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Comments from just a few of the participants who experienced ​​Coaching​ Programs with Marnie

Marnie helped me with my INSIGHT, which has dramatically improved in every aspect of my life …. Being a better, mom, wife, daughter, and boss.”

Sahar Swidan – Ann Arbor, MI Pharm.D., BCPS, ABAAHP, FAARFM, FACA, CEO


“Marnie’s deletions and activations were like hitting the Bull’s Eye into my energy. She has helped me tremendously! Her ability to feel and know what’s going on is amazing and always accurate. I am much more confident in owning my own business.”

Ginny R. - Coral Springs, Florida Business Owner


“I now have greater clarity about how I can get out of my own way! I find that I am much less fearful and reactive when faced with a challenge and feel great comfort that I have some tools to help me work it through. I am calmer, more hopeful and emotionally freer. I am forever grateful to you Marnie for being so caring and committed to helping at those times when I just couldn't seem to get back on track. I adore you!”

Rayna L. Ontario, Canada Therapist


"Never would I have thought that a method could generate so much good and well-being and not only for myself, but for others, too. Truly magical!"

Nathalie G. - Las Vegas, NV Vocalist in Cirque du Soleil and LE RÊVE


"Wow Marnie, I think I'd given up on anything that could work so quickly!"

Annette S. - Palm Springs, FL Information Technology


"I finally have a sense of peace, and that is so huge to me!"

Anne G. - Seattle, Washington Mental Health Counselor


"Yesterday, I want to hospital for a gastroscopy, the answer was … Madame Gauvin, your liver is in perfect condition. It is because of you that I always refused the operation, I was confident that I had made the right decision. Big Thanks for teaching me the courage to refuse to go under the scalpel. I Healed with the tools you gave us with your teaching. I am so grateful to have found you in my life and also for my family!"



For over 6 years, I have been going to my Gastro Doctor for Hepatitis. From the first visit, he wanted me to have a scan and operate on my liver. I always refused to be operated. He said, tell your children that you refused to be operated. Every year he kept telling me that I had to be operated because I could have a tumor, varicose vein that would burst, or cancer. I refused every time. My family doctor told me that if I had a varicose vein it could burst and they would not able to help me, and I would die from bleeding. She told me, you have children who want to keep you with them, and bla, bla, bla. I kept refusing the operation, because you once said to your Doctors. "I will not die and you decided not to follow their way of thinking." My two daughters have changed so much also. They are more confident and happy.

​You never cease to amaze me! Thank you!

​Wow Marnie! Once again you were on fire traveling through the ethers and deleting all that doesn't serve us. I felt the pain in my thighs being pulled out. The tightness around both ankles relaxed and by the end of the call the heavy fog of exhaustion disappeared. Friday I woke up feeling rested, not exhausted. You never cease to amaze me! Thank you!

​Virginia R.
​Business Owner

Overall, I feel stronger and have tools to shift things!

I appreciated the whole program. I experienced noticeable results throughout each week. I enjoyed being able to play the replay each day and that you touched on so many topics for us all.

In addition to what I have already said in other weeks, I appreciated when you cleared the home as I moved into my beloved’s home 5 years ago and it is very full. My numb leg which was one of my main focus is much better and I am sure will continue to improve.

Other issues mentioned in other weeks seem to be resolved. Overall, I feel stronger and have tools to shift things and I look forward to when I can take more classes with you Marnie. Thank you.

Julie D.
Natural Health Products

So now I AM feeling and experiencing shifts ~ YAY! 

I no longer feel overwhelmed with thoughts about all of the unfinished house projects, and I am more neutral about getting things checked off the list.

Thank you SO, SO much Marnie for all of this wonderful work that you do! I thoroughly enjoyed the program!!! XXOO

Anne W.
Business Owner – Land Surveying

Just last week I had a day where I felt complete happiness!

I’ve been through a major life trauma with my family. I had post traumatic stress syndrome and for six weeks my heart was breaking. You continued to make corrections on my heart and now it has stabilized.

Just last week I had a day where I felt complete happiness. I was in Whole Foods and a stranger approached me and told me she has been to a number of my recitals as a neighbor of one of my students. She said she loves my approach. My students are not afraid!  

That evening my husband mentioned he had received an email from friends in Minnesota who want us to go on a hiking trip to Zion and Bryce national parks in April. My husband asked me if I could do it? I told him I would train for it. Now that I have no muscle or joint pain, I can work towards this ​goal and I can be successful.  

These good things happened on the day when I was functioning at a higher vibration. I will continue listening to the activations and look forward to being more regularly and this higher vibration.  

​Mary R.

I immensely appreciate how structured and consistent Marnie's facilitation has been throughout this course!

I immensely appreciate how structured and consistent Marnie's facilitation has been throughout this course and the previous programs I have participated in. The materials are a resource I refer to regularly and find fresh information every time I read the pdf pages or listen to activations.

I have noticed that for 2-3 days after the live calls I would feel restored, calm and peaceful. Then an event would occur within my family or work dynamic and the inner strength would shatter - however having these resources, now takes less time to align with neutrality.

Irina M.
Art Consultant. Artist.

Marnie, you are truly a dynamic and gifted healer!

I experienced a range of changes throughout this program. Physical pains in the hip and knee are completely eliminated. Listening to the activations daily have helped me stay present and aware. I have since increased my exercise regime and endurance. My diet has been very clean and I have more discipline in eating. I feel very confident overall in who I am as well as a deeper connection within myself and others.

The activations are very powerful yet simple to assimilate. Since our personal session on Monday, and the last call, I have felt more stable, sleep has been steady and waking up changed from heaviness to more excitement and motivation. I am grateful for all your support during this program, it’s been an opening experience and look forward to our next session.

I enjoyed the series just as it was laid out. It is great to be able to listen again to the calls and activations to continue to work.

Erika F.
Energy Healing Practitioner

Wow!  It blew my socks off!!

Wow!  It blew my socks off!!  The neutralizing ‘negative life experiences’ was AWESOME FOR HEALING PTSD.

Verna M.

Oh my Lordy! Wow, Marnie you are amazing. If I could be half as quick and good as you I would be friggin’ awesome!

I have spent years and countless dollars on practically every energy and non-energy healing work and courses, but this is the first time I can honestly say, I know it has worked and I know I have shifted into more of who I really am. Ha,ha I can't stop laughing. I feel so damn happy and giggly. Who needs G’n’ T's when there is you! Lol.  I’m a smoker, or not ... so the addiction strengthening felt like my chest popped out (in a good way) and career with relationships I could suddenly see (finally) where and what I want to do. Love you so much and I'm so glad I resonated enough with you to join this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dee H.

Thanks for yet another powerful course!

I really felt the power of the activations this time around. I felt that so many people have improved around me. My brother is really changing so much and opening up to our entire family, my sister is improving with leaps and bounds and my boyfriend is finally focusing on himself and improving his life, instead of bitching and complaining all the time. Thanks Marnie for helping my family.

Karina G.
Opera Singer

It was to the point and precise with deletions​!

I felt many changes specifically in the area of relationships.

Marcus J.
Day Trader (Forex Market)

After listening to activation #4, I felt like the energizer bunny - unstoppable!

The first 3 activations helped me stay centered and balanced during the Christmas holidays in England with my sister who was in and out of the hospital twice with pneumonia and a lung infection. My stay was very different from the usual experience where in the past 13 years there were parties, visits to and from friends, meals in restaurants and evenings at the theater.

This time resulted in my having a more intimate relationship with my extended family as we spent more time together. There was more openness, warmth and a deeper level of caring and understanding. Family dynamics were definitely strengthened.

Listening to the activations daily deleted my stress and fear and allowed me to stay strong and neutral. After listening to activation #4, I felt like the energizer bunny - unstoppable - taking action more energetically and speedily with daily activities, starting early in the morning and on the go till 6pm​ - 2 days in a row.

Resistance to taking care of my needs, wants and desires has lessened and anxiety about my financial future has diminished. I feel more open to new opportunities in 2018. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marnie.

Winifred W.
Spiritual Counselor - Holistic Practitioner

“WOW!! I just moved another grand plus from my payments service into my bank account!

I've made more money and had more effortless registrations/connections/communications and just plain ease and grace in my work than literally ever before!

I plan on attending the monthly club calls, as I can feel new, never before excavated (!!), layers of misinterpretation/questions within me rising up to be improved/answered successfully through your work ... and ... LOOK! ... I have the funds to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I have confidence, I feel honest, skilled and strong in self-assurance.

I feel more capable than ever and the family/work/having a life balance feels strong and stable!

Thank You, once again, Marnie: Your Strength, Improvement and Universal Alignment moves ALL of Humanity Along its BEST Trajectory."

Kath​ryn B.
Sacred Artist

Many doors opened and I'm ​into exploring them ​all​!

I came across s​uch valuable information about the issues I wanted to resolve: health, weight, physical pains.

Andrea R.

The program was great!

​I really like all the instant upgrades (hope that makes sense). ​They have kicked on clearing ​scar​ tissue I have on my neck - should be fun to see where that goes.

Niki W.
Retired Hair Stylist

​Neutralized the ways we sabotage ourselves over past mistakes​!

I like that you addressed the choices, decisions and actions and neutralized the ways we sabotage ourselves over past mistakes.

Silvia F.
Architecture Manager at Cargill

I experienced clarity and calmness during Christmas​!

Great presentation as always. In-depth explanation in manuscript interesting. I experienced clarity and calmness during Christmas.

Steve H.
Retired/Caretaker Property

I liked how fast the process works​!

I liked how fast the process works, and how no talking is required, no need to go over the problems, other than just one statement or two.

Camilo B.
Massage Therapist

I now have greater clarity about how I can get out of my own way!

Loved it all ... some tough times, but each challenge took me to a better place. This program has given me the opportunity to continue to strengthen my trust that life is working for me, not against me. I especially love the functionality of strong versus weak as a way of knowing whether my mind or my higher intelligence is turned on at the time.... recognizing that when I am feeling weak, I need to delete the blocks created by my emotions and thoughts, go to neutral and then the clarity of my higher intelligence is just revealed. It's not that I have to become someone different than who I am, I just need to show up and be the real me the whole me, not the perfect me.

I now have greater clarity about how I can get out of my own way! I find that I am much less fearful and reactive when faced with a challenge and feel great comfort that I have some tools to help me work it through. I am calmer, more hopeful and emotionally freer. I am forever grateful to you Marnie for being so caring and committed to helping at those times when I just couldn't seem to get back on track. Thank you for making all of this possible!! I adore you!!!!

​Ashleigh D.
​Stay at home MOM

​I realized the most profound mental shift I’ve ever experienced had taken place!

I always try to be brief with feedback because I know that you have tons of it to read from the other participants in the group, but I’ve experienced so many improvements that I want to elaborate on them all so you realize what a huge impact you’ve made on my life, Marnie, so here goes:

The day before the 4th and final webinar (1/17/18), I knew the instant I opened my eyes Wednesday morning that something was drastically different about me and a few moments later I realized the most profound mental shift I’ve ever experienced had taken place. It was as if you had stripped away the negative emotional charges to nearly a lifetime of memories. I was so calm and tranquil all day and was unfazed by everything that might normally energetically weaken me, such as heavy traffic, long checkout lines and radio commercials. At one point, I lost control of an armload of recyclables while putting them in my recycling bin and unexpectedly blurted out “Oops, oops, oops!” as they bounced all over my garage floor. I laughed to realize that sh**, or f*** or Jesus Hadn’t flown out of my mouth. I think I only swore twice that day---Jesus! - when I witnessed a near car collision and when I accidentally drove over a car-jolting pothole in the road, so I think the swearing is tapering off. Even 4 days later, I still feel like a different person and my energy must be different because suddenly people I encounter out in public seem to want to interact with me.

Last week, I also noticed that you had done extra overall body work as tensing to all areas of my body was suddenly restored following a week of being extremely sedentary with a bad cold. Also, it seemed like I had received a skin, face, eyes, neck rejuvenation makeover, but I had recently returned to listening regularly to the 12-week Rejuvenation program activations, so not sure which it’s attributed to, although you get credit either way, ha.

In addition to having my tendonitis gone and what seems like my swearing defused in this program, you also deleted that lifetime of embarrassments/shame/self-loathing, my vision is improved and my eyes seem more open; I’m not squinting or straining them anymore, which is awesome. Also, I surprised myself by being able to stop in its tracks the negative internal dialogue of my mind and neutralize negative emotions on two occasions when I was aggravated by actions of a neighbor and a family member which essentially were quite trivial matters, so I really feel more empowered and resilient, thanks to this program.

Now that I’m routinely listening to the newest 2 activations in long & short forms, I feel that I’m living in continuous synchronicity, where I’m more aligned with my highest good and the Universe automatically guides me to what I need or am looking for. It’s like, I’ll have an impulse, I’ll act on it, and it pays off in that it leads to something beneficial in some way. Until now, I was seldom tuned into these impulses, but I knew they existed and now they’re more the norm. It’s a fun way to live!

When I reflect back on the beginning of last year with all of the mental, emotional and physical issues & limitations I had, it just BLOWS ME AWAY how much my overall health & level of happiness has improved. I had been living for years with nuisance neck pain, limited flexibility & pain in one hip for years, never getting a good night’s sleep, itchy forearms, terrible leg cellulite, a peculiar fuzzy back sensation, a decades-long guilt-driven daily exercise obsession, and an extreme love-hate relationship with playing tennis that was ruining the game for me and made it impossible to improve at. You fixed ALL THAT, PLUS you helped save my house from flooding during Hurricane Irma when 3 neighbors around me of the same elevation received flooding, and you helped my yucky neighbors sell their house to some quiet, cordial people. It was a big project and my evolution was effortless as it didn’t take perseverance or commitment, not even sacrifice, on my part. Thank you SO MUCH for lifting all of those limitations off of me so that my days are so much brighter and fulfilling! You are such a fantastic person!

Marta M.  

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