No! I Don’t Accept This!

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If you have ever felt robbed, cheated, or experienced a loss of your personal power, this is a must read!

How Andrea reclaimed her power in a REAL ESTATE DEAL and said “No, I Don’t Accept This,” and how you can reclaim your personal power too!

Dear participants,

I am sharing with you what happened to me this last week so that you can rise like I did in situations where you feel a loss of personal power and that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Marnie assisted me in real-time, immediately change the most IMPORTANT DECISION of my life – MY NEW HOME!

I live in Argentina, where the price of properties went outrageously high compared to the average incomes. Banks only very occasionally grant loans because they are so exigent as regards the conditions that you can hardly meet them. Therefore, some real estate developers create projects and sell you a future unit. So, you start paying way before the building starts construction, sometimes even before the previous houses occupying the land are demolished. This is how I started paying for my new property five years ago.

I paid regularly since august 2013 and by august 2018 I had successfully paid up 80% of the property value. These payments, according to contract we signed five years ago, entitled me to receive final possession of the unit. This has been my dream forever: to finally access a new property of my own.

Before that happened, another step took place: the builders set up a meeting with the client, called “pre-hand over”, in which you visit the unit together with one of their architects to check what termination tasks you reclaim, such as: this door does not close perfectly, or the wall painting over there is stained, or the floor ceramic here is broken, etc.

This happy episode in my case took place a month ago. The final hand over of the unit would occur between forty and sixty days counting from that date, which means that I would receive the keys of my unit no later than October 28th.

In between, the owner and founder of the company, Mr. V., this past Monday September 24th, called me to invite me for a friendly coffee. I did not know what to expect from this meeting. I assumed it could be part of a fidelity program and I did not give much thought to it.

The meeting occurred this past Wednesday, September 26th, a few hours before Marnie’s live September Membership call about Relationships – Achieving Self-Love and Self-Acceptance, and a week after the September call of the 6-Month Personal Intensive Group, about Fulfilling Your Needs, Wants and Desires – Turning your Dreams into Reality! … illustrated with a set of keys accompanied by a golden word “Desire”.

What Mr. V. came to tell me was that there had been some unfortunate mistake – my unit had been assigned more than once. This mistake had been made by a former employee that had already been fired many years ago because apparently, he was a serial blunderer. So, Mr. V. was offering me a unit just like mine, only four floors below and, in compensation, I would not owe him or the company the remaining money left for payoff. I asked what floor mine was on the 6th level, and his was on the 2nd level.


I was appalled! I was just on the verge of taking final possession of my new property, which had been a goal in which I had failed before due to the severe economic crisis Argentina underwent in 2001.

Was I to fail again?

What was happening?

What had I done wrong?

What had been my mistake?

Had I been gullible at trusting these people with my money for the last five years?

They had not run away with the money instead of building up the properties, which was the most likely risk here!

No, no, no, that was not what was happening to me; they had sold my property twice, or more than twice.

I knew I would not sleep for the coming days. I felt so swindled. I was angry and sad as hell!

I could go into all the minor details about what happened here, but I will save you the nightmare.

I called my former boss and good friend Pablo, to ask for his legal advice, which he gave me very generously with great willingness.

A few hours later, I listened to Marnie’s Live Monthly Membership call. I could hear her voice, but I had no idea what she was saying because my mind was still trying to understand the appalling news I had received a few hours ago. I was still trying to assemble the pieces, until she said something about being strong to saying NO and to NOT ACCEPTING something, just the way she did not accept her own death sentence by western medicine.

At that moment, I felt the first spark of clarity …

What If I Say No?

I paid for a property with a nice view on the 6th floor. I do not care whether the company was either clumsy or greedy to sell it twice. I do not accept the 2nd floor. What if I simply say no? Go tempt the other buyers if you can. I’m not interested!

This was a nightmare! I was devastated! I knew sleeping that night would be difficult. But, if I was not to sleep, neither was he. I texted Mr. V.- making him and his F@#%! company responsible if I ended up with a health condition due to the stress I was undergoing, and that this stress itself would have to be compensated for, and that I could not believe their incompetence and that this would not end here.

Now it would be two sleepless people instead of only one. I pressed send, and felt a kind of relief. It was enough so as to surrender to exhaustion and fall asleep.

Before that, I also sent in my consultation form to Marnie because I was also scheduled to have a personal consultation with her the following day. I let her know that although I had attended the live call, unfortunately I had no idea of what she had said because I was still shocked by some sad news, so I summarized the situation for her.

The next day, fortunately, my boss was on vacation, because I still could not function; I was totally submerged into the situation. I could have been hit by a car, since I was totally absent-minded trying to understand what was going on, and why and how to handle it. I was trying to figure out what I should do:

Say yes? Say no? Benefit from the money he was offering me to save me?

Then came Marnie’s reply insisting that for sure there had to be a higher message and it was a blessing in disguise. That there was no way this could be bad for me. Marnie also said that since my situation was time sensitive, she would do my session remotely (without having to connect on Skype the following day).

I confess that although I had thought of the possibility of a blessing in disguise, it was not possible for me to feel happy about this. I felt frustrated, angry, devastated, and betrayed. And, if there was a higher message here, would I miss it by insisting on reclaiming my right to the unit on the 6th floor that I had originally chosen years ago?

Marnie advised me to immediately go see the unit on the second floor and to send her a picture so that she could go deeper and assist me in feeling what was best for me. Marnie also asked me what were my options?

Almost against my will, but obedient to Marnie and Pablo’s wise legal advice, I went to see the unit Mr. V. was offering me instead. On my way, I kept receiving Mr. V’s messages, telling me that I shouldn’t worry because he wanted me to be happy and have a nice experience, that I should go and see this unit on 2nd floor personally because it was beautiful and I would definitively love it.

I felt more than robbed. Those words in that particular confident tone of his as if he were my benefactor, felt like the words of a sexual aggressor who tells the victim to relax because this is nice, so nice that in fact he does it all the time!

Don’t you see how nice it is?


I had the feeling of an innocent girl whose candies had been robbed from the palm of her hand while she was smiling happily. Why do I have to move or accept a new deal? It was their fault or blame or dishonesty. I was happy with what I had and eager to move in soon, in the coming weeks.

I paid in Argentine pesos. However, normally properties are all sold in U.S. Dollars. But, since the Dollar went so up high in Argentina in the last month, this option, even with some penalty, would imply big LOSS, plus lawyers, plus time, more money, and much, much more suffering … Not convenient at all for me. This would torture me!

At this point, Marnie sent me a message that said …

“Hi Andrea,

1. Go with your insight!

2. I’m deleting your confusion and all your weaknesses.
I’m processing this now for you!

3. Talk to your lawyer and find out all your options.

4. I am strengthening you now so whatever action you take is in your favor. You will come out smelling like a rose.

5. It's clear you need to speak up for your rights! I am putting strength behind you!!!

6. What is your first instinct when you walk in the 2nd floor unit – Does the energy feel strong or weak?

Keep me posted!!! I’m on it! All is good!!!!



My reply to Marnie was, the unit on the 2nd floor felt awful to me!

He was offering me the leftovers and expected me to be excited about it. For sure I would not live there. Or if I did, I knew I would regret it every single second of my future existence. I asked for permission to visit again mine, on 6th floor – THAT FELT LIKE HOME. This was my home, not the other one!

Marnie had asked me the pros and cons, and to compare the 2nd floor to the 6th floor.

The only benefits to the 2nd floor that I can consider are:

1) I would stop paying now.

2) I could do without the elevator in case of energy cuts.


· Worse view
· Much less light
· Closer to the ground – more robbery risk
· Closer to the noise and fuel/gas smells from the garage
· I would keep a property that is also worth less money (upper stories are more expensive because of the light and view you get from there)

I felt I mustn’t accept. I was feeling this very strongly yesterday when Marnie spoke about saying NO.

When I Compared the morning sunlight on the 2nd floor to the 6th floor, I did not want to let go of the 6th floor view.

I left the building sad, very angry, still very confused, devastated and absent-minded.

On my way back to the office, I felt grateful that at least this would occur on a very quiet week because I had been totally disconnected from work, even physically. In fact, I had left the office for about three hours, which I had never, ever done before.

Well, if there was no way the 2nd floor would suit me, even if I did not have to pay any more, and the 6th floor unit would be handed over to someone else, then I was ready to sue them. I would continue to rent my current property and I would see them in court. I had not been reckless, all my payments had been fully documented, but as regards to turning my dream into reality, I had lost again.

Only one observation was running in the back of my mind: there was not a person or family already occupying it. I still had a chance. Why would I have to be me the one who would have to resign to it?

When I was back at the office, Marnie wrote to me and said the following …

“Sense what you really want!

I'm deleting all your past negative experiences/hurts, losses, blocks, and karma as I type this, and this time it's different! This time, your past will no longer affect your future – you are strong to getting what you want!

I’m strengthening you for standing in your full power! You’ve got it! Just TAKE ACTION NOW, and you WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT!”

At that same instant, Mr. V.’s new happy message came in: he was so confident that I would be enchanted with his lousy proposal that it made me sick.

I rejected it blatantly, fully claiming my right to receive the unit I had chosen on the 6th floor, and only that one. Otherwise, he would continue the conversation with my lawyer and deal with the consequences, because I would denounce him at every related official entity so that he would receive the corresponding penalty.

Immediately, in came Marnie’s message:

“Nicely stated Andrea! You are standing in your power!!!! I’m proud of you!!!

You took the right action!!! Keep going – I’m sending you massive strength so that You will WIN this! They either give you the 6th floor unit, or deal with your lawyer – no more talking!!!!! Go Andrea!!!!!! This is your time!”

From that moment on, everything changed! This was enough to stop him in his tracks, and even make him walk backwards in his attempt to trick me.

The following day he confirmed that he would be handing me the KEYS by the end of October, to the unit on the 6th floor.

I sent Marnie an update saying the following:

In conclusion, it seems my NO was effective in making him walk backwards.

UNBELIEVABLE! You were so right – this was the higher message, wasn't it?

It also showed me another thing – I was helped. For the first time, not only was I capable of standing in my power and effectively saying NO, but also, there was someone there to help me get through it: you and my lawyer.

Marnie replies:

“YES!!!! This is a perfect example of turning the tables in your favor. The last membership call couldn't have hit at a more perfect time!

The answer was crystal clear – NO! I Don't ACCEPT This!

As I said, I was strengthening you to be in your power, and simultaneously deleting all blocks – and wow- unbelievable to believable – RESULTS on the Spot!!!

You reclaimed what was yours!

Remember the saying … “It ain't over until the fat lady sings” LOL you put this in action – meaning EVERYTHING IS REVERSIBLE!!!!

Put this on your mirror – a new saying …

“Don't mess with the BEST, because the BEST DON'T MESS!”

I Learned the Following:

This incident was not pleasant at all. But it left me with multiple lessons, and that is what I want to share with you because part of what helped me had to do with the strength behind the words in Marnie’s call that brought me some clarity. I feel in a way, the right words came from her at the right time, but were also due to the group synergy.

1) It is true that the Universal Intelligence supports us. In my case, it did support me. This could not have happened at a more suitable time: between the Desires to Reality membership call, and the Self-Acceptance call, and during the same week my boss was out on holidays.

2) Just as Marnie said, this blessing in disguise was in my favor. I am not saying at all that it was pleasant to go through it, not at all, but it is true that I was not acknowledging my personal power. So, the Universe stopped me in my tracks so that I would recognize it. That was the hidden message: it was enough to stand in my personal power, and simply stand for what I wanted, and speak up for my rights and say NO, I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. In turn, this has healed many past occasions in which my power, my rights, my freedom, even my dignity were either taken away or trampled on.

3) To solve this problem, I had to overcome something that I find extremely difficult in my daily life: to ask for anything in general, especially, for help. This is perhaps the most difficult thing for me. Before that, I’d rather go around the world several times until I find the solution by my own means. However, this time, it was key to say the right words, at the right time. I could not have done so neither without Marnie strengthening me and deleting my blocks, or without Pablo’s legal advice.

4) I was in fact helped: this also came out during the last call (I discovered that in the rehearing of it), some of us share the unfortunate experience of feeling that there has never been anyone out there for us. Well, this time, there was. There is! And, they did not only advise me wisely, but also lovingly.

I thank you all for being part of this community, in which the most evident weaknesses of some of us give others the chance to recognize them as their own as well.

In return, I expect this experience will strengthen you to overcome future challenging situations, from a totally different perception.


Andrea R.
Buenos Aires, Sept. 30th, 2018


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