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Delete the Cumulative Effect of ALL
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Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year Resolutions,
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Understanding the
to Live a
Stress & Pain Free 2017


4 Specific Self-Strengthening
& Deletion Experiences
Designed to Turn Your 2017
Dreams Into Reality


Submit Your Top 3 Desires

to Marnie and she will Delete

any blocks to Your Success

Manifest Your 2017 Dreams in Reality

If you want to materialize your 2017 dreams in reality, making the coming year the best one yet … consider this Holiday Tele-Program a Holiday Present to yourself; the one gift you’ve been waiting for, the one that is long overdue and the one you truly deserve.

What Baggage Will You Be Carrying into 2017?

Did you ever ask yourself why people experience such a thrill when the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball finally drops at 12:00 am?

You would probably say, “It’s pretty obvious.  We’re welcoming in the New Year.”


Let’s be honest here.

Whether you’re at a party, rejoicing with friends, or sitting at home, what you are really celebrating is not the coming of a new year.

This momentary exuberance that excites us at 12:00 am is the promise that a New Year brings.

  • The HOPE of a BETTER YEAR to come
  • Closing the door on the previous year and beginning anew with a CLEAN SLATE

On this night most people are looking forward rather than re-hashing the past.

The reality sets in somewhat later.

The imagined promise of a New Year offering up a better life weakens until it dissipates totally.

Life resumes its natural course.

Unfortunately, as much as you wish for it to be so, 2017 isn’t a free ticket to dumping the baggage you’re carrying from 2016.

How About An Offer That Will Change That Scenario For You?How About An Offer That Will Change That Scenario For You?

Let’s make 2017 the year where:

  • All theories and ideas that don’t provide you with the right answer will vanish.
  • No false moves will be made.
  • You will use insight to routinely attract the right answer, the right actions and automatic results.
  • It will be IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL!


If you want to make this infinitely easier to do, just take this one action:

Join Marnie in this Special Holiday Tele-Program
here Marnie will delete All Your Baggage (Garbage) from 2016
o 2017 will actually provide you with that clean slate!

Remember, Without This Program, Your Baggage Keeps Accumulating!

Imagine the mess if your garbage collector was a no-show for the entire year 2016. Garbage would take over the planet just as your 2016 mounting baggage has distorted your life.

CHOOSE To Take this ONE ACTION … Watch Your Old Ending Evaporate … Experience Your New Beginning!

This is not just more of the contemporary rhetoric being promised by others.  Marnie offers credibility and integrity.

Improve for 4-Weeks Straight …
How This Specially Designed
Tele-Program Will Work For You:

Marnie interactively improves the group in this New Year’s program to delete common blocks. You will experience Results On The Spot!

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE SHOULD NEVER STOP, and by participating for 4-weeks straight with this exclusive group, it  will provide you with an opportunity to succeed that requires little, if in fact any, effort on your part.

You will improve on a weekly basis with unparalleled benefits. It is all about strengthening your own weaknesses and the group’s weaknesses as a whole until each member has fewer weaknesses and ultimately close to none. This will automatically propel each of you into an extraordinary and fortuitous future, one that will be well beyond your expectations.

Personally Designed by Marnie to Ensure
Fulfillment, Harmony, Success and Neutrality
in Your 2017 & Beyond

This is a Tele-Clinic style in which you will receive a weekly call providing group deletions and strengthening. You are probably wondering, “What’s so great about group deletions?”  Many people are restricted by the limiting belief that individual consultations are preferable because they address your specific question/problem.  Actually, the opposite is true. This may be as difficult for you to accept as it is for a newcomer to accede to the possibility that instant changes can and do happen on a regular basis. Yet the fact remains that GROUP DELETIONS can be far more effective and powerful than individual ones. This is a result of the synergetic effect.

SYNERGY; 1+1= 3

Synergy takes place when the final results are greater than the sum of all of the participating individual effects or enhancements combined. To simplify, it is when 1+1=3.  This is a unique experience, often occurring in nature and one that Marnie strengthens and ensures as she provides the group strengthening and deletions. Marnie uses her immaculate insight to determine the group’s leading weaknesses at the time of the call and deletes them, achieving the unparalleled success provided by synergy.



Weekly explanations of the principles for each call.


(ALL NEW!) Guided Self- Strengthening and Deletion Series

  • Marnie will start each clinic with a 15 minute guided Self-Strengthening and Deletion protocol designed to keep you strong on a regular basis
  • Each week’s activation will be topic specific
    • Deleting the cumulative effect of all your 2016 garbage so you enter 2017 with a Clean Slate
    • Changing holiday stress into holiday success
    • Pre-programing 2017 for health, wealth and happiness
    • New Year-New You! Creating Certainty in your everyday lifeAvailable to replay for daily strengthening and deletion so you can start your day with a clean slate. Your past will no longer affect your future


Weekly 1-Hour Group Deletion Tele-Call, LIVE With Marnie

  • Attend a weekly call. Marnie will delete the cumulative effect of all your 2016 baggage.

Submit Your Top 3 Problems To Marnie!

  • You will be able to submit 3 primary problems when you begin the four week Tele-Clinic so that Marnie can turn your 2017 desires into reality.

Specific Deletion:

  • Marnie will Identify & Delete Your Specific Issues on the LIVE Calls and direct you to improve continually. Very specific negative emotions, reactions and sensations, experiences, limitations, karma and trauma attached to your past, current and future problems will be totally deleted from your body, mind and spirit to make sure they no longer impact your daily life.

Submit Your Feedback Each Week to Marnie

  • Each week you will be able to submit feedback in the membership area to ensure you are improving. You will feel shifts in your life, like “peeling an onion”, and as a result, your stress and pain will be reduced each week!
  • Marnie will insightfully evaluate and re-evaluate on each weekly call. She will delete and strengthen each weakness as she tunes into each individual and applies group deletions (all names will be kept confidential). 


Week #1

Week #1
Thursday, December 15, 2016

Delete the Cumulative Effects of
Your 2016 baggage on the Spot,
Enter 2017 with a Clean Slate!

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific Deletions:

  • Delete Regrets about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
  • Delete Worries about your future security
  • Delete Disappointments over certain wants/needs/desires that didn’t materialize
  • Delete Stresses about finances/relationships/health 
  • Delete Doubts about what you’ve done or will do
  • Delete Indecisiveness with choices and decisions
  • Delete Rejections, personal/work-related
  • Delete Hurts/Greivences if you’ve been unappreciated/unloved/unsupported/treated unfairly/criticized/suffering from a loss

Week # 2
Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pre-Holiday Special!
Change Holiday Stress Into
Holiday Success Effortlessly

  • Delete Stress amid the Holiday Hustle associated with shopping, cleaning, cooking, money problems, traffic, long lines, lack of parking
  • Achieve Holiday Neutrality and why it is vital
  • Delete Negative Past Holiday Experiences and triggers
  • Delete Family Disputes & Depression during the holidays
  • Delete Holiday Negative Emotions: overwhelm, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Delete Post-Holiday letdowns

    Week #3
    Thursday, December 29, 2016

    Pre-2017 New Year’s Special
    That Will Thrust You Into the New Year
    With Unimaginable Potential

    • Experience Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work
    • Strengthen Your Resolutions so they automatically become reality and with No Effort
    • Fulfill Your 2017 Wants, Needs, Desires
    • Strengthen Your 2017 Aspirations, making their realization inevitable
    • Change Your Future by writing your own script as you Pre-Program 2017

    Week #4

    Week #4
    Thursday, January 5, 2017

    New Year, New You …
    Have a Stress-Free & Pain-Free 2017!

    • Create Certainty in 2017
    • Ensure Effortless Ease and simplicity in 2017
    • Strengthen Insight: feeling perception, & intuition
    • Strengthen Confidence for making the best choice
    • Strengthen Decisions, especially unexpected/immediate ones. Never again will you be forced to make a decision, which you later regret. You will always make the right ones and do so with Lightning Speed!
    • Strengthen so that you’re taking the most Favorable Actions in 2017 without hesitation
    • Strengthen for Weight Reduction
    • Strengthen Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually


    Week #5
    Thursday, January 12, 2016

    Extra Strength To Stay Strong In The New Year!

    • Maximize the Strength Behind Your Wants, Needs & Desires so that they actually manifest in the New Year! 


    Conference calls: 5pm Pacific Time (approximately 60 minutes).

    **Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


    What happens after I enroll?

    Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with your Membership Login information. Use this information to access the Membership Area where you will retrieve your call-in details and submit your personal requests to Marnie.

    How do I connect to each week’s conference calls?

    You will connect either on your computer or over the telephone. Login to the Membership area to retrieve detailed instructions for how to connect to each call.

    Can’t attend the LIVE calls/what if I miss one of the weekly calls?

    No problem, submit your 3 primary problems to Marnie before the program starts and you will be included each week without having to be live on the calls.

    All calls will be recorded and available for you if your schedule prevents you from participating in the live call. The results will be the same.

    Will I receive benefits from listening to the replays?

    Strengthening and deletions are equally as effective when listening to the recordings. You will improve each time you listen, and it will increase the impact and effectiveness of the strengthening.

    How do I listen to archived calls?

    A digital recording of each call is typically available within 48 hours of completion through your Membership page.

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