Hurricane Irma

​Shelter From the Storm!

One of our clients was worried about Hurricane Irma, on a direct path to her Naples, Florida home.

Read the email conversation below as Ma​rnie strengthened Lisa through the storm.

Sep 05 10:59 pm 

Hi Marnie, 

I realize that my Sept. 19 appointment is still a couple of weeks away, but I was hoping that you could make a few corrections relating to hurricane Irma since it's looking like it might be heading directly my way.   

I've always felt nonchalant about Florida hurricanes because I intuitively knew that I/my home would be fine, but this time around, first time in 22 years, I'm feeling some uncertainty/apprehension.  If possible, we could benefit from some collective consciousness corrections, if possible, too as everyone's fear around here is probably drawing it to us like a magnet.   

Thanks in advance for any support you have time to send this way.  Also, I'm sorry to hear about the severe fire happening in your part of CA.  Mother Nature certainly needs to settle down. 

Warm regards, 


Sep 06 07:09 am 

Hi Lisa, 
Good to hear from you - it's wonderful you are continuing your journey with 2 more consultations.  
I am looking forward to connecting with you on Sept 19th!!  
I Loved reading all your amazing feedback! It's great how open and receptive you are!  
Sorry to hear about the hurricane alert - I'm deleting all fear ... 
I am processing and sending massive corrections now!!!  
Please keep me posted ... I'm here for you, BIG HUGS!!! 

Sep 06 09:12 am  

Hi Marnie, 

Yes(!), I've been feeling VERY calm all morning and noticed the shift quite early today, so you must be an early riser!  Thanks so much for these excellent corrections, Marnie.  I really appreciated them.   

A friend had the good sense to reserve a hotel room for 2 nights at a Hyatt in Estero, so I'm going to join her & her 2 dogs and be able to weather out the storm with electricity & comfort.  Meanwhile, there's plenty to do in home preparations for the next few days.   

Thank goodness that I listened to my 6th sense last week and promptly had all my palm trees trimmed up as coconuts can be dangerous projectiles.   

Looking forward to speaking with you in 2 short weeks! 

Best regards, 


Sep 06 10:14 pm  

H​i Lisa,  
Glad you felt me early today!  
Hyatt sounds good! Keep listening to your insight - you got it!  
I'm sending more strength and calm energy now!  
Keep me posted over the weekend! 
Looking forward to connecting soon,  

Sep 07 10:46 am  

​Hi Marnie,

We totally need to see Irma's track turn to the north sooner rather than later so that it loses energy in cooler water if it must hit the mainland.  It's twice the size of Florida, ugh. 

I'm trying to avoid watching the news so that it doesn't pull me off center, but I couldn't help wanting to know about the Caribbean. :-( Thank you for your continued support​ Marnie. 


Sep 07 01:16 pm  

Confirming I'm on it!! Keep me posted!!   
Massive strength your way!!! 


Sep 08 08:45 am  

Well, here's the latest, Marnie: 

We were warned by the Hyatt that if there's a mandatory evacuation in their area, they cannot put us up, so we've been scrambling to find alternatives.  As we wait to hear further from the Hyatt (it'll be decided on by the Governor today), another friend, a realtor, has a unoccupied listing next door to her home in a gated community here in Naples called Kensington that we can stay at and it's right next door to her (Peggy G).  It only has a roll down shutter for the lanai and nothing on the windows, but it's a 2 story home w/ an interior windowless bathroom & another windowless bathroom.  The 3rd alternative is to try to get into a shelter- it's first come first serve, 

I never went to bed last night because I was STILL busy with preparation for the interior of my home.  I'm right on a small bay and we're having extremely high tides due to the full moon, yeow....... 

Thanks for your continued support, Marnie. 


Sep 08 12:51 pm  

Hi Lisa,
We all are sending massive strength to you and everyone in the area!!!!  
Please go to a shelter before it hits.  
Please keep me posted so I can stay with you.  Safety energy your way!!! 
HUGS HUGS!!!!!  

Sep 08 04:01 pm  

Hi Marnie, 

The shelters filled up fast today and they would have been overcrowded.  I didn't see your email until just now (6:50 pm our time) so I'm going to my friend's place at Kensington in the morning. 

 It looks extremely solid and the living level is 15 ft. above ground & east of 41N.  Wish me luck!   


Sep 08 10:23 pm  

H​i Lisa,  
You will be OK - I am sending you strong energy and the entire collective and directing massive strength to your home.  
Your life and safety is most important - glad you are going to friend’s place.   Please keep me posted - I will stay with you over weekend!!

HUGS, calm neutral energy, you will make it through this!

Sep 09 07:08 am  

Hello Marnie, 

I'm in good spirits.  Your corrections are working for sure as I've been completely in neutral and I have no resistance to how the near future will unfold.  Lots of lessons to learn from this experience and I already feel I have evolved from it.  

I went for 40 hours w/o sleep in preparation for this event, and it was a breeze (no pun intended) to do.  I had plenty of energy & mental clarity.  

Thanks SO MUCH for keeping in touch all of these days!   Will be in touch! 




Sep 09 09:22 am  

Hi Lisa, 
Thanks for writing back your address you will be at - glad you are in good spirits and feeling my strengthening.  
I have been watching the news and staying connected, and tracking storm on google satellite  - confirming I will continue to send strength and corrections all weekend ... I'm with you!!  

You are strong and will make it through this!!! 
Please keep me posted! HUGS,  

Sep 10 08:14 am  

You will be OK - I'm sending massive strength!!!!  
I will continue with you until the storm passes!  
You will make it through this!!! NEUTRAL! 

Sep 10 08:34 pm  

Hi Marnie,

As you assured me, Marnie, I would get through this and be fine and I am. This house felt like a fortress thru the ordeal. 90% of the county is w/o power, including us, and we don't have water either, but we'll manage. I don't know what the coming week will be like or when I'll get to see my home, but it's okay.  

Many thanks to you for all of the support you gave me. At one point during the afternoon I could feel the energy of everyone's prayers pouring into this area   It was an emotionally overwhelming experience.  

Hopefully my life will be back in order to some degree by the time we speak on the 17th. It really meant a lot to me to be able to receive your insight & reassurances as I navigated my way through such an enormous experience I think that going through the eye of a hurricane is more excitement than I care to ever repeat, lol.  

I'm preparing for the worst while hoping for the best when I can finally venture out and assess the aftermath.  

Kindest regards,  


Sep 11 06:46 am

H​i Lisa,
Thanks for keeping me posted! 
I was with you and sending strength - Glad you made it through - I knew you would! 
I know how scary it can be - but was happy the hurricane weakened to a category 2 by the time it hit Naples.  
You are strong ​Lisa!!  

You made it through the worst ... your life and safety are most important - everything else can be repaired.  
Looking forward to connect on the 17th!!!  
You will feel me - sending massive neutral energy and strength your way, 

Sep 11 06:46 am

Sep 12 10:26 am  

Hi Marnie.  

I finally got to my home just now and the home itself is unscathed!!!  Thank you thank you(!) for your part in this success!  There's Some damage to the pool cage, lost my large Queen palm tree in front and lots of branches & debris to remove, but that’s it . House is completely dry and it looks as though the bay water never even breached my seawall, which is miraculous b/c the homes have water level marks of well over 1 ft.  in Old Naples & Port Royal.   

No power, but at least we have water again.  

Surviving 'Irmageddon' was quite an ordeal and I feel very fortunate having had your support.   

Ten years ago, a dear friend of mine developed cancer a few months after riding out a hurricane that completely traumatized her and I always felt the experience triggered the illness, which took her life less than a year later, so it's really a good thing you helped keep me mentally intact through it all.  

I look forward to my apt on 9/19 with you and promise to stay out of trouble in the meantime? ?☀


Sep 12 01:57 pm  

Hi Marnie,


I was with you and doing my best!  Like I said, you would get though it and be OK!  

Glad you felt my support - I know how scary it can be! YOU ARE STRONG!!!! 
This was just a test to remind you that you can get through anything!  
Looking forward to connect soon, 

Oct. 18 06:34 am

Hi Marnie, 

These attached pictures speak volumes! The neighbor had flooding to his garage, entryway & a bedroom. ME—NONE! That HUGE tree resting on my fence did ZERO DAMAGE to the fence. My lawn guy said that it was because the tree fell very slowly/gradually instead of slamming down in a fast manner.

Also, see how the debris line came within 1 FOOT of the garage door. AMAZING... 


Oct. 18 06:34 am