Pre-Program Your Life For Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

Marnie Greenberg Pre-Program your life for health, wealth and happiness

Delete the Cumulative Effect of ALL Your Past Stress and Pain, On the Spot!

Be 100% Infinitely Strong to the Future, and Turn Your Wants and Desires into Reality!

Original LIVE Program Price: $897
Now Only $297


Understanding the
to Live a
Stress & Pain Free LIFE!


4 Specific Self-Strengthening
& Deletion Experiences
Designed to Turn Your
Dreams Into Reality


4 Group Strengthening &
eletion Sessions
With Marnie

Is Your Past Holding You Back?

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Actually
Achieve the Goals You Set, and Finally
Fulfill All Your Future Needs, Wants, and Desires?

It's Time to Delete the Accumulated Baggage that is Preventing You from
Creating the Life You Envision and Deserve!

Imagine the mess if your garbage collector was a no-show for an entire year. Garbage would take over your neighborhood, just as your steadily accumulating baggage is congesting and distorting your life, thereby preventing your ability to create and accomplish new goals.

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific Deletions!

Get Ready!

It's Time to Clear Your Body/Mind/Spirit So That
ll Your Dreams are Quickly and Easily
Manifested and Actualized

 Based On The #1 International Bestseller,
Delete Stress and Pain On The Spot!


The Power of Deletion

Marnie interactively improves the listener in these topic-specific activation recordings by deleting all common blockages to future success. You will experience Results On The Spot!

Four Powerful audio activation recordings (with enhanced musical background) where Marnie guides you in specifically deleting your unwanted and limiting attachments, and strengthens you for future improvements.

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE SHOULD NEVER STOP, and doing so continually via daily listening to Marnie's Activation audios certainly provides you with such an opportunity, one that requires little, if in fact any effort on your part.



Personally Designed by Marnie Greenberg to Ensure
Fulfillment, Harmony, Success and Neutrality



  • An explanatory monograph in PDF format corresponding to each module's subject matter. Marnie clearly explains the processes behind strengthening and deletion, as well as expanding on the specific topic and issues involved in each of the activations.


(ALL NEW!) Guided Self-Strengthening & Deletion Series

  • Four topic specific activation audios, with musical background (20-30 minutes each), designed to be replayed daily so you always begin each day with a clean slate.


  • Full recordings of the four weekly calls that comprised the original 4-week program with Marnie. Included are the original weekly activations, and group strengthening and deletions based on each week's topic.

The Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience …

4 Life-Changing and Transforming Audio Activations
From Marnie Greenberg

Marnie Greenberg directs you on a “Self-Strengthening and Deletion experience” designed to put the book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot in ACTION, and ensure results on the spot, for yourself.

Marnie will direct you using geometric figures to turn on your internal computer, optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen your neutrality, be in the mindless/spiritless state, program you for strong/exact insight and the ability to quickly compare the difference between strong vs. weak.

With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problem on the spot!

Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your life – without pain, illness or limitations.

Activation One

Delete the Cumulative Effect of all
Your Stress and Pain

Activation Three

Neutrality, Insight, and Automatic
Results on the Spot

Activation Two

Fulfill Your Needs, Wants
and Desires

Activation Four

Quick Start Activation
Start Your Day With a Clean Slate

Module #1

Delete the Cumulative Effects of
Your Baggage on the Spot,
Start Fresh with a Clean Slate!

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific Deletions:

  • Delete Regrets about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
  • Delete Worries about your future security
  • Delete Disappointments over certain wants/needs/desires that didn’t materialize
  • Delete Stresses about finances/relationships/health
  • Delete Doubts about what you’ve done or will do
  • Delete Indecisiveness with choices and decisions
  • Delete Rejections, personal/work-related
  • Delete Hurts/Grievances if you’ve been unappreciated/unloved/unsupported/treated unfairly/criticized/suffering from a loss

Module #2

Pre-Program Your Life for Health, Wealth & Happiness!

  • Experience Why Resolutions Don’t Work
  • Strengthen Your Resolutions so they automatically become reality and with No Effort
  • Fulfill Your Wants, Needs, Desires
  • Strengthen Your Aspirations, making their realization inevitable
  • Change Your Future by writing your own script as you Pre-Program Your Future

Module #3

Creating Certainty in Your Everyday Life

  • Create Certainty in your life
  • Ensure Effortless Ease and simplicity in your life
  • Strengthen Insight: feeling perception, & intuition
  • Strengthen Confidence for making the best choice
  • Strengthen Decisions, especially unexpected/immediate ones. Never again will you be forced to make a decision, which you later regret. You will always make the right ones and do so with Lightning Speed!
  • Strengthen so that you’re taking the most Favorable Actions in your life without hesitation
  • Strengthen for Weight Reduction
  • Strengthen Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually

Module #4

Extra Strength to Stay Strong!

  • Maximize the Strength Behind Your Wants, Needs & Desires so that they actually manifest in!

Not Sure This Program Is Right for You?
Here's What Others Are Saying …


“Your Programs Are So Well Done ...

 This Lady is a MIRACLE!”
Isabel – Portugal

“I Am a Different Person Now ...

   It Really Works, Fantastic!”
Souli – United Kingdom

“I'm Feeling joy & much happier.

Experiencing fast changes in many life scenarios (home, body/health, career). Feeling open to these changes and enjoying them..”

Alicia Y.   Buenos Aires, Argentina

The activations are quite powerful and are speeding up my recovery from a recent trauma. I'm returning to work next week after 4 months of medical leave.

My sleep, digestion and physical strength have improved (even my vision though I didn't put it on the list)”

Coleen O. Fairfax, CA

“Great program! 

Amazing insight from Marnie to help calm during the holidays. 

Thanks for strength to stay neutral!”

Laurie G.  Ann Arbor,  MI
Doctor of Pharmacy

“Increased sense of peace and ease and neutrality for where I am in my life right now.”

Sandra R. Port Orchard, WA     Self Employed Paralegal

“Thank you Marnie for your support throughout this program. I felt great relief from deeply held memories and heavy emotions; more and more free from the past every time I listen to the activations (which has become part of my daily routine).

Also, I feel more peaceful in my internal experience and have a sense that I've ‘grown up' emotionally compared to blaming someone else when things don't go well.

Everyone's comments from the group were incredibly relevant, too!

I highly recommend Marnie's courses to anyone who would like to improve any situation and strengthen themselves and their family.”

Irina M. San Francisco, CA      Family Business Consultant

“BEST PROGRAM EVER!  I'm continuing to see benefits everyday. My gums improved, and my work has improved tremendously. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. The activations are incredible and I have incorporated them into my daily life routine.

Judy N. Southfield, MI

“Much emotional stuff came up to be cleared. I became aware of  some unwanted beliefs and programming about myself. I certainly have more understanding of what to work on

If a person really follows your instructions and does the work, big changes are accomplished. Thank You.”

Linda R.   Sun City West, AZ
Retired Energy Facilitator

“I love the program. I feel physically better, and improved my communication towards my desires. I am more confident that things will go in the best way.

I can listen to the audios every day or when I find some time and I feel better.

Mariana C.   Miami, FL

The program is 100 percent excellent..It created confidence, clarity in me as I listen to them with feelings of calmness, peacefulness

Rakesh G.  Bucharest, Romania
Business Owner

What To Expect From This Program

All Aspects of Your Life Will Improve

  • You will improve with unparalleled benefits. It is all about strengthening your own weaknesses until you have fewer weaknesses and ultimately close to none. This will automatically propel you into an extraordinary and fortuitous future, one that will be well beyond your expectations.

Everything that stands in the way of your goals will be deleted completely to give you a new, fresh start

  • Experience new insight and improvement towards problems with manifesting your desired future.



What happens after I purchase?

Upon purchase you will receive an email with your ‘Membership' login information. Use this information to access the Membership Area where you will be able to access your call recordings, activation audios, and manuscript PDFs. The calls and activation audios are played as streaming files from the members area.

You will improve every time you listen, and it will increase the impact and effectiveness of the strengthening.



Pre-Program Your Life For Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

Marnie Greenberg Pre-Program your life for health, wealth and happinessDelete the Cumulative Effect of ALL Your Past Stress and Pain, On the Spot!

Be 100% Infinitely Strong to the Future, and Turn Your Wants and Desires into Reality!

Original LIVE Program Price: $897

Now Only $297