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You Must Begin by Deleting the Medical Weight-Loss Myth!

To consider obesity or being overweight as a problem of body fat is the wrong answer for those of you struggling with the ongoing dilemma of weight loss. The almost universal acceptance that body fat is the cause of weight gain has led countless numbers of people to struggle and suffer with the conventional solution found in the Dieter’s Bible, “Eat fewer calories and/or exercise vigorously to burn more calories.” It seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

However, the certainty that it all comes down to fat and calories is not the correct solution or the right answer. Ironically, the conventional thinking that excess weight is due to FAT, too many calories and insufficient exercise is the real problem. To repeat, this belief system is the problem, rather than the answer.

I will delete this universal belief to zero minus infinity, or it will sabotage you either as you attempt to lose weight and reduce your body size, or as you struggle to maintain these hard-won changes.

So What Does Work … and Why?

As many of you know, my programs have always been based on pinpointing and deleting the specific underlying weaknesses in the subconscious and unconscious mind responsible for a person’s problem in the first place. Deleting the weaknesses resolves the problem on the spot in a matter of seconds and in this case, you will immediately notice a change in your relationship with food and begin to lose weight effortlessly and automatically. This process works equally well for an inability to gain weight, anorexia, and other eating disorders. Because each problem you face has your own unique fingerprint of underlying weaknesses stamped on it, even if your desired destination is the same as a friend’s or relative’s, (in this case weight loss), your roadmap to success must be exclusively your own.

Your Ideal Body

Regarding achieving your ideal body, the underlying weaknesses that prevent your dream body from manifesting are usually different than those for preventing weight loss. So achieving the body you desire means locating and deleting these underlying sabotaging weaknesses, as well.

Why Is This Change Permanent?

Consider following a typical diet and exercise plan. Recent studies show that if you are following such a plan 90% of the weight loss is due to less calorie consumption and only 10% due to exercise. In addition. there is a 90% chance that you will regain all or a portion of this weight at some point in your life. You may end up looking and thinking that you feel great for a time. But what you really are doing is devoting enormous time, determination, and struggle to something impermanent as opposed to achieving your goal permanently with a method that happens naturally, automatically, effortlessly and with no attention on your part.

Deleting the underlying weaknesses causing weight gain from all parts of your mind, body and soul, is PERMANENT because once the negative energy has been released, you no longer have an attachment to the specific weakness that created the problem to begin with. In the process of deletion, your ego becomes detached from all problems related to food and eating as well as from the collective thought, “Never too thin! Thin is beautiful and will make me happy.” Your frequency of vibration rises with the departure of the previously sabotaging energy and you are one step closer to fulfillment and true mastery.

How Do You Speed Up and Maximize Weight Loss,
Ensure You Lose Weight in the Right Place
While Improving Your Health at the Same Time?

While deleting underlying weaknesses will resolve your weight problem, there are additional steps you can take to speed up and maximize this process, lose the weight in the desired places, while at the same time improving your health. There are many myths related to eating and good health. One, for example, is the need for having the proper nutrients in your food. Another revolves around the appropriate percentage of protein, fat and carbs consumed as well as the need to drink enough water. Tune in to my upcoming LIVE STREAM to learn why these suggestions are actually myths in disguise.

Speeding Up and Maximizing Body Size Loss by
Effortless Detoxing

What commonly has been considered as fat for everyone is actually the combination of cellular waste products and dead cells that remain in the body. These go on to create encapsulations, which are then mistaken for fat. If you lose weight without breaking up these encapsulations and ensuring the waste products and dead cells quickly exit the body, you will end up with parts of the body that still appear as fat. These two culprits can and will be easily removed or deleted from your body when I strengthen the following:

  • Activate and strengthen your three major detoxification triads, ensuring each encapsulation breaks up
  • Strengthen to maximize the function of your lymph system ensuring that previous, current and future waste products and dead cells immediately exit your body.

With weight loss, you are dealing with removing cellular waste products and dead cells. However, for those of you concerned with toxins from external sources including environmental pollutants, food additives, fish, hormones and water, fearing some may be detrimental to your health, I recommend the above detox with also strengthening yourself and your CNS to them for 100% infinite potential thus ensuring they will have virtually no effect on you. All other methods of detoxification of your body are pretty much worthless.

Speeding Up and Maximizing Body Size Loss

I want to make sure no one intends to slow down. If you plan to slow down, then you will have a tendency to gain weight, increase body size and age faster. Digestion, metabolism, and elimination are the three leading basic processes that occur in your body on a regular basis. All three need to be activated and strengthened to speed up.

Speeding up your digestion time reduces YOUR assimilation. People who digest their food rapidly, assimilate far fewer nutrients and calories than people with a sluggish digestion time. People with a tendency to gain weight (pounds) assimilate 10x more calories and nutrients than their body needs.

When it comes to speeding up your metabolism, you must be concerned with more than general metabolism. You must increase your cellular metabolism and activate your atoms, molecules, and quantum particles so they create energy for you. This allows you to have increased energy and greatly enhances a sluggish function without the need of additional food.

You want your elimination to be faster. This depends on eliminating the cellular waste and the dead cells, as previously discussed to exit your tissues, organs, physical systems, and the body structure as quickly as possible. This includes excess sugar that may be in your blood. There are many other equally important factors to discuss regarding your health, weight loss and desired body size and structure.

In this Live Stream, I reveal the unsurpassed method of PERMANENTLY achieving your ideal body accompanied by weight loss, or gain, effortlessly.


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