How to Balance Your Blood Pressure, On The Spot!

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Marnie Greenberg High Blood Pressure Demonstration at Dragonfest 2019

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2019,
The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo.

Are You Putting Yourself FIRST or LAST In Your Life?

Do you feel PRESSURE from others? 

Does this ring a bell? 

If Yes, STOP what you are doing for 1 minute. 

This is the exact time that you NEED to hear this message! 

WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW because it’s time to put yourself FIRST!!! 

This is ESSENTIAL to your well-being

Be sure to watch recording time 2:20 …
Follow along with me, and you will feel a change in your heart and body, on the spot! 

“I’m putting myself first, because the stronger I am,
the stronger everyone else around me will be.”

Watch Now

John is a perfect illustration of how high blood pressure can be deleted on the spot. However, for you, it might be a different problem – possibly a headache, or physical pain; back, hips, legs, arms, shoulders, feet, etc.  

In the video, I explained that the root cause of John’s high blood pressure was really the pressure that he was surrounded by. Other people's negative thoughts, emotions and experiences can put pressure on you and it builds up and over time, manifesting as various types of physical pain. 

The bottom line is that when other people put pressure on you, it causes pain and stress.  

Don’t be like John and wait 35 years! 

It’s time to delete your stress and pain, on the spot! 

The side effect of putting yourself first is Good Health, Success and Abundance! 

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Congrats! You’ve got this!!! 

Honor yourself for putting yourself first.  

Most important, keep listening to the self-strengthening and deletion activation on unconditional love and self-acceptance, for daily balancing.  

I’m watching over you and always have your back!  

If you missed the first video with John, Part 1 – How to Effortlessly Succeed in Your Life, Doing What You Love!
Be sure to Watch Here

Highlights From Dragonfest – Click Here


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