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Do You Want to Prevent, Stop and
Reverse the Aging Process?

Marnie Greenberg led a FREE LIVE Stream Tele-Clinic presentation highlighting how you can best Prevent/Stop/Reverse the Aging Process rather than depending on proper eating and physical exercise, which only have the potential to reduce the risk of aging changes rather than eliminating them entirely. 

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Marnie took live callers with various types of pain and stress, and resolved them on the spot. One lucky caller won a free ticket to Marnie’s upcoming 12-Week Total Rejuvenation Program. 

While none of the callers complained about aging problems per se, Marnie points out that for the callers and anyone in the 30-80 year old age range, unresolved pain and stress from any number of sources, such as the one’s involved in the current call including finances, relationships, experiencing a series of losses, uncertainty about the future, fear of getting ahead in life and then failing, questioning your decisions and so on definitely enhance and accelerate the aging process when they remain unresolved.

One caller near the conclusion (video recording time approximately 41:00) gave a detailed description of how Marnie had deleted her obsessive-compulsive eating habits. “I was able to get away from my obsessive-compulsive eating. Change has taken place in a calm and peaceful way – I am not obsessing about what I can’t eat. I am at peace”.

Marnie also discussed EFFORTLESSLY halting/reversing aging, attaining the ideal weight and body and achieving perfect skin and facial structure at any age in the upcoming ALL NEW FORMAT for her 12-Week Total Rejuvenation Program. 

This program includes all New Strengthening and Deletion Activations for each subject.

Listening to these protocols on a daily basis is the tool you need to reset, reprogram, and restart your internal computer on a regular basis, allowing you to move forward effortlessly, without facing the supposed inevitable changes that aging brings, without struggling while trying out the latest diet fad and without spending a fortune on skin products, supplements, or one of the vast assortment of cosmetic treatments now available from dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.

Some of Marnie’s favorite activations for the first 4-week session focused on STOPPING THE AGING PROCESS are: 

  1. Increasing the strength of your central nervous system – now operating at 10%
  2. Increasing the strength of your physical intelligence – now operating at 5-10%
  3. Increasing the degree of your internal fitness – now operating at 5-10%
  4. Deleting the mental and spiritual weaknesses that lead to aging

Marnie points out that taking the above four factors into account pretty much demystifies and removes any unknowns surrounding aging. When Marnie activates and strengthens the above factors, she creates a process that allows you to experience a reduction in aging immediately and continuously. 

She adds that you don’t have to be over 50 to begin the battle against aging.  In fact, the opposite scenario is actually true. Scientists say the aging downslide actually begins when you hit 30 and the sooner you deal with aging, the sooner you will begin to halt the process and the fewer issues you will have later in life.

Watch this replay until its conclusion to hear Marnie discuss her Total Rejuvenation Program.

Marnie reminds you how easy it is to rewrite your life script, by deleting the unknown weakness that age you, undermine your health, performance, appearance, and social life, and leave you slower, weaker, less mobile, more likely to fall, less flexible, with a slower metabolism and increased body fat in the  abdomen and buttock areas, failing cognitive abilities, hearing and vision, weaker muscles, bones and ligaments, inflamed and painful joints, thinning hair, declining energy level, a declining immune system, skin that is thinner, more fragile, drier (more likely to itch) and that bruises easily with wrinkles, age spots, and dark bags under the eyes, a reduction in height by up to 12 inches, a high probability of dying from heart problems or a stroke and a moderate chance of suffering from arthritis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, and age-related diabetes and its side-effects.




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