Gastrointestinal Pain Gone – I Feel Normal & I’m Off All Meds!

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Do You Constantly Worry About Your Financial Future? 

Do you have pain or illness that you are constantly struggling with that no one has been able to help you resolve?

Do you feel helpless when your loved ones are suffering?

There is a higher reason why you are reading this blog at this exact time!

Watch this short clip taken from a live 2-hour training call that I led with my monthly members.

I am giving you FREE access because I want to show you there is an alternative way to get back to your normal self.

This is an inspirational story not only about a mother assisting her son and reversing a life-threatening gastrointestinal illness, but I also demonstrated how to delete hidden prosperity blocks so that YOU can easily create wealth!

It's YOUR TIME to effortlessly make more money! 

Repeat to Yourself: 

 “I Can & Will – STRONG!”


I Will Delete Your Blocks to Prosperity!
Be sure to watch the last 5 minutes.

(Click on the image below to play the video)

Ari Reversed His Illness, and

Lori and her family send me their questions/problems every month in my Monthly Membership Program: 

Ari’s Before & After Results:

– Intestinal Malrotation – REVERSED! 

– Abdominal Pain – GONE!


– Prescription Medicine – STOPPED! 

– Struggling with School & Studying – EASIER & ACHIEVING ALL A's!

Lori’s Before & After Results:

– Felt Helpless With Her Children – IN HER POWER! 


Lori’s Husband’s Results:


Bottom Line:



Repeat to Yourself:

“I Can & Will – STRONG!”

I know we attracted each other because you want MORE! 

– More Illness-Free Days
– More Money!
– More Success!
– More Freedom!
– More Passion!
– More Energy!
– More! More! More!

Lori's other son and daughter are also experiencing great success in Marnie's Monthly Membership!

My daughter Evalyn is also in Marnie's membership. She doesn't participate on the live calls and she doesn't really believe in it, but I always send in a request and feedback for her every month. I have seen shifts! Especially with career/finances, and relationships.

She got a job last winter. 

And she's been looking for a relationship for a long time–and recently found someone to date after joining a certain dating site, who might just be a good match for her! This person is a therapist, LOL. It's funny because her step-dad (my husband Brad) is also a therapist.
Evalyn G.

I also put my other son, Jayden, in Marnie’s Membership a couple of months into the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. He doesn't participate on the live calls, but it doesn't matter – he's still gotten some great results.

During the isolation due to COVID-19, he still did well in school – almost straight A's, and he got through with relatively little depression (these were requests I had put in for him, asking Marnie to help him with these things), and his knee pain that plagued him when he would try to do any sports, is practically all gone.

I will keep him in the membership because I can really see the changes he has had over time, and I know Marnie will help him achieve his best life, at a much earlier age than I did, that's for sure!
Jayden G.

We all have the Yuen Method skill!

I’m just here to delete hidden weaknesses so that you can stay in your full power.

Marnie + YOU = No Pain & No Problems!

This can truly save your life and your livelihood!

Since reversing my own gastrointestinal life-threatening illness, my mission is to continually improve all aspects of your life so that you can truly LIVE!!!

I know this is who you are!!!

I strongly believe that “anything and everything is reversible.” 

Most important, I am here to remind you not to get psyched out worrying about Coronavirus symptoms, any illness, or traumatic life situations that catch you off guard. YOU are in charge of your health and well-being!

I truly care about you, and from my heart, I want the best for you and your loved ones! 

Be preventative and proactive…

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