How to Delete Hip/Ankle Pain
On the Spot!

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Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2018,  
The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo. 

The Source of the Pain Will Surprise You! 

Marnie demonstrates on a massage therapist who recently underwent hip surgery, but is still suffering with pain.  

The cause of the pain is never what you think it is.

Watch Marnie identify and delete the true source of her pain within minutes. The root cause of the problem turns out to be  her weakness to finances.  When these financial weaknesses were  deleted, her hip pain vanished immediately.  As a result, her financial life will move forward with strength, and her finances will change for the better. 

If you know anyone with hip pain, or unresolved pain from surgery, be sure to share this video with them.

How to Delete Hip Pain – On the Spot! 

Marnie demonstrates on Eric Sander Kingston, Master Martial Artist, who had pain in his ankle. Watch how fast pain can be deleted!  

If you are sensitive to energy, this is a must watch so that toxic energy and negative people will no longer affect you.

How to Delete Ankle Pain – On the Spot! 

Experience This Yourself! 

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