How To Help a Loved One In a Crisis!

· October 8, 2021 · 116 comments

As AMAZING as YOU are – I know there are times you are challenged with relationships and assisting those closest to you!

Especially if you have children and grandchildren!

Think about your relationships with your loved ones.

Important Question:

When a crisis strikes, are you able to stay neutral so that your insight directs you the way to easily and quickly solve the problem?

As much as we want our loved ones to be free from disasters, crises, and medical emergencies, at some point we are all faced with unexpected and unpleasant situations.

Group member, Dia, received a 911 call that her son was missing, and her daughter had an excruciating kidney stone!

Rather than being in extreme panic and uncertainty –
WATCH THIS VIDEO so that you can quickly and easily achieve results, just like Dia!

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Leave Marnie and Dia a comment about how this story makes you feel, or any story about how the monthly membership program has changed you or your loved ones' life  – and you will non-verbally receive 100X the Unconditional Love Strengthening Effect!

Ian's Success Story (Dia's Son)

I want to share about Marnie’s support and laser focus in helping me find my son in an emergency medical situation. I reached out to Marnie in a crisis when we were told an ambulance had picked him up and taken him to a local hospital, yet the hospital had no record of him being admitted.

As we were getting a flight out to find him, Marnie said “He is alive, and you will find him. I'm strengthening your internal GPS to get to him.” She was completely sure he was in the hospital and basically totally fine. And she was right! When we landed, I spoke to the head of the hospital and said, “I know he is there, you must find him”. When we arrived, a nurse met us outside and said, “We have him, he was a John Doe and is in the ICU”. He was in the hospital and his symptoms resolved very quickly.

Without Marnie’s focus and assurance, I would have been much more frantic and overwhelmed. She was a solid and loving guiding light through such an intense experience!

How Is Ian Now?

He seems stronger, more stable, and better overall.

He is happy at his new school studying photography and film, making new friends, and ready to really start dating again.

Marnie, thank you for being my light when I lost sight of having one. I still get anxious about all that has gone on, but I forgive myself and get neutral, and then I may have to do it again an hour later, but I know it is my touchstone. Thank you for your guidance, and I appreciate being able to rely on your strength in the times I do not feel strong within myself.

Much, much love,

Dia's 15-Year-Old Daughter Had a Painful Kidney Stone and Was Dancing Only 6 Days Later!

Marnie Greengerg's Client - Ballet Dancer Tia

How an aspiring 15-year-old dancer, who was on her way to a ballet intensive, got hit with excruciating pain from a Kidney Stone (14mm!) …

An empowering example of how she deleted her fear and obstacles, and 6 days later was dancing 8-hour days!

Don’t let anything stop you from making your dreams a reality!

Téa's Success Story (Dia's Daughter)

My daughter had some increasing physical pain. She is a very focused, hard-working person who rarely complains so we knew there must be a serious issue. As it turned out, she had a very large kidney stone, 14mm, which is excessive since most people have great pain with a 5mm one!

After we started working with Marnie in her Monthly Membership program to help, her pain was gone, but the stone was still present. We decided to proceed with the surgery. Marnie specifically strengthened her for the surgery, and helped her be calm before and after the surgery. Her surgery, which the surgeon predicted would have a difficult recovery, went incredibly smoothly and she had minimal pain, which we attribute to all the support and generosity from Marnie.

She is an aspiring dancer. She was expecting to go to a ballet intensive in Philadelphia for five weeks. This is a program that one has to audition for to get in, and they dance 6-8 hours a day so it truly is intense! She had been excited about going since we found out she was accepted this past spring. The first day of the intensive was the day of her surgery and of course, she was disappointed she could not be there. It was amazing that merely six days later she was at the intensive with very little discomfort and dancing the full day.

I am grateful that in the face of overwhelming obstacles, with the right support and clearing, she was able to have the experience of overcoming her fears and getting well so quickly.

I think it is so empowering for young people to understand how much they can get cleared with Marnie's assistance and really become strong to anything that frightens or weakens them.

What a gift Marnie has given her! The support and confidence Marnie gave to me during this time was so loving and unwavering. It was a beautiful experience for me as a mother, as well.

With gratitude,

Dia C.

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Marnie, thank you so much for sharing this success story.
Dia – Great story! I feel your inner strength and the unconditional love you have for your children. So Sweet!
I am also in Marnie’s monthly membership and a social worker. I have been really challenged with my son. He has ADHD, and since Marnie has been working on him on the monthly calls, he has made tremendous progress. Much love to you and your family!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Linda, Thanks for sharing about your son’s improvement. I just read your September feedback from the membership call. I am so glad his teacher says he is doing better in school and is calmer and more focused. YAY! I will continue deleting weaknesses on the next call coming up on October 27th! ❤️ Hugs and love! ❤️

Dia Costello

Hi, Linda, Thank you so much for your support! My husband and son have ADD so I know how it can be! I am so happy he has made such great progress!


Thank you, Marnie, lovely to hear!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Arzelie, Sending you a blast of Chi ❤️! Hugs and love! Looking forward to connecting with you on the October 27th call!


Dia and Marnie, so beautiful and enhancing to listen to this. And lovely children indeed…
Thank you so much
Love and Kisses from Europe
Sandra ❤️

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Sandra, Thanks for participating! Sending you a blast of Chi ❤️! Looking forward to connecting with you on the October 27th call! I’m always with you! Hugs!

Dia Costello

Hugs all the way to Europe! Thank you for sending love!


Dia, amazing and inspirational stories about your children’s breakthroughs to living their ideal lives. This is their and our birthright and we are so fortunate that Marnie lights the way.

My daughter had a very difficult delivery of her son. Marnie strengthened them and everyone at the hospital. She deleted all the baby’s karma and trauma. Now I have a grandson who is the most neutral and well adjusted toddler ever!

We are blessed to Have Marnie behind us! And to have our success stories to share. Three cheers for your resilient children.

Mary from Boston

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Mary, You are a Power-Mom just like Dia! Thanks for sharing your success story about your daughter and grandson! I Love you❤️

Dia Costello

That’s wonderful to hear about your grandson! And there cheers for resilience and strength for all!


Thanks Dia for sharing. Wonderful to hear how everything turned around to the best outcome!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Kjerstin, Sending you a blast of Chi so that everything goes smoothly for you❤️! Hugs and love!

Dia Costello

And the best of outcomes for all you wish for you and yours!


It is really increible and beautiful, when Marnie is ON the magic/the shift in opening news doors can occur! Thank you Marnie for Being Present!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi T.S, You are amazing for all the doors you have opened on behalf of your partner, father, and family!!!❤️ It’s awesome how open and receptive all of you are to “Marnie Magic” – WooHoo! I LOVE connecting with YOU and your family in my membership program!❤️!

Dia Costello

Yes, T.S., I am totally with you!


Such an amazing story Dia, and as I watched….. you and your aura were beautiful! Such an inspiration and Marnie’s Magic is like no other!!! I, too feel the love and energy from Marnie as she connects to me and my family as an angel on my shoulder. Thank you for sharing.

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for sharing Karen!! That’s awesome you can feel Dia’s beautiful and inspirational aura ❤️ Sending you some Marnie Magic NOW – I LOVE YOU ❤️

Dia Costello

Oh, Karen, thank you so very much! It was wonderful to tell the story to everyone!
Much love, Dia


Dear Marnie and Dia, thank you for sharing this story. It’s a good reminder to stay neutral and don’t have constant worries about my kids and grandkids, whom I love unconditionally! So glad I am a member of the beautiful club!
Much love, Olya.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Olya, Thanks for sharing! Deleting all your worries! I LOVE YOU ❤️

Dia Costello

That neutrality is such a key to getting our insight clear and strong!


Thank you for sharing your story Dia. The messages/reminders in your video were timely for me today. 🙏

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks, Liza! Sending you extra strengthening now! Glad to hear that Dia’s story was a good reminder for you! I LOVE YOU! ❤️

Dia Costello

I am so glad it was helpful for you, it was healing to share!


Another wonderful success story. Anything and everything is possible.

Marnie Greenberg

Love you, Steve!! Sending you and your daughter Extra Strengthening Now! You are a POWER-DAD ❤️ Love having both of you in the membership.

Dia Costello

Well said, Steve!!


What an amazing example Dia is of the life-changing benefits of the membership. Truly phenomenal how she is able to find her neutrality in the most trying of situations! I aspire to be able to do the same. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it , getting ready to go for a walk and listen to another activation!

Marnie Greenberg

I love you, Stacey!!❤️ Thanks for your dedication to self-love!❤️ It’s all about Deletions in Progress!! You are AMAZING!! Sending you and your dad Extra Strengthening Now!❤️


🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 we love you too, you’re the best!

Marnie Greenberg


Dia Costello

Thanks so much Stacey! We are all in this together and working on it! Hugs all around! Dia

Theresa Maltais

Hi Dia & Marnie .. this is so amazing! Our kids are so precious and loved unconditionally! I’m very glad that both Ian & Tea are fine.
I have two daughters and eight grandchildren that are all getting together for Thanksgiving .. I won’t be with them as I am working .. but please send them my love & strength 😀

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for participating, Theresa! You got it!! You are a Power-Grandma! I’ll be going deeper on the upcoming membership calls as well.
Sending you and your family Extra Strengthening Now!❤️

Dia Costello

Happy Holidays in advance to you! And best to your whole family!


Thanks for your Share, Dia!🙏🏻 It is a Mother’s Prayers that ARE Answered! Your Faith and Marnie’s ‘Magic’!! I have no birth children, as I gave that in-lieu of loving children from ‘Another Mothers’… I am learning that we can not Expect to complete Full Circle via Any Act(s) we put forth. YET, we can & if we allow, DO receive from what Sustains US, from Our Greater Self and Nature Itself. Thus, expecting my ‘Good’ returning via humans, is Folly; as Each is only responsible for their own End. Marnie has helped me in countless ways over our Time/Years.… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Maria, You are a winner!!! Thanks for your dedication over the years. You get knocked down, but always get back up, FAST! …Being live on all the membership calls to keep the strengthening and deletion going strong!! Thank you for trusting me and the deletion process. 🙏🏻 You are AMAZING!! Sending you a blast of Marnie Chi Now!❤️ I love ya!

Dia Costello

What a beautiful and insightful writer you are! Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful share, Dia! Experiencing this work during a crisis is powerful and wonderful. Marnie has our back in this program, is there to provide energetic clearing and strength and experiencing that real time is out of this world as it is so amazingly effective! You were able to stay calm and take needed action and provide your support for your kids because you are strong. Congratulations!

Marnie Greenberg

Love you, MaeLou! ❤️ You and Dia have a lot in common – you are both Powerhouses and out of this world!! And so are all the members!
From a serious health crisis to non-serious – woohoo!!!! Thank You for sharing from your HEART! ❤️
And for those of you who missed MaeLou’s story – be sure to watch it here:

Dia Costello

Thank you, Marnie and Dr. Yuen’s work is so empowering for us all!

Souli Yates

Hi Marnie & Dia, wow! Such a powerful story, I wouldn’t be without the membership group now. It is essential. I love hearing how it impacted You & your beautiful children Dia. How awesome in such a potentially traumatic situation you were able to stay Focused & calm. How wonderful that your Son found his way to his dream. I know what it takes to be a dancer & I am stunned how your daughter bounced back, wow! Such a awesome testimony for Marnie’s work. I am feeling so blessed to be a part of your group Marnie. Isn’t it… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Love you, Souli!!! ❤️ Thanks for sharing and being a dedicated member. Love what you said – “just when I needed it – right in my inbox!” Yes, everything you need comes to you with ease! Looking forward to connecting on the upcoming call. Sending you a chi blast – Focused and Calm – STRONG!!!

Souli Yates

Thank you xoxo ❤️❤️❤️ Love you

Dia Costello

Thank you, Souli! Just when we need it Marnie is there!


Dia- Thank you for sharing your stories! Both of them resonated with me-I have a son having some rough patches lately and Marnie reminds me to trust that the universe has his highest interest! It keeps me calm and sane majority of the time! I also love putting my issues in the monthly box so that I know she is working on it super charged while I work hard to stay neutral! I also have a daughter who participates in ballet intensives so I can appreciate the amount of shock the doctors had when she was dancing 6 days after… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Love you, Laurie! ❤️ Thanks for participating in all the monthly calls and TRUSTING the Deletion process! Glad that you felt similar issues with Dia’s story! Confirming I received your monthly request – As always, I’m on it!! You are amazing!!! ❤️

Dia Costello

My very best to your son, and hang in there. I agree it makes a world of difference knowing that Marnie is here for us all! Much love, Dia


Thank you Dia!

Caroline Masters

Marnie – I recall when you first described what happened with Dia’s son – a true example of the power of staying neutral/returning to neutral and strengthening and following inner knowing! Thank you for having our backs and all of the “Marnie Monitoring!”

Marnie Greenberg

Good memory, Caroline! Thanks for participating in all the membership calls and giving it your all! This is a continuation of her story so that you can see the changes that happen over time in the membership. I have your back! I love ya! ❤️

Dia Costello

I am with you totally, Caroline! Here’s to knowing and neutrality!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dia Costello

Wow! Dia’s stories show the power of super healing and clear focus Marnie teaches and helps us with. I loved all of these stories, Dia. Your son’s story and his current direction feel amazing! What a shining being he is! And your daughter’s story is miraculous, too. One of the many things I love about Marnie’s work is that there’s no pretending or wondering whether something works or not — we all know when we feel and see real change. Thank you, Dia, for sharing. Thank you, Marnie, for all you do! I’m re-inspired again!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Jesseka, Glad you feel inspired by Dia’s story ❤️, and also see real change in your life!! Thanks for sharing and being a dedicated member. Looking forward to connecting on the upcoming calls. Sending you a chi blast now! Love ya! ❤️

Dia Costello

Thank you, Jesseka! All the best to you and yours! It is an honor to be their mother. And I agree with the authenticity true change we all get with Marnie!

Diane Holland

Dia what an amazing story you sound intuitive and in tune 😇, Marnie I don’t know what I would do without my monthly membership you have helped me so much, and it also helps my daughter and grandson,it’s just been amazing to clear off so much karma and baggage,
Marnie words can not express how much you have helped me ..thank you from the bottom of my heart and Dr. yuen are a beautiful bright light in the world .💚💖thank you with love and gratitude!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Diane, 💚💖Thank you for sharing and participating!! I am thrilled the membership program has helped your daughter and grandson – You are a POWER-GRANDMA!! I love ya and can’t wait to connect on the upcoming call! 💚💖

Dia Costello

Diane, your energy and love is so beautiful.Thank you for inspiring me!


Wow!!! Marnie Mommy Magic!! Bring it on to all mothers and children, which includes all of us!! Thank you unconditionally!! My daughter is in the membership and she is a well-adjusted, quick-resolving, stable teen-ager, plus a little added boost of Marnie Magic= she is amazing in every way!!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Haley! Sending you and your lovely daughter some Marnie Magic Now!!! You are incredible and so is she!! I love that you are both in my membership – Mommy Magic all the way!!! ❤️ The stronger you feel, the stronger she feels! Looking forward to connecting on the upcoming call.

Dia Costello

Haley, it’s so amazing for your daughter to have these great monthly benefits early, right? Not too late for us, of course, but so fantastic to give these clearings, strengthening and understanding for them now!


I am convinced that Marnie saved my daughter’s life when she was in the hospital with Covid. Her lungs were rapidly becoming worse. They had started her on remdisavir because it was too late for the antibodies. It only had a 30 percent chance of success. I called in Marnie and overnight her condition improved and she was able to go home in a few days. Some would say it is a miracle. True. A miracle of Marnie. Deeply grateful.

Dia Costello

Marti, I am so, so happy for you and your daughter! Marnie Miracle for certain! All the best!


Dia and Marnie Thank You so much for sharing such an inspiring story. You really do seem calm and positive! Love your insights!

Dia Costello

Thank you Therese, may we keep inspiring one another!

Dia Costello

Hello, Everyone, Dia here! My apologies for not being able to view all these awesome and loving comments made yesterday! I had them blocked somehow on all my devices!! I will now sit back and soak in everyone of them! Much love and appreciation to Marnie, Chris, Joanne, all of you, and of course, Dr. Yuen!

Marnie Greenberg

Higher Message Dia – Accept all the unconditional love to flow to you!!!!! We all love and appreciate you!!! Thank you for sharing from your heart! I love you and your family so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dia Costello

Thanks, Marnie! Good higher message for me about not allowing love to be blocked to me! Much Love and gratitude!!

Marnie Greenberg

What’s so crazy is that your husband had turned on the pop-up blocker which is why you could not see the comments and you did not realize it until we pointed it out. The upcoming call goes deeper on RELATIONSHIP BLOCKS – synchronicity – exactly the right timing – I will continue deleting all the BLOCKS – I will explain more on the October 27th call!!! I have you back and your husband’s also! I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Allow the Unconditional Love to flow to both of you!

Dia Costello

Clearing all those blocks to love and flow, thank you Marnie!

Travis McKague

Great Story thank you for sharing….Like always.. Marnie at it again!

Marnie Greenberg

Love you, Travis!! ❤️ Glad you liked Dia’s story! Sending you a Marnie Chi Blast Now!
Thanks for participating in all the calls and your dedication to self-love!!

Dia Costello

What an a awesome support we have, right Travis?!


Yes! Thanks for sharing your great story!

Joyce Y

It’s still an incredible story of finding Ian no matter how many times I hear it! This is also the first time I heard about the story of Dia’s daughter (or maybe I did???). Yes stay neutral delete the blocks and we will turn our dreams into reality!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Joyce, good memory! Dia shared her story about Ian, but this is a follow-up so that you can see the awesome results over time. First time for sharing about her daughter, but again, both of them got into the college they wished for and are pursuing their dreams. Keep pursuing your dreams, Joyce – you are AMAZING!!!! I love ya,❤️ Can’t wait to connect on the upcoming call!!

Dia Costello

Thank you so much, Joyce! Much love to you!

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