Special Tribute to Dr. Kam Yuen’s Life and Legacy!

· July 14, 2023 · 38 comments

Dr. Yuen's Memorial
Recorded Live – Listen Below

Thank you to all the members who shared their heartfelt stories, and all the unconditional love that poured in. If you were not able to join live, please share your comments below on how Dr. Yuen changed the quality of your life.

Dr. Yuen was a gift to the world.

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Thank you for sharing this special tribute to Dr. Yuen’s life and legacy. I found Dr. Yuen 10 years ago and he eliminated my knee pain after I feel off my bike. I joined Marnie’s membership and really enjoyed the double the chi calls with both of them. I will really miss his amazing skills, but I am thrilled he passed the torch to Marnie – 36th Grandmaster – lets gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Gianella Pino

Hola, gracias por permitirnos compartir nuestra experiencia. En mi vida ubo
Un antes y un después de conocer el Método Yuen. Estoy eternamente agradecida al Doctor Yuen por haber conectado con toda esta información. Y que hoy disfrutamos de ese legado. Se extraña, pero permanecerá en todos los que hacen Método Yuen. Gracias infinitas!!

Last edited 10 months ago by Gianella Pino
Joyce Yuen

Thank you for hosting the tribute Marnie and Chris! I wouldn’t know what to do with a lot of life problems if it’s not for Yuen Method. Even though time has been tough but like I said, I can feel Dr Yuen’s energy with us.

CK Liu

It’s only until Dr. Yuen left this world, did I realize just how much I loved him. He became much more than a teacher and Master to me. I started with Dr.Yuen & Marnie back in 2006!!! Dr. Yuen helped my wife and I at critical point in our marriage. Strong negative karmic energies were weakening beyond my own strength to recover. At a last ditch effort, my wife went to a live event in L.A. As we were leaving the event, my wife suddenly stopped me and told me turn around. She had to see Dr. Yuen and ask… Read more »

Kelly toki


Dr. Liam Stone

Cousin CK,
thanks you for sharing .
Staying Connected. We are one all of us.


Dr. Yuen got my wife pregnant! (Haha- Not like that). She had a miscarriage and was having difficulties conceiving. We went to to see him in Long Beach about 17 years ago. My wife was not much of a believer in this “woo woo” stuff, but he just casually worked on her after putting down his newspaper….generational issues with communism…Asian bias to boys…you have a retroverted uterus, let me fix that. All the sudden she get’s this sensation in her lower abdomen like “a washing machine rumbling”. He does a few other corrections and sends us on our way. She… Read more »

Kelly toki



All that one desire to have be and achieve is more than doable
That’s basically the essence

Tanks for your time dr yuen

Rhea Cox Toedter

To the point
There is no nos for ones embodymeant of their potential.
It’s all able quite faster then u thick sooner that en u thin

Embracing the freedom that comes with the physical

Marcus Johnson

Thank you Marnie for that beautiful tribute! Dr. Yuen was the Master i was looking for my whole life and i’m glad the Universe brought him my way. He will be greatly missed and i know he chose the right 36th Grandmaster Shaolin Grandmaster in you Marnie!

Kelly toki

My dad and I found Dr. Yuen in 2006 from a free seminar he held at my Taekwondo studio in Torrance CA, masters choice martial arts. Both of our lives had changed forever, the way we perceived everything had shifted. We were obsessed with this concept of truth and it has never left us or our family. Since the energy runs deep there’s no telling how many ways he has affected our lives and our children going forward…I’m so proud to have met him and been in his presence for he is quite a remarkable soul. I’m sure he is… Read more »

David K

My wife and I were introduced to Dr Yuen and Marnie’s programs just a few years ago and are so thankful that we connected with them. So many things were addressed for us, so quickly that we are still amazed at the results. I think back to some of the presentations that Dr Yuen made and what stands out to me was his desire for a global impact regarding his methods to improve the human condition, his scale was global and personal all at the same time. The process is so unique, so quick, so interesting, so empowering that to… Read more »


Grazie al metodo del Dr Yuen ho migliorato la mia vita e ho potuto aiutare molte persone! Non ho mai incontrato di persona Dr Yuen ma una volta ho avuto la fortuna di ricevere una deletion da Lui on line! Sono infinitamente grata a Dr Yuen e al suo lavoro!

Arzelie Bérouard

A major big thank you to Dr kam Yuen, this wonderful soul so needed at this moment of our evolution, here on hearth.
What a legacy for us, he let behind!!! Afer a consultation with him I found love again after being single for 12years… that was a shift! And so much more after integreting Marnie montly group..
Thank you from the my heart
❤❤ ❤❤ ❤❤

Bette Mozdzen

Dr. Yuen has been my greatest teacher in this lifetime, i I began his work in 2010 when my father had passed and I was still overwhelmed with parents affairs, caring for grieving, dying mother who no longer wanted to live. Dr. Yuen gave me strength on all levels and showed me how to carry on and make a difference with my life. How could I ever forget the respect, gratitude and love 💕 that I owe him? He truly was a gift to my life. He helped me then help my mother and oldest brother to “ check out… Read more »

Souli Yates

Thank you Marnie, Chris, Joann & team for such a beautiful tribute. I am sorry I couldn’t attend live. I felt the love from the wonderful stories. Like everyone, it seems, ‘Kung Fu’ was the series that changed my life. All those years back it opened something within me. I loved the wisdom & truth woven within. Many years later I am so deeply grateful to have found my way to the source of that wisdom Dr Kam Yuen. I am sorry that I never got to meet him in person, I loved the story of his sense of humour… Read more »

Helena Grantinge

Thank you Marnie for sharing your tribute to Dr Yuen. I sensed him the night between 23/24 of June. It was the celebration of Midsummers eve in Sweden, and the following day I thought of him. He popped up every now and then.
Thank you for everything you have done for me with your beautiful and powerful method. I live it and use the method every day on myself and others.
Unconditional love

Shelly Peykar

My condolences to Dr. Yuen’s family. Marnie my heart is with you. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Yuen for sharing his healing wisdom with us, so generously. I’m deeply grateful to Marnie for carrying on Dr. Yuen’s legacy. Unconditional LOVE to everyone!


When I was caregiving for an elderly relative who yelled at me, Dr Yuen relieved me of leg and foot pain that was related. Much respect and gratitude to the legend.

Carrie B

You May have left but you will not be forgotten many years ago. You helped me when I was in deep grief and when I Was in immense physical pain, and I have not forgotten you thank you. Thank you so much for your service to society Mr. Kim Yuen. thank you for showing us. That energy is limitless. It can be cleaned ,move, healing us ,Energy in it,s purest form. Thank you for showing this to us.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🪽🪽🪽🪽🪽🪽 Love and light to you, sir.♾️

Last edited 10 months ago by Carrie B

I have always deeply admired and respected of what Dr Yuen has done for the humanity.
I am so sorry I have not had a chance to meet him personally which I really wanted but I will never forget a phone conversation we had and what he told me. I am happy that I have a recording of it.I am so grateful to have encountered such a great spirit who has done so much for people.

Patricia Rich

Dr. Yuen will always be one of the most influential figures in my life. The world will feel his absence– always. I use the Yuen Method every day. It’s changed and enriched my life like no-other modality I’ve ever experienced. Rest well dear Kam. I will miss you.


I am so privileged to have had Dr. Yuen in my life, it has made all the difference. In a difficult period, he, and you Marnie, helped me. I am so grateful. And for the continued support.

Dr Yuen will be deeply missed, by so many.
Condolences to his family and the people closest

Lori Clegg

I have been blessed to have had Dr Yuen in my life!!!! In 2001 after suffering a serious non removable tumor that caused me pain taking 2 OxyContin daily for 2 years until he stopped the pain in one minute. I had been crippled with a cane hunched over. He said “stand up straight!” Wow I did! Took the class certification my life totally changed! My goal is to make a movie sharing experiences about yuen method so many people can connect this to their own lives! Dr Yuen told me “that is right up your alley!” He was going… Read more »


So wonderful Lori!!

Sharon Kay Mustin Summerford

joy. peace to Kam.


I can’t prove that he helped me, but I felt like he was helping me
in some areas and was trying to help me in other areas.

Michael Marashlian

It was in 2001 when I first attended a demonstration of (what was then called) Yuen Energetics. By then, I’d studied self-healing through biofeedback and meditation for over 25 years. I was utterly mesmerized by Marnie’s compelling introduction and blown away by Dr. Yuen’s presentation. My life was dramatically changed for the better that day. Over the next three years, I followed Yuen Method appearances and coursework all over the country, and I still practice the techniques to this day. I’m now 70 years old, but I’ve hardly aged since then.  I remain forever grateful to Dr. Yuen and Marnie… Read more »


Dr Yuen was a fascinating person, My mom first found out about Dr Yuen, many years ago when she read about him in a practitioner’s waiting room. She was very intrigued by his method and decided to buy his book. One day when she had really bad sciatica pain, I decided to take out the book and try to decipher what Dr Yuen was explaining. Shortly thereafter, we found all the videos on Youtube and started binge watching the videos with Dr Yuen and Marnie. Within a couple of months, I was convinced and I signed up for a course… Read more »

Kara Barrie

Much love to everyone at this time. Dr Yuen has such an incredible legacy that he leaves with us. Thinking of all his loved ones. Thank you for this tribute.

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