Deleting the Medical Weight Loss Myth!

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Ultimate Rejuvenation!

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Desired Weight and Ideal Body at Any Age!

Ever Feel Like Achieving Your Desired Weight and Ideal Body Is a Lost Cause?

  • Distraught from the constant yo-yo effect of losing/gaining pounds?
  • Exasperated from losing/gaining weight in all the wrong areas?
  • Doing well until some crisis thwarts you … stuffing or starving yourself?
  • Suddenly going on a binge and feeling so guilty you fall into a vicious cycle of more binging?
  • Frustrated as abdominal fat accumulates with age?
  • Hating that ever-increasing cellulite?
  • Do you dislike and find flaws when you study your body in the mirror? 

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions:

READ THIS BLOG IN FULL – I promise doing so will be well worth your time!

  • This information isn’t available from any other source … I know it’s a lot to take in, but it will give you a taste of just how thorough this program is:
  • The first section is on permanently achieving your desired weight effortlessly.
  • The second section is on attaining your ideal body effortlessly.
  • No learning on your part is required. It’s all programmed in.

Achieving Your Ideal Weight Permanently and Effortlessly

Step 1:

You Must Begin by Deleting the Medical Weight-Loss Myth!

Everyone considers obesity or being overweight to be a problem of being fat and this is the wrong answer for those of you struggling with the ongoing dilemma of weight loss. The almost universal acceptance that body fat is the cause of weight gain has led countless numbers of people to struggle and suffer with the conventional solution found in the Dieter’s Bible, “Eat fewer calories and/or exercise more vigorously to burn fat.”  It seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

However, the certainty that it all comes down to fat and calories is not the correct solution or the right answer. Ironically, the conventional thinking that excess weight is due to FAT, too many calories, and insufficient exercise is the real problem. To repeat, this belief system is the problem, rather than the answer.

In the upcoming monthly call, I will delete this universal belief to zero minus infinity so you no longer resonate with it or it will sabotage you either as you attempt to lose weight and reduce your body size or as you struggle to maintain your hard-won changes.

So What Does Work and Why?

Step 2:

I Will Delete Your Underlying Weaknesses

As many of you know, my programs have always been based on pinpointing and deleting the specific underlying causes/reasons/sources (weaknesses) in the subconscious and unconscious mind responsible for creating a person’s problem in the first place. Deleting the weaknesses resolves the problem on the spot in a matter of seconds and in this case, when I locate and delete your unique hidden weaknesses, you will immediately notice a change in your relationship with food and begin to lose weight automatically, with no stress or planning on your part.  

This process works equally well for an inability to gain weight, anorexia, and other eating disorders. Because each problem you face has your own unique fingerprint of underlying weaknesses stamped on it, even if your desired destination is the same as a friend’s or relative’s, (in this case weight loss), your roadmap to success must be exclusively your own.

Consider following a typical diet and exercise plan. Recent studies show that if you are following such a plan, 90% of the weight loss is due to less calorie consumption and only 10% due to exercise. In addition, there is a 90% chance that you will regain all or a portion of this weight at some point in your life.   You may end up looking and thinking that you feel great for a period of time.  But what you really are doing is devoting enormous time, determination, and struggle to something impermanent as opposed to achieving your goal permanently with a method that happens naturally, automatically, effortlessly, and with no attention on your part.

Step 3:

I Will Activate, Speed Up and Maximize Your Weight Loss

While deleting underlying weaknesses will resolve your weight problem, there are important additional steps you can take to speed up and maximize this process.

I want to make sure no one intends to slow down.  If you plan to slow down, then you will have a tendency to gain weight, increase body size, and age faster.  Digestion, metabolism, and elimination are the three leading basic processes that occur in your body on a regular basis. I will activate and strengthen all three to speed up.

Speeding up your digestion time reduces YOUR assimilation.  People who digest their food rapidly, assimilate far fewer nutrients and calories than people with a sluggish digestion time. People with a tendency to gain weight (pounds) assimilate 10x more calories and nutrients than their body needs.

When it comes to speeding up your metabolism, I am concerned with more than your general metabolism.  I will increase your cellular metabolism and activate your atoms, molecules, and quantum particles so they create energy for you. This allows you to have increased energy and greatly enhances a sluggish function without the need of additional food.

I will activate and strengthen your elimination to speed up. This ensures that you are eliminating cellular waste and dead cells so they exit your tissues, organs, physical systems, and the body structure as quickly as possible. This includes excess sugar that may be in your blood.

I Will Activate and Strengthen Your
Physical Intelligence and Central Nervous System


There are many myths related to eating and good health. One, for example, is the need for having the proper nutrients in your food. Another revolves around the appropriate percentage of protein, fat, and carbs consumed as well as the need to drink eight glasses of water a day.  These are myths because good health depends ONLY on the strength of your physical intelligence and your central nervous system (CNS) and its communication with every area of your body.

As I said in my blog about preventing/reversing aging, both of the above factors are currently operating at only 10% of their potential.  When both are activated and strengthened to 100% infinite potential, your physical intelligence takes over and without your awareness, automatically directs your consumption and ensures that the nutrients and water are spread equally through the body rather than accumulating in certain parts of the body. Each person’s eating requirements are unique to the individual and never conform to the recommended guidelines, which frankly make up part of the ever-accumulating garbage in your mind.

I Will Activate and Strengthen Numerous
Other Factors Supporting Weight Loss

Here Is a Small Sample of a Much Longer List

  • Speeding up energy and motion in areas of stagnation
  • Maximizing the conversion of substance to energy
  • Minimizing the conversion of energy to substance

Refuse to Rely on Traditional Thinking, Which Will Prevent
You from the Amazing Benefits Below:

(1) Achieving your desired weight permanently and effortlessly

(2) Being forever emancipated from any and all problems related to food and eating

(3) No longer resonating with the collective thought, “never too thin” or “being thin will make me happy.”  Simply put, you are at peace.

(4) Raising the frequency of your vibration as bundles of negative thought and emotional energy are released

Achieving Your Ideal Body
Delete Your Underlying Weaknesses

Regarding achieving your ideal body, the underlying weaknesses that prevent your dream body from manifesting are usually different than those that result in weight problems.  So achieving the body you desire means locating and deleting these underlying sabotaging weaknesses, as well. I will also delete any weaknesses that cause you to view your body with distorted perception.

Maximize the Elimination of Fat Accumulations
by Activating and Strengthening Effortless Detoxing

As I have said, what commonly has been considered as fat for everyone is another myth.  What appears as fat is actually the combination of cellular waste products and dead cells that remain in the body. These go on to create encapsulations, which are then mistaken for fat.  If you lose weight without breaking up these encapsulations and ensuring the waste products and dead cells quickly exit the body, you will end up with parts of the body that still appear as fat. These encapsulations can and will be easily removed or deleted from your body when I do the following:

  • Activate and strengthen your three major detoxification triads, ensuring each encapsulation breaks up
  • Strengthen to maximize the function of your lymph system ensuring that previous, current, and future waste products and dead cells immediately exit your body

When I do the above detox on you, shrinkage often happens on the spot. Cellular waste products and dead cells of a lesser amount do not form encapsulations but often result in cellulite.

*With weight loss, you are dealing with removing cellular waste products and dead cells.  However, for those of you concerned with toxins from external sources including environmental pollutants, food additives, fish, hormones, and water, fearing some may be detrimental to your health, I will activate the above detox also strengthening you and your CNS to them for 100% infinite potential thus ensuring they will have virtually no effect on you.

I Will Activate and Strengthen You for Internal Fitness

You may be hitting the gym or participating in one/several of the vast array of fitness classes intending to target a specific problem area with the hope of developing a rockin’ body, but don’t allow yourself to be limited by the promised results offered in current conventional physical exercise.

You may be able to tone up your muscles to some extent, but you’re really focusing on the external body rather than the far more effective and effortless internal body fitness, which begins internally and then extends outwards.  It involves the central nervous directing and supporting your desired body changes. This is the only method that gives you the full package, producing results that are 10X more effective than conventional exercise. The method involves no physical exertion, will save you hours of time, and has the added benefit of increasing your health and preventing future illness.

I Will Activate and Strengthen You for All
the Factors Involved in Each Element of the Ideal Body Triad

This involves making structural changes to your body and the results are nothing less than spectacular. Rather than going into all the technical factors that I will activate and strengthen for you that result in achieving Lightness, Strength, and a Streamlined body, be assured they will all be included in my Desired Weight and Ideal Body Activation.

A Sneak Peak of the June Monthly Call:

Restore Your Appearance or Prevent Any Deterioration 

It would be my pleasure to put this total skin and facial rejuvenation program into action for you.  As with anti-aging in general, underlying weaknesses are secondary.

Without going into too much detail and further lengthening this blog, here is some of what you can expect: 

  • Total rejuvenation of the three skin layers
  • Total revitalization of the skin
  • Neutralize the effect of time
  • Increase skin longevity
  • Improve condition of layered turnover of fat, elastin, and collagen
  • Appearance of skin clarity, texture, and firmness
  • Structural changes in facial cavities
  • Eliminate wrinkles, age spots, facial tags, dark circles, and bags under the eyes
  • Eliminate appearance of double chin
  • Increase physical potential of the skin
  • Balance between sebum and moisture, histamine and anti-histamine and balanced PH
  • Improve condition of pores


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