From Traumatic House Showings, to a Fast Cash Purchase, With Zero Stress!

· October 3, 2019 · 5 comments

If you have anxiety about selling your house, or worry about your children, or have any kind of health concerns, Wendy and I are here to change that for you!

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Marnie’s Conversation with Wendy: 

Wendy, what were your biggest changes in the past year of participating in my monthly membership program?

Would you say it was that your house sold in record time?  


Yes, that was that was such an amazing experience.  It was it was right after I put in my personal intention for the call, and it wasn't even the subject of the call. I told you that we were having difficulty, and just a couple of days later, we got a cash offer!  

Also, our house is 160 years old, and the inspection came back with just the tiniest little things, like a little banister being put in on the basement steps, which is mind blowing!

So yeah, that was huge!! 

WOW! You also said that you paid off the mortgage you took on your new home from the profits. That was so awesome! 


That's right! We decided to buy a new house, and we closed on the new house within 30 days. It's a beautiful place. This is where I do my healing circles now. And yes, we paid off our new mortgage with the sale of our old house. 

Wow, that is so awesome! I'm sure there's a lot of people that can relate to that.  

When you initially submitted your request in the membership area, you said …


Marnie, I have so much stress related to selling my home, and I’ve had offers, but these issues kept coming up with like zoning and very loud neighbors during the showings, and it’s affecting me physically.

And then
30 days later, you told me this amazing feedback. You just shifted it!  


Absolutely!!  It was Instantaneous! It felt like the shift around the energy, and around the whole thing was very noticeable. It happened really Fast!  

lso, I wanted to bring up all the changes that you've had with your children.  

I know many mothers worry about their children. I feel as mothers, one of the biggest challenges we have is to really support our children, and give them strength, but what most mothers find themselves doing, is worrying.  

Tell us a little bit about what happened. You were really worried about your son. You have really strengthened your boundaries so much. 


Thank you! Yes, it was really important to be able to do that, just so that I could hold my own balance. 

I was concerned that my son, who is well into his adult years, was starting to use drugs again, and I wasn't completely certain of it. 

There was a membership call that you had, and you made some suggestions about some activations to listen to, and to place my attention on his midline. When I did that, it was almost within 24 hours that he gave me a call, and he said,  

Mom, I'm feeling good. I'm feeling better.”  

He was in a relationship that wasn't good for him, or the person he was in a relationship with, there's good and bad, but it wasn't so good for either one of them.   

He was a little nervous about ending the relationship. But then he said, all of a sudden, he just felt really calm and clear about it. They had a conversation, and they both mutually decided to part ways, and he was really surprised by that!   

I truly feel like it was when I put my attention on his midline quickly, as I was doing the activation for myself, that it really, really helped him a lot! 

hat do you have to share with other mothers that are also feeling like you did?  

You were really worried about him, but instead of worrying, you got into your power, you listened to the activations, you strengthen him, you deleted his blocks so that he was finally able to make a clear decision within his relationship.  

This is huge because you're activating his physical intelligence, so that he makes the right decisions automatically, without even having to talk to you about it. 


Exactly! Also, I didn't have to move into any chaos energy that he might be experiencing. 

I was able to do it, because it felt right to me. I didn't have any expectations, kind of I did, because I know the power of this, but I was able to do it at a distance without even really talking to him about it. I saw the results really quickly, and strengthened my own internal boundaries, so that I don't cross my own lines of boundaries, and my external boundaries. 

I just want to have a clear, neutral and loving relationship with my son.  

It feels like the work that I do with the angels, and the work that I do with you, has really helped me to just be solid, clear, and easy. I feel really stable! 

I'm not on that roller coaster of emotions that I was years ago. 

That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. You're in my monthly membership, and you also you took my Intensive Course. So, you're talking about the quick activations that were in the Intensive Course. I'm glad that you actually learned how to do this even more in depth, and that you're really applying it. There's a lot of people who know the principles, but they don't apply them, and you‘re really fully applying them. 

This is the power of what happens when you apply the principles.  

It's a new way of processing. It's a new way to handle situations that are so close to your heart, especially with your son.  

The most frequently asked question I get is – 
Marnie, how do you maintain calm energy when dealing with your children? 

It's difficult as a mother, right?  

This just makes it simple.  

Back to the cash offer that you got on your home in record speed time. Financial stress is in the top 10 most stressful situations – Moving is also stressful.  

I forgot to ask you, how did your move go?  

Was there stress, or was it a smooth move? 


Yeah, it could not have gone better. I love it. 

My very noisy neighbors had a huge party, and oh my gosh, the next morning, I had a migraine and I said to my husband, I think it's time for us to move. We had lived there for 15 years. He said, Okay. And then we found an amazing realtor, and literally from September 29th, we settled on October 31st.  

It could not have been easier. It was brilliant!

WOW! I love hearing about all the blocks that were deleted to make your life easier and better.  

And to really know that you are heart centered with your children, your life, your husband, and with where you live. Where you live is huge. The foundation and where you're living is critical in your life. I'm so pleased to hear all this really good energy coming from you. Thank you so much for sharing.  

Is there anything you'd like to add for anyone who is skeptical and doesn't think this will work for them? 


All I can say is that I've always had that little running commentary in my head. “Oh, you know, maybe there were other things at play here. Maybe this is just the way it happens”. I will tell you right now, that is not the case!  

Marnie, you did something about healthy skin, and there was a monthly call about skin. I want to share this with everybody. For years, I had this little wart, and it kind of bugged me, but not enough to go and take it off.  

I listened to the membership call on skin, and did the activation, and I kid you not, the very next day, it was gone. GONE!!  

If that doesn't convince you that this is really special and very powerful way of living your life, then I don't know what else to say. And, it's still gone! 

Every month, I go live with a different topic: skin, relationships with your children, selling your house (financial abundance), being in your power, etc.

I have to share one more thing – this is behind the scenes, but I feel like sharing it. Wendy sent me an email and she said, “Marnie, I'm not sure I want to go live on your blog.” And she canceled!  I replied and said, “Wendy, there's no canceling. There is a higher message. The upcoming call is on unconditional love and self-acceptance, and you need to be seen, and you need to be heard.”

For those of you who feel like you are scared to be seen and to be heard, or because maybe there's some judgment or criticism coming your way, I'm here to tell you that there's no such thing! You must delete that on the spot.  

Wendy, with your attention in your heart center, on your midline, and with everybody listening …  

I am seen, and I am heard, and I'm strong to that.  

Let's shift everybody that's listening.  

That's the key message. I feel it! 

Say it with me, and we're going to shift everybody. 

Let's do it!

Be sure to follow along at recording time 13:26.
Please leave your comments below.
I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

I Am Seen. 

I Am Heard. 

I'm In the Spotlight. 

I Shine My Greatness.

Take a Deep Breath. 

Do You FEEL This?

We're sending this energy out to everybody listening – I feel the unconditional love … 

Deleting all judgment, deleting all criticism, and who cares what people think!! 

You are in your power, and that's all that matters! 

You are a strong leader.  

The world needs you, and the gift that you have.  

Keep shining your light. And pass this on.  

I love you so much.  

I feel like everyone is going to shift big time when they hear this.

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I’m watching over you, and always have your back!


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Dr. Liam Sullivan Stone, D.D., Ph.D., CHt., N.D.

Thank you Marnie and Wendy! Thanks ya ll. I Love Ya ll.
Aloha to The Universe from Texas.
Oct. 5, 2019


So so beautiful!!

Jean Leavitt

I LOVE this video and the activation included! I felt an immediate shift and can’t wait to see how it changes my life! Marnie,I am in the monthly group and I wrote to you from Mexico City on a recent quick trip south–I was experiencing palpitations—GONE! Thank you for sharing this healing with all of us. I look forward to learning more! Thank you! Thank you!

Helena Grantinge

Thank you Wendy for sharing!! And the activation Marnie!! I get it!


I love Wendy’s testimony! And I definitely felt the activation. Thanks for sharing wendy!!

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