Are You Experiencing Any of These Relationship Problems? 

Painful divorce/breakups

• Difficulty attracting a “STRONG” NEW partner

• Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual)

• Neglect

• Rudeness, criticism, judgment, blame, stubbornness

• Dishonesty, betrayal, secrets (infidelity, lying)

• Poor boundaries

• Manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness

• Explosive, angry outbursts or rages, unpredictable tempers

• Communication pain, conflict, hostility, defensiveness

• Relationship fears/phobias, traumas

• Feelings of being trapped or controlled by partner

• Loneliness/abandonment

• Sexual dysfunction

• Lack of emotional intimacy

• Lack of affection and sexual fulfillment

Uncontrollable urges and distractions

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