Grief is a Pain in the Ass!
How to Delete it, On the Spot!

· September 10, 2019 · 3 comments
Marnie Greenberg demonstration at Dragonfest 2019

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2019,
The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo.

From a Pain in the Ass, to Kicking Ass!

It​ was incredible to unite with all the undefeatable Martial Art legends in the world, and interactively demonstrate the principles in my book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot.

There were over 4,000 people at the expo, and with all the Legendary Martial Artists sharing various workouts, it was very loud and action packed, but this video footage is so real & raw, that I wanted to share it with you because I know you will truly benefit from it.

Grief can strike you at any time!

Have you lost someone or are about to lose someone, or something that’s important to you – Maybe a loved one died, a relationship ended, you lost your job, or experienced a devastating financial loss? Maybe a family member that is ill?

If Yes, watch the video below, and be sure to follow along and see if you can feel the shift!

I want you to feel happy again, and allow the JOY back in your life.

After you watch, be sure to comment and let me know how it made you feel.

Joy is what's going to keep you Young, Healthy and Vibrant!

Watch how fast transformation can happen, when you delete grief and loss on the spot!

“I Allow the Joy Back In My Life!”

Feel the Shift!!!

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Benjamin Franklin said, “there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.” But, I'd like to add a third certainty – they both cause a tremendous amount of grief.

In this video, April was suffering from glute pain.

After I identified and deleted the root cause of her pain, which was grief, from losses that were coming soon, she was pain free, on the spot!

Death is inevitable.

However, what if you could…

· Keep your loved ones healthy so they live longer?

· Maintain your own health so that you are around longer for your loved ones?

· Assist your loved ones to transition with ease?

· And once transitioned, experience a new way of communicating and staying connected with them on the other side?

I demonstrate in this video what I call “The Ultimate Kung Fu,” – meaning, to Kick Ass with everything in your life!

Go from a pain in the ass, to kicking ass!

Let’s eradicate all GRIEF of UNCERTAINTY, and replace it with CERTAINTY!

At the end of the video, you will witness April’s drastic change when I asked her if she felt a shift.

She replied “I Feel Great,” with a huge smile that radiated happiness, joy, and freedom from the debilitating glute pain that had been radiating down her leg for a long time.

You have this ability!!

This is exactly what you will experience in my monthly membership program.

Join my monthly membership program, and I will delete your stress and pain on the spot!

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Yes, I allow the joy back in my life! 

If you are in my monthly membership program – I can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming call. After the call, you will be saying “I Feel Great!, just like April.

Real People! Real Results!
Consistent results for everyone in the world!

Highlights From Dragonfest – Click Here


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There are no Accidents in the Universe ~ somehow i saw the title while on Marnie’s blog. I am within the last month of the year anniversary of my husband’s (unexpected by me) passing. My heart was heavy and while i do not cry, i felt it whelling up within me. After watching this….i feel a sense of peace beginning to ripple in. It is comforting to think that there can be a connection and maybe an even greater Connection between the Worlds. After 40 years of Love ~ it Continues… Thanks for posting this much needed to watch video!… Read more »


 Follow up: This is the following morning from the above post. It is near Miraculous the Difference I feel :) It is like a heavy huge stifling shroud has been lifted! Seriously, for days I was Double Distraught :( :( I had concurrent issues, the Grief of Loss as well as my fledgling attempts at navigating my New Life forging new relationships after 40 years of Sheltered Safety. There is no other reason that I should have such a 180 degree turnaround; as I was spiraling in Bleakness & Hopeless for DAYS….and likely it would have gone on and on.… Read more »

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