You Don’t Have to Be Perfect!

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Silva works with Marnie Greenberg to impriove her life

Do you feel confident and in control at work,
but your personal life is a disorganized and chaotic mess? 

Watch how Silvia was able to quickly turn her life around,
and how you can too …

“As a global IT manager for a very large company that operates worldwide, I feel in command, in control, very confident and assertive, but when it came to my personal life (health and relationships), I never wanted anybody to know that things are not always perfect, and that I had health issues and things were not working out for me. I was very afraid that people would see me as imperfect if they knew all these other things, and that I'd be judged.

Being an IT professional (coming from a very technical, engineering and science background), I'm very much in my mind. I’m constantly analyzing, and doubting everything! 

I had fatigue, exhaustion, and was getting colds, one after another. It got to the point where my health was so bad that I finally decided to go see a doctor to find out what was going on, and why I was not recovering.  

My doctor explained that because I have a family history of cancer, that I could also potentially have cancer, and showed me the proof in my blood tests. I had a lot of fear that the doctors and everybody around me were instilling in me.  

At this point, I joined Marnie’s program.   

The moment I said, Yep, I need help, and took action on it, EVERYTHING CHANGED! 

After my sessions with Marnie, my fatigue was pretty much gone, and I didn't need the iron pills, and I stopped taking all my other pills, and I felt stronger. 

I still went to get all the tests done, but when I got there, I felt so comfortable, it was like it wasn’t a big deal, and the process went smoothly. Everything that my doctors were projecting, saying it could be this, it could be that, I DIDN’T experience.  It was so easy and effortless. The procedure went very smoothly, the doctors were dumbfounded, and said “you're very healthy.”

I stopped doubting, and now I'm saying, “I am healthy, I am getting better.  

The sessions with Marnie were beneficial in the sense that I got self-validation that everything Marnie strengthened and deleted was gone – it worked!  

I am now able to take a step back, delete my mind, and be more connected to my physical intelligence. 

Marnie’s programs are different than other modalities of healing in the sense that you will feel very empowered because she actually teaches you to be more aware, more connected, and not doubt yourself. It's more like connecting you to yourself, and you're getting the insight that leads to the right answers, and you being your own viewer/self-expert.  It's more empowering and it's fast. You don't have to spend time digging through beliefs, and dealing with one thing at a time; rather, you actually go straight to the source and then clear everything at once.”

You Don't Have to be Perfect –  Watch this Video Now! 
Silvia F.     IT Manager for a Global Company

 Silvia’s Aha Moment

Silvia’s Aha Moment #2 …

Is Your House On The Market?

In Record Time (Less than 4-Weeks),
Silvia got an Executed Purchase Agreement 

Delete Your Blocks to Selling Your House – Watch the Video Below: 


Silvia’s Success Story 

I joined Marnie’s Personalized 4-Week Coaching Program to quantum leap my changes. I was tired of doing numerous healings for single issues and wanted to accelerate my healing and speed up my changes. It felt as though I was trying to clear a boulder with a toothpick, and I needed something that was faster, more efficient and powerful. I was impressed with how quickly Marnie was changing lives, and millions of issues quickly, on the spot, and I wanted to experience those immediate strengthening’s and deletions for myself. I wanted to know that results on the spot, was possible for me too. 

BEFORE Marnie’s Program … 

I was experiencing stagnation and weakness around people and situations, and feeling at the effect of my surroundings, and not seeing the changes I desired. Despite all the healings I have been through, nothing seemed to be changing fast enough. It was as though I was stuck in a state of doubt and lack of insight that kept me feeling like I was in a hamster wheel, doing all the work, and going nowhere, in every area of my life …  A lot of effort and no tangible results! 

Changes I experienced DURING and AFTER Marnie’s program … 

I experienced more neutrality and awareness to my surroundings, and was no longer automatically reacting to things that would have set me off in the past. I became more aware of thoughts, feeling and emotions and could delete them, as they came up, after the session. I was made aware that I am able to catch things sooner, before it could negatively impact me. That was a great awareness that Marnie helped me to acknowledge.  

During the sessions, I was able to feel the emotions that were suppressed, when the real root cause was identified, and shifts occurred fast, during the calls. I felt that once we become aware of the true issue, the acknowledgement of that and the willingness to feel the emotions, assisted me in the full release. When Marnie strengthened me to the situation, I felt the emotions, then she deleted it, and it was effortless. There was no trying to understand or figure it out. They were just gone 

The sessions facilitated me in feeling stronger, more confident and incharge; and it also helped me to know that my past and ancestors were no longer entangling and weighing me down with their issues. I got validations that I was healthy and there was nothing to be concerned about, even when the Western doctors could not figure out the problem. I stayed neutral when the doctors went into conclusions of what my condition could be. I know I am healthy, just waiting for the doctors to catch up to me. 

My “Aha Moments”   

I was impressed with how much I already knew, and how much I was aware of, and how open I was to the energies and changes. I also I didn't realize I was focusing on what had not changed.  I thought I was moving forward, but Marnie helped me see how fast I was changing and how strong and neutral I already was, and to acknowledge and celebrate those changes.  

Marnie helped me to trust and believe in myself more and having her witness the changes I was going through, was very empowering, validating and comforting. It felt good to have someone hold that space, where you can be vulnerable to feel what truly needs changing, and allow the changes to take place, and I believe I am moving more towards not feeling the need to keep secrets, protect or hide. 

I realize that I am OK talking with a few selected people that I know, but don't feel at all comfortable exposing myself to large audiences or to authority figures (or those in a hierarchy above me). I tend to keep silence in these situations, and Marnie is helping me move towards that space, where I can share, participate and contribute to others, without feeling afraid of being exposed to people I don't know or that don't know me well. I know by sharing, I will move beyond the threshold that held me back, and that my changes will be a contribution to others in similar situations. 

Why I would recommend this program to others 

If anyone wants to identify to true source of their blocks and heal them on the spot, look no further. Marnie will assist you in removing the blocks to what is really getting in your way. 

I’m currently continuing in Marnie's Monthly Membership for health, wealth, and happiness. 

Silvia F. 

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