaneity that used to be second nature to me.


“In it to win it!” is my all-time FAVORITE saying that I use on the tennis court! How did you pick that up from me? LOL.
Now, I’ll make it my catch phrase for all aspects of my life! I actually felt big shifts around money this afternoon, probably when you made your corrections. I keep having a vision, a metaphor, that I’m standing in the quiet, still eye of a hurricane while all of the panic & chaos in the world spins whirlwind around me. I’m unfazed thanks to your powerful corrections. Fantastic!


Feeling your high vibes from San Diego!
Strengthen my left breast for healthy cells and tissue. Is March 30 the right day for the mammogram or is late April better?

Lift fear of c-virus and strengthen my Amun’s system.

Abundant appreciation and love, Mary

Cristina Gabriela

Hy Marnie , thank you so much for this wonderful energy , I feel that I can’t take action to have what I want and more confidence


Marnie ? I looooove these ‘on the spot’ ocean view activations!

They help me so much in visualizing myself at San Diego beach feeling HEALTHY as I enjoy THE WIND caressing my skin and my immune system not being affected by it nor by cold, nor air conditioning!

Yeahhh…. ✨THANKS FOR HELPING ME RECUPERATE MY HEALTH & sustain it in time!✨

I feel VERY HEALTHY, ? % healthy immune system so I can be outdoors enjoying everything the Universe has to offer me!

✨Many Blessings your way, Marnie! ✨
✨You are an angel ? ✨


Wow! Amazing playful spontaneity! On Friday my daughter performed 3 parts in her school play, taking an extra part because a classmate was ill. My husband came with me to watch. She praised herself for her amazing performance, quick costume changes and spontaneous un-rehearsed performance of the third part. She danced around when we got home, so excited. Later that night she threw up. She’s had a fever, missed the next 2 performances and the cast party and 3 days of school, coughing, fever, runny nose. It just seemed so ironic. Other kids became ill as well after the show.… Read more »


Yes I felt some energy moving! Thank u Marnie!

chris vey

That felt great. Thanks!


Hi Marnie and group, Thank you for the amazing energy cleanse! I felt It whoosh out from me in all directions put with old in with the new clean clear energy! Thank you also for the strengthening regarding the virus. I’ve also been strengtheningy self , family, friends and including them in your recordings to strengthen our immune systems, strengthen greater than pathogens too. Any recommendations for my son and daughter? Their colleges have closed for am additional week. My daughters friends are especially fearful. Delete fear? This is the 3rd time in 12 months I have had to deal… Read more »


I would like to add that being in Marnies groups has strengthened me and my immune system greatly! After having those pathogenic experiences, for me and my family!
Thank you Universe for connecting me to Marnie and her team xo


Thank you for this strengthening! I felt liberated from so much blocked energy of worry about rejection and not finding clients because nobody needs me or my services. Thank you!!!

Steve Hayes

Hi Marnie. Felt extra energy after my cataract surgery. By the way is your website down not able to access contact us keep getting unable to deliver. As of Monday.No way to contact anybody. Have a wonderful day :-)


I have tried to play this video a few times & it keeps breaking up, stopping, then starting several seconds later. I thought how I feel disconnected from my friends where I’m living now & planning to move in May. Funny how it pointed that out to me. And I love the beach in southern California ?


Thank you for speeding up my connection! I listened to both videos again from work with good WiFi, I felt the lovely energy from them ?


Awesome video! I feel the energy I love how you are so real spontaneous !, I looooove all you said is like all the amazing principals of Yuen Method in one minute aweeesome! Is perfect for me I always say I will play with musitians and in front of people when I am really good , is a big sadness since I teach piano and is my profession :( , any mini strengthening on that would be awesome. THANK YOU for this awesome videos!!?


Thank you so much that resonated big time !!! I will keep strengthening on that !??

Gaylene Popovski

How much fun that was….You,.Your Energy and the Deletions! I am still Smiling! Unconditional Love to You Marnie!


Marnie, thank you so much! Your reply has such a wonderful effect. To change devastation into success has been an amazing journey. It would not have been possible if it weren’t for you and I know that. Unconditional love always, Gaylene

Judy Wertz

thank you for the energetic vitamins you send during the month! I get goosebumps as I let the energy do the work and help me move forward faster and faster!! Being part of the group,you and the wave is so empowering.


Love and feel the energy.


Thank you for the boost of energy! I feel it in my consul particles!


Ha ha, that was supposed to be quantum particles.


The joyous energy emanating from you is very strong, uplifting and freeing. Feels like we should all be getting together for one big party, lol!!


Thank you Marnie. Delightful to see and feel your joy and enthusiasm for well being. Thank you for all the extra support you have giving me through these big life changes. I love you. Tarini


Hi Marnie, you are incredible and I love your spontaneity, could you please strengthen my insight to come through more strongly so I can perceive the answers I am looking for. Thank you so much, I appreciate all your work, Sherie.x

Anna Rosa

Marnie, I see your energy and enjoy mine but somehow resist it. I have my children who are afraid of the future, specially him….as I am, in some other way… Can you strengthen my son, my daughter and/or myself?

MaeLou Larson

Energy! Yay!!! Thanks Marnie, I joined in with your laughter watching this video as I felt the energy blast. The sun is out today and it’s warm again, first time in weeks and weeks. I went out and enjoyed sunshine and breakfast this morning, no worries, no fears of “social mingling” about virus or death and dying. I may be in the vulnerable age and health group but I am strong woman – Ikaika Wahina! <3 <3 Mahalo Nui Loa for deleting and clearing this weakness for me. <3 <3

Joyce Y

Totally feel the energy from the video Marnie! Yes we spend too much time planning. Even if it’s not me it’s people around me doing that as well. Thank you for the boost!

Nathalie Gauvin

Hi Marnie! I love these short spontaneous videos!
Your hands are like antennas in this video. Thank you thank you
we all need to feel this love in our lives

Heidi Wagner

Thanks, Marnie, felt a release from being stuck in dead end job, which I kept myself in for way too long.
please activate: “decison, strategy & strength” for success in my new ventures. Thank you !


Hi Marnie, I love your bubbly energy .. and spontaneity, and just reading all the comments everybody feels it and absolutely loves it also. Love your gorgeous weather too! I do have a request .. I’m going snowshoeing this weekend .. and because you mentioned hiking .. I thought I’d ask you about my problem. As I said I’m going snowshoeing again on the weekend .. probably not more than 10 km or so… because lately my knees have been sore (my right knee especially has been sore each time I reach that 10km mark).. I don’t want inflammation or… Read more »


Love the beach scene and the boost thanks! Please send extra strengthening for me and my boss as we go into board meeting tomorrow. Thanks again!

Karen Hudock

Hi Marnie. Love your fun spontaneous Energy the ocean is so healing for me. Thank you!!!!

Karen Hudock

Marnie could you send me extra strength? I feel life has literally pushed me down. I fell traveling home and have a cracked rib on left under breast. Spine and sacrum seem to be unstable also. Thank you thank you Marnie!!!!!!!!


So positive. Please help strengthen same positive freedom in my daughter too. Thanks again.

Julie Dilts

Wow Marnie, awesome energy, thank you. I realize while feeling you and the energy how much that aliveness, joy and passion has been missing in my life the last 10 years or so. I need to take more “action” as I have been just going thru the motions and doing what needs to be done and finances have been limited and it feels like the abundance hasn’t been flowing like it could. I also know that I have been too much of a perfectionist most of my life and thus talked myself out of so many opportunites because I felt… Read more »

April Bostian

Freedom, love, power, tears of gratitude and joy yes! Just the reminder of who I really am too, that I needed today. TY, I feel it, I am that. Also, my sweet 20 yrs. young boy kitty Emma. Please strengthen him for neurological issues from not absorbing enough protein and minerals. Not smelling or eating food much. Also some intestinal blockages. Thank you with all my heart if you can. Asking for a 1000 x blessings for you too Marnie. PS ( Emma kitty had his first chiropractic session today too.)


I love it !!!! I feel the motivational vibes and the positive energy jumping off my iPhone screen :)

Natascha Schollmeyer

Dear Marnie, thank you very much – you immediately shift me in a wonderful state of happiness. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you


It was nice to hear and see you Marnie.Thanks for the activation..Enjoy..


Dude I’m feeling that energy! Those gliders are quite symbolic. Living life on the winds of devotion. I am free. We are free.


Felt the energy blast into my chest area and wash down through my body. Thanks a million!!!

Ray Roediger

Hi Marnie, that was awesome and amazing on the inflow of energy, thank for assisting in deletion of the mind, as it’s my biggest challenge.

Ray Roediger

Hi Marnie, thatwas awesome and amazing on the inflow of energy. Thank you so much on the assistance of deletion of the mind as it’s one of my biggest challenges.

Lori Gilbert

I love your videos by the beach in San Diego Marnie! It’s as if the sea breeze fills my lungs with the wonderful energy you’re sending. I need it because my immune system has been down and I have been ill recently. I love San Diego, my family and I often go there for vacations and create awesome memories. I want more of that, it’s really living life like you said! Lots of love!

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