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Quick overview of the call …

I took 3 live callers with various types of physical pain (back pain, hip pain, leg/foot pain) and rejuvenated them on the spot!

CALLER 1. Problems: Lower Back Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Heal/Foot Pain

As I identified and deleted Therese’s relationship conflicts and financial fears, she mentioned that she was terrified because she is 59 years old and out of work.  I deleted her fear of getting old, and I strengthened her financial situation for taking steps forward in her power.

After a few minutes of deletions, Therese said “I feel relieved! I’m happy my PAIN IS GONE. I’m ready to go, and looking forward to going back to work! I feel in my power! I feel absolutely confident now in my abilities.”

If you resonate with her fear of getting old, or if you are worried about your finances – listen to this replay now so that you also can experience how fast change can take place.

CALLER 2. Problems: Hip Pain, Foot Cramps  

I traced the root cause of Mariana's pain to inherited negative emotions and memories from her mother’s relationship of feeling unfulfilled, neglected and ignored.

I deleted referred weaknesses in her heart that blocked her from allowing a man to love her unconditionally.

After I identified and deleted her weaknesses, Mariana said “I feel an expansion in my heart. My hip lightened up a lot. I am glad that I am open to this process because now I see much more possibility than ever before.”

Mariana is now in her feminine power, and strong to attracting a man that will unconditionally love and fully support her.

If you want to attract a fulfilling relationship/loving partner – listen now!

CALLER 3. Problems: Stomach and Hip Pain

After I identified and deleted the source of Mary’s pain that was rooted in fear of speaking up, speaking her truth and sticking up for herself, Mary said “I feel confident! I don’t feel any pain or discomfort in my stomach. Standing is not hurting.”

If you resonate with these same problems, listen now so that you can see how quickly pain can disappear.

If you are asking the question …

Will this work for me?

The answer is YES! You just have to be open.

It does not matter how serious your illness or pain is, every condition is reversible!

This transformation happens immediately, on the spot, simply by locating and deleting the previously unknown causes and the exact hidden weaknesses that created the problem in the first place.

If you want the same results … be sure to listen to the end as I also discuss how to resolve your pain and stress in this month’s Monthly Membership Program.

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    You will be able to listen to each month’s protocols on a daily basis, or whenever you feel the need. This is the tool you need to reset, reprogram, and restart your internal computer on a regular basis, allowing you to move forward with strength, neutrality, self-acceptance, certainty, balance and stability when faced with challenges that are inevitable in our daily lives.

Listen to this free replay and experience how quickly problems can be deleted.

It’s EASY! Just delete the unknown weakness that undermine your health and happiness.

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Here Are Just a Few of the Testimonials We Received After the Previous Monthly Membership Call …

Hi Marnie! Thank you for the call. It’s amazing! I was unable to participate in the live event but listened to it the next day. I was surprised at how much applies to my circumstances, things I didn’t include in my problems/questions to you. I love the work you are doing and the difference you are making in people’s lives and in the world!

Jill H.

Thank you SO much for last week's activation. During the call I felt anxious, waiting for ‘my' issue to be mentioned. I got more and more upset when it didn't come up. It was the second time (to my perception, no mention in March's call either). SO MUCH jealousy, and anger. It lasted until after the call and was way out of proportion so I knew something was up. I just hung in there until the next day when I listened to the entire recording, and had tears of gratitude. I felt so much love and care, and for the first time a sense that I am part of the group call. Everyone's issues are my issues … and my issues are everyone's issues. It was a complete turnaround!  THANK YOU!!! I have been listening every day and will continue to do so.

Ellen W.

There was a lot of the performance things you talked about that changed things. Especially that being successful brings up not being successful, and your lovely friend/client that said ‘don't hide your Magic'. The vision thing you brought up and the herpes issue were also really powerful for me.

Sonja L.

It was so sweet of you to mention me -Thank you!!!!! I Loved the activation. As soon as I finished it, I had a headache, but it went away. I did feel very hard on my shoulders and top back. When the call was over, I felt lighter.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!! Xxx

Josie A.

Marnie, I forgot to mention that my knees have been feeling so good, as well as my breast tissue. I think I forgot because I’ve been feeling so great. Thank you so much for clearing all of that. My uterus is so much better. I will let you know about my headaches, sinuses and grief; but so far so good. I really appreciate everything you are doing! You are amazing.

 Joanna D.

I always feel amazing during and after your calls. I can feel the energy right down to the quantum particles, and it is so fantastic.  It is always brilliant how you touch on many topics. I feel I am experiencing, even if I haven't mentioned them.  I do stand for long periods of time and it is definitely better now.    Thank you so much for all of your help, I am very appreciative.  It is so wonderful what you do and I am inspired to want to learn more how to do this as well. My insight, and feeling strong verses weak seems to be improving.

Julie D.

I feel relaxed & grounded.

Monnie C.

Marnie a few days ago I was feeling dreadful, I had sore knees and I was very tired. I don't know what you did, but today I feel great – my shins and knees feel great, and I felt a lot more energized. Thank you, Marnie, you have an amazing gift.

Diane H.

From not being able to walk – I successfully hiked in Utah National Parks – gaining huge self-esteem!

Mary R.

I can sleep, the restless legs are gone. My neck is the best it has been, I'm more joyful working on administrative parts of the business. I've been putting myself out there on social media, getting some praise and some pushback on my posts, and I'm learning how to navigate people not liking me or my message.

Karen J.

I experienced the resolution of the acute pain I had in my jaw, thank you Marnie!

Camilo B.

I got an unexpected tax refund – yay!

Dave B.

I wanted to thank you for strengthening the room last weekend. The Feng Shui felt harmonious, many commented in a positive way. A few people (5) returned for a second and third time to view my paintings and showed genuine interest in my work.

I. M.

Clarity is improving dramatically as I’m integrating, integrating, integrating.

Christiene R.

I noticed clearer perception.

Jackson S.

Wow … I was feeling like such a victim yesterday afternoon … I had nothing but dread about the future … after the call I felt great and suddenly had a new vision of how to approach the next few weeks.

Anne G.

I had a great aha' moment for the group energy. The end of March the rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet began to flare up in pain and swelling. Someone in the group must have contacted you before I could. The next morning I not only felt better, but got better during the day physically as well, being able to be closer to insight, and less in mind. Having perception to notice the difference was also a big aha'.  Thank you for all you do!!!           

Judy W.

The heel has been feeling AWESOME since Friday!  I even played 3 sets of singles tennis today pain-free before, during & after the match.  SWEET!  Oh, and my tennis game is going GREAT.  I Won 4 of my 5 USTA league matches this season. I absolutely LOVE this new healthy relationship that I have with competition!  Thank you SO MUCH!

Marta M.

I felt glad! Still do. The phone call 2 days ago was so amazing.

Kjerstin P.

Thank you for all your help – my allergy symptoms are much, much milder and there are days when it’s completely gone!

Teri S.

As always, I loved listening to the part where you mention some of the people’s physical complaints that they wrote in with. My ears perked up when you mentioned vision and hair loss problems. I noticed that my vision improved a bit before you started the call. Anything up close for me is crystal clear but things in the distance I can see but they are a bit blurry/foggy. Thank you to the people who wrote in with vision problems!! I greatly appreciate it. My hair has been shedding faster than I would like. It is really noticeable when I am washing my hair. Big clump left in the bottom of the shower. Now this issue for me is a vanity one mainly. I have heaps of hair! Last night when I washed my hair, there was hardly any on the floor of the shower …Yay!!! That made me feel really good. Once again, thank you to the people who wrote in to you with this problem.

Ashleigh D.

I had my surgery on the 9th. The doctor took out the stitches yesterday. He says he has never seen such progress in the scars in such short term. He thinks I’m a special person … Ha ha …  It’s you Marnie!!! Looking forward to improving much more.

Tere R.

As usual, an enjoyable listening experience, with useful insights.

I was sleeping while the call went out, finishing my show at midnight.  All the same, I got up in the morning feeling strong and very supple in terms of all-over joint movement.  I don't have a problem with this, but the ease of movement was particularly noticeable.

John H.

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