Severe Hip Pain –
Now Able to Walk Pain Free!

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Mary Roberts

From a Life Crisis, to Feeling Happy and Stable

I'm Mary from Boston, where I am a musician, a piano teacher, and a Feng Shui consultant. I joined Marnie's program in the fall, both the audio and personal consultation, because I was experiencing severe hip pain, which really affected my walking. These were remaining symptoms from having had Lyme disease.

A month after listening to the rejuvenation activation every day, I was able to walk pain-free. Now, what that meant is that before, I couldn't keep up with people and I was in great pain. It was so upsetting and disabling. Now, I was able to keep up with them and enjoy. Without the hip pain, I was able to plan a hiking trip with my husband and a group of friends. We were going out to Utah. I never could have done that before.

The day before, I was experiencing some pain. I noticed a big bump on my gum. I went to my dentist in the morning and he told me I needed a root canal. We scheduled an appointment at the end of the day with the endodontist. Meanwhile, I contacted Marnie. As the day went on, I found my bump getting smaller and smaller, and the pain subsided. I got to the endodontist and he said, “We need to do a more extensive x-ray.” Well, he came back in the room and he said, “You really don't need a root canal.” So I went on the trip, all the while thinking, “I hope nothing flares up while I'm gone.” And it didn't, and it hasn't.

A family crisis …  a little less than a month after my hip started to feel better. I was so upset. As Marnie said, I was sleeping three to four hours a night. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about the future. I felt like my heart was breaking and that I had this terrible pain in my heart. Sometimes when it got to the point where I could hardly bear it, I would contact Marnie. Throughout the day, I would notice the pain in my heart had disappeared and I was feeling calmness again.

Eight months later, after continuing to work with this situation and using all the wonderful tools that Marnie has for correction and improvement, I feel happy, I feel stable. I'm in a state of neutrality most of the time.


What I want to add about the family matter is that in mid-July, I returned from a wonderful trip with my husband in Africa, where we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Yet before I left, as Marnie mentioned, she felt that it would be to my advantage to close some doors. In our session, I really didn't know what that meant. But towards the end, I said, “I know what I'm going to do.” I know, I can honestly say five weeks later, it was the right answer. I'm going to clutter clear my house from top to bottom. I've lived there for 23 years.

The day that our plane landed, I came home and started taking things out of closets. One thing we know in Feng Shui is that your environment is a mirror of who you are. When you start to make changes in your space, you make changes to yourself. You start to reset your life. I went to work. I cleared out outdated things. Slides from 1968 of my first trip to Europe. I went with the Girl Scouts. I cleared out things that I hadn't used for 20 years or more, or maybe hadn't even ever used. They were given to me, these very elegant tea cups and saucers, one set from France and one from England. In fact, I was watching The Crown the other day, and I watched Queen Elizabeth sipping tea and said, “That's my tea cup.” But these are very elegant pieces, they just aren't me. They're at a place where they can be sold.

Then, of course, there's the kids' stuff, and they haven't lived at home in years. Today, I just got rid of a fishing pole and a tackle box. You really need to get rid of the old to make room for the new. It's how I know that my aha to clean out my house was the right answer to Marnie's suggestion of closing doors. Now, I'm making space for new experiences to come into my life. In Feng Shui, we know that closets, they're hidden spaces, they relate to hidden parts of ourselves. If you've got a messy closet, got a messy mind. Well, after clearing out several closets, my mind is really clearing out. I've had to make a lot of decisions on the spot. Yesterday, I was given a big decision to make by August 31st. Today, August 23rd, the answer came to me, and I know it's the right answer.

I've got Marnie to thank for her wonderful guidance, her corrections and improvements, which have tremendously benefited me and my life.


I know that with Marnie, I can get rid of ailments and pain. I know that I can improve my relationships. I can increase my confidence, my clarity, and ability to make decisions.

How can you put a value on that? To clear up I needed root canal, to … Well, there is a value that can be attached to that. To mend a broken heart. To clear up pain in my joints that might have been able to be cleared up any way. I do know that people sit in months and years of therapy to try to move forward with their lives, and make better decisions to be more confident. That happened to me within an hour. I had the right answer. I am so enjoying clearing out this house. I think I might have been overwhelmed otherwise. After this, Marnie, I've got a carload full of stuff that I'm taking to the transfer station. I just can't wait.

When you know that you've made it through maybe one of your life's worst crisis, it really lowers the fear that you might not be able to survive something.


What happened was so upsetting for me that I wasn't sleeping at night. I was sleeping maybe three or four hours. I'll even confess, I was so upset and so tired that I drove into my common driveway, got out of the car to get the mail, I forgot to put the car in park. I turned around and it's rolling down the road. Fortunately, I got in the car in the nick of time. But I was that tired and that upset that I wasn't able to function very well. Marnie really helped to stabilize me. I would send an email and say, “My heart feels like it's breaking.” And then some time that day, I'd feel the pain in my heart subside and I'd feel a calmness come over me.

This work with Marnie, this interaction with Marnie, and making the improvements and the corrections, got me through a time where I'm not sure I would have made it. Here I am, feeling neutral and positive and stable.

Mary Roberts Shares Her Success and Insight …

Mary RobertsIn our last session Marnie said, “Mary, you’ve got to close some doors.” By the end of our session my ah-ha was to declutter the house I have lived in for 20 years.

Returning from a trip to Africa, I dove in the moment I arrived home. It’s going to take a while. Wow! My house isn’t messy, but didn’t realize how much stuff I had accumulated in closets and on shelves. I’ve found things that are broken, things I don’t love or need, things that relate to my kids who no longer live at home.

All these insights in less than two days!

I feel an urgency in this process. And I am becoming more aware. For example, I noticed a large framed print of Patriots super bowl wins had a crack in the glass. Fast decision: toss it! I took it to the garage to take to the swap shop.

When loading the car, I picked it up and in my mind, I pondered: Maybe it could go to Good Will. In that moment, I lost my grip and the corner of the frame fell on my toe! Ouch! I realized this process requires quick decisions and no sentimentality. Off to the swap shop!

My basement walls have many framed prints of sports teams which I put there for my son who hasn’t lived here in over a decade. Ah-ha! That’s my space now! How do I want it to be?

I’ve removed lots of stuff from closets and am packaging them to consign at Tables and Teapots. How is this affecting me? By letting go of stuff I don’t love use or need, new and more relevant things are already coming into my life!

In the changing room at yoga, I admired a woman’s lace bra she got at Kohl's. I stopped there and got one … and a few very fun-looking summer tops! At the register the woman asked if I had a Kohl’s card. I could get 30% off my purchases for the day. I got the card. (When I’m not bogged down by useless stuff surrounding me, I make quick decisions!)

I went to the home goods section and got beautiful blue fiesta ware to replace my chipped plates and Oneida silver wear to replace the silver-plated set I got at a yard sale 40 years ago. I also got a Serta Temperedic mattress topper and pillow. Last night I slept through the entire night!

I also got a new blender to replace a hand-me-down from 45 years ago. I remember taking it to get the chord replaced and being told this sturdy Oster would last a lifetime. Every time I clean the grime from the buttons I am reminded to keep it forever.

But I am becoming a now person living in today! I need a sleek, clean and shinier blender. My old one still works, so I’ll take it to Household Goods in Acton for a family in need to use.

With the home goods sale and my 30% discount, I spent $200 and saved $600. Back home I realized how much stuff I have that’s dragging me down. Letting go of it and bringing in new things that I love puts me in the present and says I am worth it!!

I have all of August to complete this process. Or is clutter clearing ever done? We are connected to our stuff be fine strands of energy.

I want to feel the good vibrations! So, I will constantly ask myself these questions:

Do I love this?

Do I need this?

Does it express who I am now?

Does it bring me joy?

After two busy days of clearing out, I’ve already discovered: You have to let go of the old to bring in the new!

Simply put: Some things have to die and go, so you can live and grow!

I’m currently continuing in Marnie's Monthly Membership for health, wealth, and happiness.


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