How Niki Went from Excruciating Kidney and Low Back Pain to Quickly Becoming Pain Free

· June 11, 2019 · 23 comments

When you are faced in an emergency situation with excruciating pain … Here is what you can do … Immediately, on the Spot!

You and I are connected, and I know you trust me.

The universe orchestrated you receiving this email at this exact timing because on a deeper level this is precisely when you need to hear this message!

Important questions:

  • Have you ever lost trust with someone in your life?
  • Have you ever been taken advantage of physically, mentally/emotionally, financially, or sexually?

  • Has a partner, family, friend, co-worker, a business let you down or lied to you?

If you have ever felt like there's no hope, or have ever felt that nobody understands you, or that no one is there for you –This video is for you!

What most people don't recognize is the connection between their negative emotions, and their physical pain. Negative emotions from loss of trust can get trapped in your body, and over time, manifest as physical symptoms.

In this video, I explain and identify the root cause of Niki's excruciating kidney/lower back pain, that went all the way back to birth, and most important, deleted the memories so that it no longer affects her. 

Whatever it is that you are struggling with in your own life, can effortlessly be reversed. Just like Niki's pain in her kidneys is now gone.

Niki is an incredible woman, a retired New York City Police officer who was in the 1% of women on the force, and her story will inspire and strengthen you to regain trust in your life.

Niki and I are here for you right now, and in this video, you will feel us directing you extra strength – It's time for you to always feel protected/safe, and reclaim your trust.

Be sure to watch at Recording time 10:07, where I have you place your attention on your midline, specifically in your heart center, and repeat to yourself – “I reclaim my trust, STRONG!”

Niki was able to reclaim her trust on the spot, and SO CAN YOU!

As Niki says, whatever hidden weaknesses/blocks you have, “it's time to just get yourself out of the way and trust. Trust really has to do with letting go of all the things you tried to control”.

Honor yourself right now, and know that there's an easier way to get out of your own way and trust the process.

Put yourself first, and take the time (only 14-minutes) to watch it.

Trusting the Flow in your life goes way deeper than you think.If the video does not play, you can watch it here

Your health is most important!

Best of all, you have the power to live a life without pain, illness, or limitations …. Starting now!  

After you listen, Niki and I would love to hear how it made you feel.
Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice.

My Golden Rule –
When you bring benefit to others, you benefit yourself.

Thanks Niki for sharing your success story! Let's all send her unconditional love.

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Niki is a retired New York City police officer. She is a pioneer, as she was in the 1% of women on the police force.  She dedicated her life to serving and protecting humanity, as well as assisted in the traumatically devastating 911 clean up. She shared her story on this blog and we both share a common mission in life – To change the world for the better.

Unconditional Love ❤️,
Marnie and Team

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Awesome story! I have huge trust issues – this was PERFECT TIMING!!! I felt my heart open!!
Thank You Niki for being open publicly with your story! You are a hero – it isn’t easy being a female police officer, especially in NYC! Hugs to you!


This made my day. My knees feel better, thanks a million!


I feel fantastic! Great story, thank you! The affirmation “I reclaim my trust, strong!” gives me chills. Interesting thing happened this morning, one of my clients made an appointment for a session with me tonight- her issue is trust, being let down and feeling like she’s always on the outside. Perfect timing for both of us, I’d say!


Wow! I felt a huge release after listening to your story and reclaiming my trust. Thank you for this!

MaeLou Larson

Wow, wow, wow. And I submitted weakness for not feeling safe to lose weight this month re body image. On The Spot!!! I reclaim my safety! Strong. We are indeed all connected. I also had difficult birth as Doc was at xmas party so nurse put a belt around mom’s legs to stop my birth. Doc had to break her coccyx (again!) in order to deliver me, and had to do same to deliver my 3 older brothers. Cannot imagine what she went thru, so requesting to delete her 4 birth traumas even tho she has passed. She’d broken coccyx… Read more »

Nathalie Gauvin

Hello everyone, and thank you Marnie and Niki for this story. I was having problems watching the video, and than you sent us a second email. My mom was sitting beside me, and she said, should I play the video on MY computer? Well, we did and it worked!!! I guess I needed to trust my own life more and you, though my mom helped me. Thank you, now I can watch the video on my own computer!!!ha ha!


So great to hear! It gives hope.
It really was the perfect timing for me to hear this. A few days ago I got back to feeling – who and what can I trust. And then this message came – all about trust. And about being safe!


This was great to hear. It gives hope.
It came at the right time. A few days ago I got back to wondering who and what to trust. Then this message came, all about trust, and beeing safe.
Then today was difficult and I forgot the message. After listening again it feels better

jean sullee

Hi Marnie, that is very nice to hear. I am very related, and lost in my life too. So thanks for sharing this story of Judy and Nikki. As I was listen to you, I felt a very loving energy coming to me, it was beautiful. Big Hug too you!

jean sullee

Thanks so much Joann, you are EXTRA too. LOL Jean, Joann, same root isn’t it… Did you know that the word jean in french sounds like people (“Gens” in french) when you ear it?Just for the story.It is full of people here… Well just my minute ofoufoufffun! HUGS

Ginny R

Yes, trust has been surfacing lately. I actually feel that the trust issue was buried. Now it is coming out for the last couple of months. I would like to clear this non-trust issue and be strong with trusting. Thanks for the extra support in this area! Thanks Nikki and Marnie for clarifying and clearing the pain from the people you trust who have hurt you. Energy Hugs!!


I could only surmise how such a traumatic experience and its’ aftermath might have shaped Niki’s entire life and her story was so compelling that I wanted to at least try to perceive the ramifications of such a rough start to life. Then to my surprise, instead of sensing a life beset with handicaps and limitations, what flashed in my mind was the picture of a healthy, vibrant green seedling growing up through a crack in a concrete pavement! I took this symbolism to mean that life can and does find ways to flourish despite being faced with what sometimes… Read more »


Thank you both, always the right story at the right moment!!!
I felt release from my stomach…🙂
Sensing my love to you all!

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