Dr. Yuen and Marnie took live callers with various types of pain and stress
and resolved it on the spot.


The objective is to make our lives free of pain and stress! 


  • Can’t lose weight despite all your efforts?
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Ulcers
  • Over-eating, food issues, and cravings
  • Back and joint pain
  • Problems with your liver, kidneys and heart
  • Worried about how you look/appearance
  • Loss of your sex drive/libido
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Weight gain during pregnancy
  • Challenges with sweets, salts, fats
  • Depression
  • Other Cravings
  • … All Physical Pain …


  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Stress




NOTE: If you've already watched the stream in real time, you will also benefit from watching a second time as the strengthening and deletion that Dr. Yuen and Marnie demonstrated will be reinforced. 



Bette 2016-05-05 | 05:03

Immeasurably, stronger and able to keep myself strong to greater degree!

Moon 2016-05-05 | 05:07

Become more neutral than before.

Eva 2016-05-05 | 05:07

I feel more settled, relaxed, less anxious, quieter mind.

Vibeke 2016-05-05 | 05:21

I have listen to all your You Tube video’s on a daily basis because I feel improvement. Thank you always?

Derick 2016-05-05 | 05:23

It has made me have less reactions and more at ease with myself and others.

Tatiana 2016-05-05 | 05:45

I am stronger to speak up. More centered and sure. I have only listened to the replays of your live streams and had one short session with a very good Yuen practitioner in the Netherlands.

Alison 2016-05-05 | 06:26

I am a better being on all levels, time, space and dimensions. Thank You.

Joseph 2016-05-05 | 06:37

Yes, I have been following Dr. Yuen for almost 10 years. He has changed my whole being for the better. But, I still revert back sometimes to depression and anxiety. And, my body feels it too. I wish that you would change the times occasionally for these live events, because I cannot be on the calls at those times. Thank you,! Joe

Monica 2016-05-05 | 07:23

From the April retreat: I am stronger and shake my vibrational bar every day, multiple times a day. People say I look as if I am glowing.

Norma 2016-05-05 | 07:48

I am more energetic, neutral and clear headed.

Olga 2016-05-05 | 08:03

I feel more calmed and do not stress out the way I used to. My relationship with my sister has definitely improved too. Thank you 

Eva 2016-05-05 | 08:09

I love it. My English is not so good, but I feel and open my heart to be connected.

James 2016-05-05 | 08:34

I’m in charge of my life because of the Yuen Method.

Linda 2016-05-05 | 08:34

The Classes gave me more reinforcement that I AM a Creator.of my reality, I can change conditions and beliefs easily.

Anthony 2016-05-05 | 08:39

It’s improved my outcomes in my office immensely

Debbie 2016-05-05 | 09:02

It keeps me strong

Penelope 2016-05-05 | 09:39

Dr Yuen improved my sanity, which I needed. Everyone has a story – but in telling it is not giving the needed results fast. I had years of counseling – I only ever understood the little bit of information I was willing to listen to. Everyone hates being criticized but I am a hypocrite, too, as I made up stories to explain what was happening to myself.

Randy 2016-05-05 | 09:57

I have been a Yuen method enthusiast for nearly 23 years. It shook my world then as it does today. Dr. Yuen also taught me how to stand, move, and position myself for ultimate strength. He’s a pioneer and leader in world of energy medicine, or better termed- lifestyle. We all need to tap into the unused resources of our world and human potential.

Margaret 2016-05-05 | 10:35

Learning about deleting the mind helped me be more focused.

Carolyn 2016-05-05 | 10:40

I feel more empowered and in charge of my life and more neutral to other people’s and my own dramas.

Kathy 2016-05-05 | 10:50

Want to attend an event! I need improvement and I’m very interested.

Linda 2016-05-05 | 12:16

I now can walk on my feet they don’t burn any more. But would still like help w my weight problem my grandson has it too .its like we can eat all day & never feel full 3 heaping plate fulls at a time.

Dar 2016-05-05 | 12:27

I am brand new to the method, but am already seeing some results. I went to the live event in Los Angeles in April and felt absolutely amazing afterward. I am continuing to study & practice on myself and others.I feel mastering this process will have remarkable benefit for myself & others. Possibly making this part of my career. Thank you to Dr. Yuen & Marnie. Woohoooo!!!!

Doria Berce 2016-05-05 | 12:31

My horizon is much bigger than it used to be… Thanks

Sagrario 2016-05-05 | 14:54

I attended the last live seminar in L.A. I had shoulders pain and general weakness. I followed the live class teachings and downloads; pain 50% gone by end of first day and completely gone by end of second day; same for weakness gone! Love the bar and the Life Map; so easy to use and targets all issues to their origin; my insight is also improved. I would love to get to attend another live class no matter where it would be at. Thank you Dr. Yuen and Marnie

Anne 2016-05-05 | 17:18

Yes– In every way but finances….. Then I would take MANY classes? Many thanks?

Kim 2016-05-05 | 17:49

I no longer worry about the well being of my children. Also, I no longer feel overwhelmed when my husband goes to work for several weeks at a time . I strengthen my physical body, everything to my spinal cord , and my spinal to everything , structure , systems, organs, molecules , cells , atoms and quantum particles.

Nancy 2016-05-05 | 18:36

I took one of Dr. Yuen’s seminars in Philadelphia years ago, and I have continued to use his method and take additional courses in energy work since that time. I feel my health and spirit (and my tai chi)have improved with Yuen. My Most sincere wish is that he would com back to the NYC area and teach here again.

Joseph 2016-05-05 | 18:50

The Yuen Method gives me and my partner tools to correct weaknesses that lead to symptoms mentally, emotionally, or physically, rapidly, efficiently, and effectively. It is a gift every human of every age should be given.

Leslie 2016-05-05 | 20:34

Yuen Method has given me a Career…..has helped me with Financial Support…I have had MS for 37 years …started with you 10 yrs ago in San Diego…I’m still in a wheelchair but I use the Yuen Method Everyday on myself and others…Fantastic!!!!

Rosalind 2016-05-05 | 21:02

Knowing I am in full control of my life. knowing the CNS and midline are the starting points to strengthening my entire body.

Mariah 2016-05-06 | 04:11

My phobia of being in public has changed. My body is much lighter. So many changes. The biggest surprise was my mouth just quit aging. Dr Yuen did age correction, next morning my turned down mouth, which looked like a frown, was more in smile and upwards next morning. Thank you. I’m very grateful?

Pam Holland 2016-05-07 | 10:45

It has improved my financial situation and helped me to be more neutral to almost every situation in my life.

Alison 2016-05-07 | 20:11

have not attended live events, but have done modules 4, 5 and 6 with K. Yuen. life continues to get better and better as more and more gets released. For others too, family and close friends. Mot ar not open to this method quite, and don’t understand how it works, but appreciate that i am ‘doing something’. I just call it strengthening them to whatever might have been a weakness.

Susan 2016-05-08 | 10:09

I’m received a certificate in level I. Have been using that along with my reiki master to help people. Still need practice more and more.

Catherine 2016-05-09 | 04:35

I read the book and try to use by myself but it is not very easy for me. I want to use this great method and learn to get effective in healing.

Marchelle 2016-05-09 | 20:14

Tremendously, especially for my son.

Linda 2016-05-10 | 06:22

Huge difference in my life including the lives of the clients who have come to me by word of mouth whose lives have had immediate positive improvements. The gift Dr. Yuen provides is teaching everyone how to help themselves and improve their quality of life and share it with others.

Ryan 2016-05-10 | 07:39

Always improving my life and understanding. The potentiality of the Yuen Method has me very excited and I hope to get certified with Dr. Yuen soon!

Astrid 2016-05-10 | 08:38

Dr. Yuen has helped improve our family business.

Aleda Cheng 2016-05-10 | 10:43

I have personal sessions with a local Yuen Method practitioner and they have resulted in many happy improvements and I feel very calm after the sessions.

Patricia 2016-05-10 | 11:11

I use it every day.

Leslie 2016-05-10 | 15:19

Financial…I have clients all over US and Canada. Physical…MS 38 yrs. I am able to Manage my symptoms…I would like MORE Improvement with this. I have a better sense of well being.

Rita 2016-05-10 | 16:47

He made me aware of the power within to easily delete all kinds of ailments…he is fantastic . Not really happy with the new girl , she is sweet , but I think it takes away from dr.Yuen’s charisma to heal the people … Just my opinion.

Leigh 2016-05-10 | 19:04

Helps me feel weaknesses being presented and learn ways to clear.

Jodine 2016-05-10 | 19:47

I am loving being neutral and learning the Yuen Method!

Leslie 2016-05-10 | 20:40

Yuen Method is Invaluable to me…I’m a bit OCD with working on myself but I am Determined to walk again!!!! MS 38 yrs…Started with you 10 yrs ago at the Catamaran in San Diego…Louise Hay was there. Thank you so Much!!!!

Carma Helzer 2016-05-10 | 21:00

I went from thoroughly exhausted to energetic.

Alamar 2016-05-11 | 01:34

Helped me with digestive issues.

Sonny 2016-05-11 | 06:26

The more I experience / know the better I am at making my own life work and directing others to do the same .

Beverly 2016-05-11 | 06:29

Use corrections on a daily basis for self & others Higher awareness

Verity 2016-05-11 | 07:05

It gives me so much confidence and knowing also that I’m always safe whatever situation comes my way.

Verna 2016-05-11 | 07:06

Lost some excess weight

Junghie Elky 2016-05-11 | 07:15

I have seen immediate resolutions on certain ailments (like headaches), though some have taken various sessions to find improvement.

Ron 2016-05-11 | 07:23

More calm & control in my life.

Sally 2016-05-11 | 07:31

Life changing! Thanks for all you do Dr. Yuen!!!

Sandra 2016-05-11 | 08:50

Everything is just better and I find I move through life more confident in myself, knowing how to perceive everything in my life. How empowering and freeing! Absolute freedom, I tell you. I get the Yuen Method like nothing else I’ve worked with before. Excellent!

Dotty 2016-05-11 | 10:19

Kam healed my back and knee many years ago at a Tai Chi class.

GABRIELLE 2016-05-11 | 10:37

More health, energy and confidence to use the method myself.

Heidi 2016-05-11 | 14:36

He made me stronger and happier.

Pat Green 2016-05-11 | 15:11

I was part of his first certification given back in 2002,. It’s a great method that I need to practice and use more often. It’s one of the best methods!

Jeanne 2016-05-11 | 16:26

I have gained an improved perception of myself and others, and it keeps getting better as I use the vibration bar and watch videos, thank you so much!!!


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