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Be Able To Resolve Any Life Problem
On The Spot!

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Now is the most critical time of the year – it's the end of the year, and Helena is sharing all the amazing changes that have happened to her in the past year, and how YOU can also share in that same energy, and rise with her.

Are you Ready to go from Good, to GREAT?

Then watch these videos …

Helena shares how when she UPGRADED to the 6-Month Personal Intensive Group, her life transformed in every way, and how YOU can do the same!

Helena’s biggest life changes with the 6-Month Personal Intensive:

  • It's just so quick. Everything is so fast!
  • I feel the speed is really speeding up everything in the right direction!
  • I expanded my business
  • I attracted more clients
  • I got faster results with my clients
  • I had the strength to get a divorce after 30 Years of marriage
  • I attracted a new partner
  • I reclaimed my sexual power
  • I am able to communicate with loved ones on the other side that gave me answers that resolved problems on the spot
  • I am able to communicate with my dog
  • I make confident daily decisions on the spot

Helena Shares Her story …

I asked Helena what her life was like last year at this time.

“At this time last year, I was a real mess. After 30 years of marriage, I decided to get a divorce, and my support group turned their back on me because of this choice. Wow! It was a mess!”

Helena shared some of her aha moments:

“Marnie’s sexual neutrality call was really amazing. I felt so much more liberated, and in my feminine power.”

“Marnie’s personal intensive actually strengthened my day-to-day life routine and really living the method” … I know which way to go – just simple small things that I use as strong vs. weak – my insight is really getting stronger.”

“As a Pilates teacher, I feel my clients pain in their body, and I just strengthen them, and delete stuff (either verbally or just without saying anything), and they feel great … and they come back, and they just love me, and I love them!”

Helena shared the ways she uses the “strong or weak” principle for the small things in her life that are essential for making life decisions.

“I’m integrating this with my clients and getting better results.”

“My dog is sending me pictures, and I am sending her pictures, and we are really connected. She's also is a great source in my work. She helps me with my clients. We communicate …  She's really, really helpful. She's a very spiritual dog.”

I asked Helena what she would say to someone who is skeptical?

“I see colors more. I mean, you see the light, you get a better version of yourself, and it's more colorful and more joyful. You give love, and you get love back.”

Watch Out!
The Things in Your Life
That You Think Are a Pain in the Butt
Literally Manifest in Your Body
as a Physical Pain in the Butt!

“Don't be stuck! Feeling Stuck actually gives you pain!

The big aha change is to get rid of the stuckness!”

I asked Helena what she would say to everybody listening who wants more in life?

“Just go with it … you're going to have a blast!”

“The program is really powerful!”

“Watch out because this is really happening!”

“If you want to get stuck, you don't do this program.” 

“If you want to get out of this stuckness, join the 6-Month Intensive Program and see all the changes that happen in your life!”

If you feel like you are still stuck in bad situations, personal or work-related, it's time for you to upgrade to the next level and have the strength to change your life, especially now that we are at the end of the year so that you can start the New Year with the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.

Start this year Better, Stronger, Faster!
Be able to resolve any life problem on the spot!

Invest in yourself!

How Insight Will Make Your Life Easier and
Resolve Your Problems on the Spot!

I asked Helena what her life is like, living in the the moment, with insight, in everyday life?

She responded:

“It's Neutral!

It's another way of living … not to be concerned about little things!

It's not that hard … sometimes I go down, but I Bounce Back so much faster!”

Join Marnie's 6-Month Personal Intensive Course

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Wow! Helena—I am so inspired by how happy you are and how you changed your life. If you can do it, so can I! I had just watched 2 of the videos on the way home, thinking about how I want my life to transform, like yours has. When I got home, the neighbor’s dog greeted me, so happy to see me, off the hook—and I recognized, that’s how I want to feel with my partner! And I also want to feel like the dog, so excited when my person gets home!! This program rocks! I am getting better and… Read more »

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