Ultimate Rejuvenation!
On The Spot

· April 8, 2022 · 174 comments
Marnie Greenberg talks about Ultimate Rejuvenation

Live Pain-Free & Happy, with an Amazing Quality of Life!

If you have physical pain or stress – watch this video!

This is my behind-the-scenes amazing energy…

“Press Play – “FEEL Marnie Chi”
(Only 40 Seconds)

Leave me a comment below about how this energy makes you feel and you will receive 100X the Strengthening Effect!

Based on my #1 International Best-Selling Book:


Are You Suffering From Any of the Following?

  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hand Pain
  • Feet or Leg Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Panic, Fear, Worry
  • Uncertainty   
  • Overwhelm
  • Insecurity  
  • Anger
  • Grief  
  • Career Stress
  • Work Stress
  • Financial Stress
  • Relationship Stress 
  • Family Disputes

If Your Answer Is Yes…

Experience the Lightning Effect of Specific Deletions!

Now is the time to Rejuvenate!

Monthly Members: Can't wait to connect with you on the upcoming Membership Call – you will feel a millionfold the Strengthening and Deletion effect! If you have not sent me your personal request – log in to the membership area – now is the time so that I can best support you!

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​​Marnie & Dr. Yuen Have Joined Forces ​
​You Will Receive a Bonus Call With “Double the Chi”

Yes! I Want to Go Beyond Infinite Potential!

Real People! Real Results!

Consistent results for everyone in the world!


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Love your AMAZING energy!! Thanks for brightening my day! I’m excited for the April 27th call – I just joined and my back pain needs to be gone so that I can hike like you and enjoy my life!

Marnie Greenberg

I’m on it, Tina!! That’s great you will be joining me on the April 27th call – your Back pain will be gone!!


Love the energy, Marn! So great to see you and your beautiful aura! Delete SFG once and for all! Delete!
Delete ML fears of unsafe from a previous life! Delete! Delete LG money blocks to clear for Abundance and Freedom!

Marnie Greenberg

Laurie, You got it! Sending you and your children 100X the Strengthening Effect! 😘❤️🙏


You are so vibrant Marnie, I can see the chi radiating from your skin. I choose to be vibrant too! <3

Marnie Greenberg

Jackson, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect (specifically your small intestines & colon)! Deleting all Doubt! More coming on the April 27th live membership call – can’t wait to connect 😘❤️🙏


Thank you big hugs!

Dia Costello

This is fabulous!! It makes me feel as a huge sun has opened up above me…and it is night time right now! It fills my heart totally!

Marnie Greenberg

Dia, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! Your heart is like pure sunshine 😘❤️🙏


Love your Amazing aura. I felt an instant boost after I watched the clip. Delete my self-doubt and fear of being online. Clear money blocks!

Marnie Greenberg

Brian, You got it! Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌🙌🙌 Deleting all fear and doubt on the spot! More coming on the upcoming April call! 😘❤️🙏

Cristina Gabriela

Hi Marnie ,
You have a joyful and vibrant energy .
Yes , I want to be happy .
I have to go back to work , reconnect with who makes me happy and be active .
Lots of love .❤

Marnie Greenberg

Cristina Gabriela, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏


Hi Marnie,
You are so beautiful with such vibrant energy. Thank you for being an example of what you help us all achieve and what your program is all about! I love it ! I am working on work life balance right now and really needed to see this video of you with this abundant generous energy you always bring!
sending love

Marnie Greenberg

Ina, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏 Work-life balance – STRONG!


Hi Marnie,
Awesome chi energy boost, really needed it right now as Karen and the children are having a rough time at the moment.
Thank you

Marnie Greenberg

Ray, Sending you, Karen and your children 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏


Uplifting as always, great energy! I love these surprises and when I see these messages from you in my inbox! Strong! Already smiling :-)

Marnie Greenberg

Frixos, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏


Thank you Marnie! I felt instantly stinging sensations in right side intestine.
Always I stay very happy to see you BEAUTIFUL!

Marnie Greenberg

T.S., Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏


Thanks Marnie, that was a tingling energy wave flowing through me 😊💜💪🔥xoxo

Marnie Greenberg

Paula, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏


Listening to this video or to the monthly calls I can always feel your amazing powerful energy which I always fully embrace. It’s incredibly contagious. I think everybody will feel it the same way and be energized after such videos. Thank you !

Marnie Greenberg

Peter, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘❤️🙏

Souli Yates

Love you Marnie! Thanks for the wonderful Chi 🌸❤️🌸 I am so looking forward to the next call. I love being a part of your community! It’s amazing! Huge shifts & big results! Xoxo Thank you 🥰

Marnie Greenberg

Souli, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏 I love having you on the membership and am so glad you are experiencing results on the spot! 🌸❤️🌸

Verna Mackey

I saw lots of neon blue clearing Light and feel much clearer and freer and much lighter in my heart ❤️
Thanks so much for Sharing!

Marnie Greenberg

Verna, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏 Your Heart = Light – Clear- Free! STRONG!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Arzelie Bérouard

Thank you Marnie ❤❤❤ so lovely from you as always !!!

Marnie Greenberg

Arzelie, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️


I love the way you channel the energy from the land through these videos! Blessings to you Marnie and thank you for your amazing dedication to us all in your membership group. It keeps me on those upper vibrations

Marnie Greenberg

Sequoia, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ Upper Vibrations – STRONG!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Steve Hayes

Looking good as always a wonderful vista overlooking the ocean. Felt a calmness while watching the video. Thank you Marnie!

Marnie Greenberg

Steve, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ Calmness – STRONG!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌


Wow!!! Marnie!! I feel your brightness and smell the Pacific!!

Marnie Greenberg

Haley, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️


Beautiful and powerful Marnie!! Thank you for your commitment to all of us!

Marnie Greenberg

Karina, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏 ❤️


Love it when you’re bringing us the Ocean Chi! Just woke up from a dream that a few of us were on a boat near the ocean and we were fishing and letting kites fly. This particular kite was like a dragon & phoenix that was tied together with a string. Best part of the Dream was I ended up having a slice of cheese pizza! And Yes – I want to release all the pain in my body especially around my neck and right hand. Sending you & the Group some healing Ocean Chi ♾💪! Thanks a Million Marnie!!!!

Marnie Greenberg

CKL, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ Always remember who you are – a Flying Dragon Pheonix who can eat whatever you want and still stay light and thin effortlessly – Mastery over food (no strings attached to food) – STRONG! Neck/hand – deleting all the strings now – exit portals – STRONG! Hand – Nothing to hold onto – deleting all the negative experiences that you are holding onto. 🙌 Love your Dreams!

Lori G

Your energy is so uplifting to me! Also I love to see you on the San Diego coastline there. Lots of fond memories for me and my family of that area. Love you Marnie! ❤😺

Marnie Greenberg

Lori, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️


Great to wake up to some amazing chi today! Definitely boosted me up and it’s much needed! Looking forward to connecting with you Marnie! Nice shirt btw :)

Marnie Greenberg

Joyce, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ Can’t wait to connect on the upcoming call!!


Thank you Marnie!!!
You truly make me feel like everything is possible.
I want to be able to connect with more people!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Koss, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ YES! Everything is Possible – STRONG!!


Wooow! 💗Love it!💓 Love your energy Marnie…love your shirt’s color! 💗 Can’t wait to use sleeveless shirts again, hike, go to the beach 🏖& not get coldish!!! STRONG to COLDNESS!!! Yeahhh! New JOY.FULL HEALTHY LIFE 💯 % of my day! Yeahhh 🥳

Marnie Greenberg

Isa, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️ You are strongly on track! The next 3 monthly calls will focus on Ultimate Rejuvenation!! Warm energy your way – STRONG!! 🙌 💗


THANK YOU so much Marnie!!! 💓🤗💓✨STRONG to STRONGLY BEING ON TRACK for Unconditional L💗ve 💯 % of my day!! ✨What else is there to BE? Yuuupi 🥳


Love this video!!

Marnie Greenberg

Shannah, Sending you 100X the Strengthening Effect! 🙌 😘🙏❤️

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