Are Financial Issues
The Cause Of Your Health Problems?

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I’ll never forget the 911 call I received a year ago from Jane, the wife of my client Bob, who owns a very successful company. “Marnie, Bob is in the hospital. He has a 99% blockage in all four arteries, and is scheduled for emergency quadruple bypass surgery. The cardiologist says he might not make it – PLEASE HELP!!!!” I could barely hear her because she was crying so loudly and in a state of total panic.

I replied, no worries Jane, I've got your back – I’m on it!

I immediately started strengthening and deleting.

As I identified the reasons and causes, I picked up that Bob was getting ready to retire, and was worried about his children not being able to successfully run the company. On one hand, he consciously thought he wanted to retire, and on the other hand, he was struggling with letting go for various reasons which was literally making him ill.

So, to make a long story short, what happened with Bob?
Where is he now, a year later?

At his best! Not only did he stay within the company, but he got enlightened by his own insights so magnificently that he came up with the idea of a new product, totally up-to-date with the new technologies, and fully submerged himself into its development.

When I trace back the picture of how he was living his life a year ago, shutting down his own talent, among other things, and where he is today, I am simply amazed. Today he is like reborn, fully energetic, thriving with enthusiasm and completely involved in a new foundation of the company where he regained prominence in his realm.

So, let me ask you an important question …

When you think about your career/job, how does it make you feel?

I ask you this question because after 2 decades of resolving so-called health and business problems for people, I have come to realize they all have one thing in common …

What you think is a serious health problem – chances are, the cause is NOT what you think it is!

Many times, it is the cumulative effect of all negative financial thoughts and experiences that get stored in our physical body and over time manifest as physical symptoms.

Most of the time, it’s FINANCIAL misinterpretations, misunderstandings, misperceptions, karma, and negative emotions that go unrecognized and sabotage us.

It's time to delete the accumulated negative thoughts, emotions and experiences that are preventing you from living an ABUNDANT LIFE – 100% infinite potential!

I want MORE for you!

I want you to have the right financial answers to all your questions.

How is this possible?

Every month, I go LIVE with a strengthening and deletion call. The goal is to keep you strongly neutral, where your mind is out of your way, and your physical intelligence is connected to the universal intelligence so that you have the answers to every area of your life.

It’s all about Activating Abundance all YEAR with everything in your life.

The March Monthly Membership call is coming up …

Delete Financial Stress and Pain on the Spot!

Three Powerful Components Designed To Maximize Results:

1. You receive a manuscript that explains all the basic principles.

2. Submit your financial problem directly to Marnie.

3. You will receive a Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activation.

It’s designed to optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen you for financial neutrality, and most important program you for strong/exact financial insight so you automatically get the right answer that leads to the right action that leads to financial results and success.

What have the wrong financial decisions cost you?

Financial Insight is PRICELESS … and it could SAVE your LIFE!

If you find yourself thinking you don't have the time or money,
 Take Action Now!


Experience how to delete your financial stress and physical pain on the spot, which stops, reverses, and prevents aging in its tracks! 

March Monthly Membership call

Delete Financial Stress and Pain on the Spot!


Did You Miss the Previous Financial Free Live Stream?
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deletes their financial stress and pain, on the spot!

Watch the Replay Here

Here Is Some Feedback We Received After The Previous Financial Call …

My accountant did our taxes and we improved this year over last year financially with both of our businesses! Great news!
Suzanne S.
Was a Registered Nurse

I was able to double my income, as a consultant.
Herme G.

I felt GREAT after the call. Listened to 1/2 live then listened again this morning.  Got an email from someone asking for help who even said… I'll pay you, LOL.
Becky K.
Energy Healer

Marnie, so happy to tell you that the zapping nerve pain in my foot is gone. All in all, I'm in a better direction! Thank you.        
Carol A.
Transformational Energy Work

A couple of work opportunities presented themselves shortly after the call, which was great. 
James S.
Legal Adviser

As always, it was an enjoyable listening experience.

The most noticeable physical register was when Marnie strengthened eyesight – and it was the most ‘wow!' register of any activation or call so far.
John H.
Actor, Psychic

Wow Marnie, I am amazed how you touched on everything I have been dealing with without me even talking about it.  It seemed like you were talking to me directly.

I feel so much calmer about my financial situation and that there is potential for change. Sometimes I have felt stuck and that I am not going to get out of this situation.  I do not feel that anymore, thank you.

I love the energy I feel while you are doing the activations.  I feel you even in the replays. 

Each time I listen I feel stronger. All my life I have felt like I was stuck with what I was given or seemed to be the family dynamics. (lack etc.)  Now, I feel like there is so much potential to live a magnificent life.  I cannot thank you enough.  It was a stretch to join financially, however I am not worried anymore as I know it will all work out. Also, I am so glad I did. Thank you again for all that you do. You are inspiring.   
Julie D.
Natural Health, Demonstrating and Marketing

I played a concert yesterday with a challenging program and even though I was extremely tired and didn't play perfectly, I had a really nice feeling. Focused and quite calm and I also enjoyed it very much. I'm just about to start a new production (musical theatre) and even if I've missed two weeks of rehearsal and didn't have too much time to practice, I feel calm and (almost) confident.       
Sonja L.
Freelance Violinist

More positive about creating wealth doing work that makes me Happier.        
Steven C.
Window Cleaning/Painting

Amazing call. It is always Good to be with you!

I see that my partner is now receiving more money from his clients. And he is valuing more his work. Increased the price a little. Wonderful!

On the day of the call he took the initiative to put an ad for consultations in the city newspaper. Thank you!

This change is very good for all! Thank you, Marnie! I see progress!
T. S.
Partner: Spiritual Consultations

I have been getting some great offers for products to sell. I hear your words, and remember that I can be selective in finding the best that works for me.
Maria M.

My fatigue is completely gone … Love it! (Well, more like neutral about it) Significant change in my quality of life now that my energy level is 100% infinite.         
Camilo B.

Much lighter around my neck area, I feel like layers are releasing. Money issues are resolving faster.    
Karen J.
Writer, Blogger, Photographer and Workshop Organizer

Feeling less burdened and pressured when feeling financial stuff.
Max J.
Energy Worker and Teacher

Thank you so much for this recording. I am new here and I like it very much! I do notice some changes after listening to iI received a raise of payment of my work.

1. I received a raise of payment of my work.

2. Less financial worries about my future.

3. I get paid better now.

Chin-Wen Y.

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