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Meet Marnie

Marnie Greenberg is the founder/CEO of Marnie Greenberg International, LLC. As Co-Leader of the universally acclaimed Yuen Method, she and legendary 35th generation Shaolin Kung-Fu Grandmaster, Dr. Kam Yuen, have co-authored their latest Amazon International Best Selling book, Delete Stress and Pain, on the Spot with the intent of exposing people to a newer version of the Yuen Method that has continued to evolve and expand over the years. Marnie explains that each change makes their groundbreaking method faster, more comprehensive, easier to learn and exposes students to an even higher level of consciousness. Marnie is an internationally recognized intuitive and medium, author, speaker and strategist, with more than twenty years experience in healing and natural medicine. Most recently, utilizing her accounting/finance background, she intuitively advises individuals and Fortune 500 companies regarding strategic business decisions. Her mission in life is to provide people with answers that they can find within themselves so that they achieve results on the spot.

“For more than a decade, I have witnessed Marnie Greenberg’s impeccable perception, intuition, insight and telecommunications, which provide you the exact answers to any life question you may have that has not been fully answered to your satisfaction.  This results in your professional life, personal life, and business life moving forward with ultimate strength, and without any glitches.  Her ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint your unseen weaknesses that keep you stuck and delete them, on the spot is far beyond anyone.” Dr. Kam Yuen DC. – Kung Fu Grandmaster

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Marnie Greenberg Live Webinar -Stay Strong in the New Year


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