How STRESS Interferes With Decision-Making – And How to Delete it on the Spot!

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Deciding where to go to college is on the Top 10 list of stressful life decisions.

My clients Dia and her son Ian, are two of the most amazing people – I love them dearly.

Dia joined my personal consultation program, and followed up with a session for her son Ian who was having difficulty at the college he was attending.

After a couple sessions with me, he ended up making a life-altering decision to switch schools.

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Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Costello. This is a testimonial to Marnie and the amazing work that we've done together. I started talking to Marnie about a year ago when I was first really starting my awakening journey. I've always been super, super empathic and sensitive to energies from of all kinds. I was struggling a little bit on how to manage that, feeling so sensitive, especially in the new college community.

Ian: My first call with Marnie was quantum, quantum leaps. I really, really understood how to work with the frequency of my heart in relation to the earth and how to ground that and really create my own space within a world that is not heart-centered. And since then it's been an incredible year, amazing shifts. I went from Ohio and now I'm going to Colorado, going to Boulder to Naropa University to see everything that lies there and beyond.

Ian: Marnie’s Monthly Membership creates an amazing community and it’s just constant growth and constant love.

Dia: I'm Ian's mom, Dia. I think that there have been a lot of changes. And I think one of the ones is really to understand what is kind of your … where you are and how you're feeling an external stress and knowing the difference. Because it's easy, especially in the first transition out of home to not be sure if it's your stress or someone else's stress. And because we're sensitive people, it's hard to know.

Dia: So that has been major! I've seen Ian grow and I have grown as his mother in huge ways that I almost in a way don't recognize myself from last year because I'm more neutral, I really honor more of who he was. I thought I was doing that but I think it was who I thought I should be as a mother. Now it's just kind of a natural flow, does that make sense?

Ian: It's natural for her. It's all about the flow. That's good.

Dia: And that's really different from a year ago, don't you think?

Ian: Yeah.

Dia: So, Marnie has worked on both of us and it really has brought us amazing results. And I know he's going to really love Boulder. And I'm going to love how happy he is.

Ian: Thanks, mom. We love you guys and I think it's all for now. But just keep on the journey and just keep staying in that heart, keep the love. That's what's helped me out.

Dia: And the growth always continues, even the old mamas, always continues.

Ian: Yeah. You've got the young generation, you've got the older generation, constant growth, universal growth, quantum growth, awesome.

Dia’s Success Story

“My family and I have had so many wonderful experiences working with Marnie. Firstly, she is a positive, sincere and loving person who truly is 100% committed to helping and teaching others clear their blocks and connecting them to securing their dreams. When one of my children had a very challenging emotional time, she cleared the obvious and not so obvious reasons and helped her get grounded as well as guide me as their mother to be clear and have true insight into how to help the most. For my other child, she eliminated the causes for physical problems, cleared the emotional root of these issues and connected them back to more physical resilience.

For me personally, she has taught me to clarify my insight and trust my intuition by learning how to clear and strengthen myself every day so I am strong. This has given me a sense of peace and joy that I haven’t this deeply experienced before in my life. I know how to be neutral, and am now never over reactive. If I feel intense about something, truly within a few seconds, I can recalibrate to a place of ease and clarity.

I also participate in her monthly calls which I think are wonderful ways to clear so many physical and emotional blockages. One of my New Year’s goals had been to lose five pounds of body weight. This occurred easily over a month. When a few months later, I noticed I had gained two pounds, I listened again to the Ideal Body recording for a few days and within two weeks without effort, the weight was gone. Marnie truly empowers you with the tools for quick, effective and life-altering change!”

Dia Costello

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