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For the love of animals and our pets!

If you have a pet – you must hear this story!

As a monthly member, you get to submit a personal request to me every month so that I can assist you on a consistent basis.

Dr. Verna Mackey has been in my membership program for several years, and last month she submitted a request about her dog’s major leg injury.

This is a perfect example of how I delete pet injuries on the spot.

Rather than surgery, this is an alternative option:

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Live, in action, Dr. Verna Mackey shares more about her experience with traumatized children!

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Dr. Verna Mackey “I have studied every healing modality over the past 25 years and no one has helped me like Marnie Greenberg. I was working with traumatized children and I was traumatized as well. I have helped many patients along the way – for me, you can't treat yourself.

Marnie has an incredible grasp of the issues, and the depth of the energy that needs to shift. It's safe, worth every penny, and it will change your life for the better … trust me, I know! I have spent 25 years searching.”

Verna's Story About Her Dog

This is a huge thank you to superstar Marnie and her team for helping me with my little seven-month-old toy poodle named Tiffany.

When she was three to four months old, she jumped off the bathroom counter chasing the cat and did a major injury to her right hind leg. She had a meniscus tear, a lot of collateral ligament damage, it was nasty.

I did not want her to have to get surgery. So, we have treated it without surgery. And she would keep reinjuring it because it wasn't strong. And so sometimes she was weight-bearing a lot of times she would hop and not weight-bear on that hind leg.

Since Marnie helped me, which was about two weeks ago, she has been consistently weight-bearing every step. She sometimes has a mild limp, but it's getting better and better. But, No Surgery is needed.  And she's recovering absolutely beautifully. Now, the muscular atrophy that was present in her hind leg is rebuilding, and her strength is coming back. It's absolutely wonderful.

She's majorly grateful, and I'm majorly grateful!

Thank you very much. You not only saved her horrific post-op recovery, but you saved me a couple thousand dollars for surgery and veterinarian bills.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Marnie!

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