My Breast Cyst Is GONE!
Mammogram Proven Results!

· September 11, 2020 · 87 comments

Life can be like a roller coaster, filled with constant, relentless, soul-crushing ups and downs.

This is a story about conquering life's continual challenges.

Group member Mary is unstoppable!

She continues to get the outcomes she wants in life – and You Can Too! 

Mary continually sent me her questions/problems every month in my Monthly Membership Program ….  

Mary’s Results:

– Breast Cyst – GONE! 

– Lyme’s Disease – GONE! 

– Hip Pain – GONE! 

– Knee Pain – GONE! 

– Joint Pain – GONE! 

– Difficulty Walking – GONE! 

– Dental Problems – GONE! 

– Traumatic Life Crisis – GONE! 

– Agonizing Legal Battle – CASE GONE!


Bottom Line: Mary is Healthy, Calm, and Joyful! 

She Saved Herself a Lot of Time, Money, and Aggravation! 


You simply cannot argue with successful results that are medically proven on CT scans, MRIs, Mammograms, and blood tests.

Repeat to Yourself: 

“I am open and receptive to change” 


Please leave your comments below.
Mary and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

(Click on the image below to play the video)

I know we attracted each other because you want MORE! 

– More Painless Days
– More Money!
– More Success!
– More Freedom!
– More Time and Energy!
– More! More! More!

Bring it on -  STRONG!!! That's right! 

When someone tells me “I Can't” –  

My Response is “Watch Me!”  Watch me make it happen!

Watch me get the outcome I WANT!

Watch me delete your blocks so that YOU get the outcome YOU want!!!  

It’s all about Ultimate SUCCESS & INDEPENDENCE, with EASE! 

As Mary said, she listens to the Coronavirus Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activation” daily so that she can strongly stay calm and in her power. 

We all have the Yuen Method skill! 
I’m just here to keep you strongly neutral so that you can stay in your full power. 

Marnie + YOU = No Pain & No Problems! 

I strongly believe that “anything and everything is reversible.” 

Most important, I am here to remind you not to get psyched-out worrying about Coronavirus symptoms, any illness, or traumatic life situations that catch you off guard. YOU are in charge of your health and well-being. 

I truly care about you, and from my heart, I want the best for you and your loved ones! 

Be preventative and proactive – This is truly a lifesaving method.

Get the Coronavirus activation for FREE as a bonus when you join my Monthly Membership program.

Join now! BEFORE you need a miracle!

Please leave a comment below – Mary and I would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

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If you missed Mary's last blog, watch it here …
Severe Hip Pain, Now Able Walk Pain Free


Reversing COVID-19! From Positive to Negative Test Results! Truly Lifesaving

I’m here to share a story about a heroic doctor who was on the frontlines, and what happens when we don’t accept the medical statistics, the fears, the worries, and we devote our full focus to strengthening the outcome for our loved ones and what can happen! Don't Miss Out on the Upcoming Live Membership Call!

Strengthening and Deletion Monthly Membership

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Hi Marnie & Mary, This story is amazing!! Thanks Mary – your energy is uplifting and I feel your joy. I am sending you hugs. My hip pain is also gone!!! What a relief. I love you and the group supportive energy!! I couldn’t have made it through the Corona craziness without the self-strengthening and deletion activations!!! Like you Mary, I also play them daily – especially the Coronavirus Kung Fu. I am looking forward to the September call as it keeps me going strong!!! You are so brave to share your story live …. maybe one day, I will… Read more »


Julie, cheers for no hip pain! Keep going. We love hearing of your strength and success!

Stacey Hayes

I LOVED this video message! What an inspiring women Mary is and it’s clear the two of you together can accomplish anything, just as we all can and WILL with your ( Marnie’s ) Help and guidance! Xo

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Stacy, Thanks for sharing! You are so much calmer than when you first started. I’m so proud of you! You will accomplish ALL!! Watch out – here you come!!!! I love ya and sending you an extra oomph!!! Marnie


Thank you M&M for this testimony. What a delight to connect with M&M’s joyful energy. I was feeling very sad, I was in a very emotionally dark place when I received Marnie’s message with the invitation to watch this video and Mary’s testimony lightened me up. I loved what she said about “herself tuning into Marnie”, and also how she trained daily to put herself in a state of neutrality to a level that she had never expected that it could be possible. Thank you Marnie both for showing us Mary’s incredible results and thank you Mary for sharing it.… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Andrea, That’s great Mary’s testimony lightened you up. Sending you an extra joyful oomph now!!! I love ya!

Andrea Ranalli

Love you too, Marnie! Thanks so much!


Andrea, being consistent with the activations has contributed to my neutral state. There are times when I feel sad, but now I know that it will come and go like the weather. The neutral state returns.
Stay with it! We love you!!

Andrea Ranalli

That’s so sweet, Mary! Thank you!

Ashleigh Deanshaw

This video was very cool to watch! Mary, your energy is so vibrant, strong and joyful. Thank you so much for sharing your story. This video made me reflect on how I was when I first started with Marnie. I was not in a good place health wise. Now I feel strong, more confident and much happier than what I was back then. Marnie’s programs have provided so much learning for me and this has made me feel so much more capable to handle the rollercoaster ride that is life. Thank you Marnie!! Your programs are incredibly special, empowering and… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Ashleigh, So glad you feel stronger, more confident and much happier! You are so dedicated and committed to self-love. I am sending you an extra OOMPH now!! I know you will feel it! Hugs, Marnie


Ashleigh, let’s all go on that roller coaster ride and hoot and holler!!

Marnie Greenberg

OMG Mary!!!! Hoot and Holler – STRONG!!!! Love it!!! I’m even feeling that energy boost!!!!

Ashleigh Deanshaw

Let us all go and have some fun together! What a rush of energy we would all get hit with :)

Steve Hayes

Results results results what can I say. Very compassionate and uplifting. Thank you Marnie. :-)

Marnie Greenberg

Love ya Steve!!! Sending you an extra oomph of energy!!!! It’s great having you and your lovely daughter in the group!!!


Thank You 💛Mary 💛for sharing your AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONAL Story! You beam ✨LIGHT, ✨JOY & ✨LOVE!

I just started 9 months ago with Marnie and your story is very inspirational!

If you can do it -recupérate your total health & joy for living- so can I! 😍

Again thank you so much and so HAPPY your mom is STRONG & HEALTHY at 95!!!

✨Much Blessings to you, your mom, Marnie… & your Team Marnie ! ✨💛✨

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Isa, You got it!!!
“If Mary can do it -recupérate total health & joy for living- so can I! 😍”
Keep going strong – sending you EXTRA Strength!!! I love you are so open and receptive to change and unstoppable! Especially with your move! Hugs!


💗 THANK YOU Marnie 💗
Yes countdown for my move: 4 days!

Only your Live Monthly calls & Activations could have synchronized everything for my move (for the better) after 18 years of living in the same place! 😍


💕I love you too! 💕 🥰

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Isa, YAY!!! All blocks were deleted and You finally got what you wanted – a perfect new home! Congrats – so happy for you! You are strong for your move! HUGS!


Smooth sailing and effortless move to you! Love, Mary


You plus me infinity baby♥️
Thanks Marnie, Super awesome massage I love how much Mary improves! And me too anything is possible 😍
Me same, watch me! Watch me shine ♥️
I’m very great fully to be in your Radar Marnie, and also great full member like Mary wants to share and encourage us and giving how and what she did for being in ultimate neutrality thanks 🙏
Thanks Marnie be in my life 🙏I love you and bless you! Sending you unconditional love, infinite And beyond ♥️♥️♥️

Last edited 3 years ago by Nadees O’b
Marnie Greenberg

Sending you an extra oomph Nadee!! Me + You =Infinity!!!! Hugs!

Winifred Wager

Hi Marnie and Mary . Such a joyful testimony about what can be accomplished with Marnie’s help and guidance. Mary is positively glowing and the power of her commitment to the Yuen method is evident from the amazing results she has had . Trust, neutrality and expectations met! You are such an inspiration!
Unconditional love to you and to Marnie!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Winifred, Thanks for participating!! You are a winner, just like Mary, and everyone in the group! Mary is your mirror!! Can’t wait to have you on the blog and share your inspirational stories. I love you and sending you an extra energy oomph!!! I know you feel it!!!

Arzelie berouard

First and foremost well done to Marnie and Mary!!!! Very happy for her, I do resonate with Mary cyst, I was myself yesterday doing some castor oil on my left ovary yesterday again, but I am still in Marnie’s program even if financial that not super easy for me because I know it’s working for me and for others even if could take some time sometimes, it’s OK that’s a process sometimes.
I am a believer in this method and Marnie.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Arzelie, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad Mary resonates with you. I am strengthening you now for financial prosperity. It becomes easier the more you listen to the calls. I can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming call – I will go super deep on this so that you get what you want!! Huge hugs and unconditional love!!


What a wonderfully inspiring message. Hearing all the positive outcomes is so encouraging to stay on course. Thank you for sharing it is a blessing to see and know this method is working for real people.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Patricia, sending you Extra-Strength!!! I love ya and looking froward to connecting soon!!

Theresa Maltais

Congratulations on all of these great results! Mary .. I love your smile & then your bigger smile puts a grin on my face. I can feel your happiness .. it just bubbles out. I love it! ❤️😄😁


Theresa, together we will grin through life! It’s the only way to be!! Love, Mary


Mary you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing. I am working on my own challenges so thank you. Just listening to you is helping me. And, how old are you?

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Deborah, Glad that Mary inspired you!!! Mary is ageless and so are you!! What counts most is how you feel on the inside –
No Pain – No Problems = REJUVENATION! I am sending you a rejuvenation boost NOW!!! Looking forward to continuing your momentum on the upcoming call … I love you!


Deborah, OMG, here goes…..69 with a new decade in January☺️

Caroline Masters

Hi Mary – so wonderful to see your smiling face and hear you speak about your ongoing successes in challenging circumstances (I certainly can relate.) And I love that you are a swimmer and are finding a way to get in the water – a wet suit in Walden pond – yes! (I grew up in Newton and Lexington Massachusetts, and am in the SF Bay area of California now.) Thank you for being a vibrant part of our amazing group and community! And I also listen to a selection of activations short and long every day, so powerful –… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Caroline, Glad you feel Mary’s vibrant and amazing energy! It’s awesome that you listen to a selection of activations, short and long, every day, so powerful – viva neutrality! YES!!! You got it!!! You are a powerhouse, just like everyone in the group. I love reading all your monthly feedback from both the Lifestyle Mastery Group and the monthly membership group. You have come a long way and proved that you can and will get through the hard times – strong!!! Your chi has redirected your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strength!! And accomplishing this during a Pandemic is… Read more »


A shout out to a fellow New Englander! I have many friends in Lexington. Love the Bay Area. Let’s keep on the neutral track!!

Love , Mary

Cristina Gabriela

Hello Mary,
I am glad that you have made so many changes for the better in your life and that of your family.
I admire your strong energy and achievements.
Having Marnie and Dr.Yuen has been a very valuable help. Lots of love

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Cristina, sending you Extra Strong Energy! I love having you in the group, and that you keep going strong!!!


WOWW!! I read all the comments before watching the video and now am feeling so strong, happy, neutral. It all comes through, one way or another!! Thank you to Marnie, team, and all participants for playing in this game of life. STRONG!! I love the monthly membership–the best value on the planet. As a lightworker myself, I can say that everyone needs support. I show up here consistently, to show up for myself consistently, to be strong for my clients. A MILLION THANK-YOU’S

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Haley, A million thank-you’s back!! And a million energy hugs your way!!! I love that you kick ass consistantly! Can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming call. Unconditional love!


Thank you Mary for sharing! It is so great to hear about all the changes. That it actually is possible!
I am in the membership. 1-2 years ago I also had mammography that showed a lump in my left breast and had to go back. Next time it was gone.
Life is challenging. A lot of obstacles. To hear how you have gone through it and to overcome it gives a warm feeling. It is exactly what is needed in the world now.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Kjerstin, Thanks for sharing your story! Amazing it’s similar to Mary’s story – So glad your mammogram showed the lump in your left breast was gone. I love having you in the group. You have overcome every challenge and still going strong. You are a powerhouse!!! Sending you EXTRA STRENGTH!!! Hugs!!


Thank you Marnie! The contact with you gives strengh. I keep going because I know you are here❤️


Lyme Disease, breast lumps and root canals are pretty high on my ‘Do Not Want’ list, so I REALLY appreciate Mary coming forward to share the incredible ways in which Marnie’s program has changed her health and quality of life.  I remember when Mary’s experience of going through the tooth pain issue had just happened and how astonished I was by how quickly she went from needing to not needing a root canal!  That was mind-boggling to me! In fact, it broadened my awareness of how FAST major results can occur and a substantial part of my limited thinking & beliefs… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

HI Marta – M&M = Infinity and you are an M – M+M+M = Beyond Infinity!!! Glad all your limited thinking & beliefs dropped away!! I love hearing all your success stories every month – life keeps getting better for you. It would be great to have you come on the blog – your success story list is unbelievable … so many changes it’s been a wild roller coaster ride! You are a game-changer – who knew playing tennis would get you this far – you know aht I mean! Between you and me – Look at the date of… Read more »


On the spot is what Marnie says and does. All we can do is allow and be neutral☺️

Erin Boyle

Mary you are truly an inspiration for us all! I listen to the corona Kung fu activation frequently as well and draw neutral energy from it. I had a recent situation where that particular activation really came through for me. I work privately with an elderly woman that resides in an assisted living facility and while waiting in line to be admitted with temperature taking etc, I had a casual conversation with another woman in line where we discussed the humidity of Florida and I mentioned how this will occasionally make my nose run. Well the “check in” woman overheard… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Erin, what a great story – Nice to hear that the self-strengthening and deletion activations are a way of life for you and the benefits you receive are immeasurable!! WOOHOO!!!! Sending you a huge energy oomph and more coming on the upcoming call!!


Erin, Ah, the navigation of life in a pandemic. Tuesday my daughter arrives from SanDiego with her toddler. Coronavirus Kung Fu will be heard often.

I’m so happy you got right back to work. Disconnect from the world’s mind and spirit. We can be doing that often. All the best to you, Mary


Hey Marnie and Mary,
Just loved your beautiful testimony and your radiant, glowing personality. So glad to hear that you and Marnie have accomplished so much. The Yuen Method is amazing!! Stay strong and neutral.

Hugs, Diana

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Diana, You are glowing and have accomplished so much also and I love having you in both groups!!! Looking forward to connecting on the upcoming call. HUGS!


Neutral for you and me! Keep going, Diane! Love, Mary

Julie D.

Hi Marnie and Mary Your stories Mary are so amazing and encouraging. What a strong young lady you are! (guessing age-young lol) I felt so much better just listening to you both. I am so happy to be a part of your membership Marnie, you have helped me so much over the years. Recently I sent a 911 for my granddaughter and her brain truama and she is getting better each day. I know you helped her(and family) as there are huge changes happening for her and the whole family in a positive way! I appreciated Mary sharing also about… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Julie, That’s great your grandmother is getting better – I worked on her on the last membership all and will continue!! I am strengthening your knee. Hugs!


Julie, thanks 1 million for calling me young! It is in our heads, and when someone recently referred to my age as old age I could not identify at all. Disconnect from peoples minds and spirits! That’s what we do. Keep going, and I will too. I’m about to jump in to Walden pond. Love, Mary


So glad I decided to listen to this video. Amazing work on Mary by Marnie, at least to me, all the ways Mary was helped. Many Blessings, Sherry :)

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Sherry, Thanks for watching Mary’s video! Join the live stream on Thursday, September 17th. Sending you Extra Strength – Hugs!


You’ve got it, Sheri! I’ve been helped in amazing ways, and I and all of us can continue on this journey together. Love, Mary

Martine C

So beautiful and inspiring, keeps me going for more thank you for this Marnie and Mary!!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Martine! It’s wonderful you feel inspired! I’m looking forwrd to connecting on the upcoming call. Sending you extra strength!!! Hugs!


Yes Very Powerful Message and may all our results for each of us be in the highest to serve more to all for the best of all.

Marnie Greenberg

You got it Eugene!! Since you are not in the membership program and took the time to watch this video, I am sending you an extra energy boost- I’m detecting and Deleting weaknesses in your shoulder/rotator cuff/left side – deleting old memories and the pressure from the world. You are super intuitive so the grief from external dynamics is way too much. Also, Strengthening referred weaknesses in your heart/lungs. Some weaknesses that go back to your father. It’s time for you to fly!!! Get ready to soar! Join the live stream on Thursday, September 17th and you will feel even… Read more »

Ulrica Broman

Hello, Thank you both so much for this. Fantastic!
I knew I need your help like in every part of my life. I have your book and I am trying to understand how to help myself so that I can help others. I want to feel good first. I’m from Sweden.Much love to you guys.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Ulrica, Thanks for watching. We have many people from Sweeden in the membership group! We would love to have you join. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and my team will be happy to assist you! Sending you Extra Strength!!!

Ulrica Broman

Thank you so very much Marnie for your answer and your email address. I feel like I have received strength. I love your energy. Kisses and hugs from me to you and Mary.


Ulrica, sending love and great energy all the way to you in Sweden. Are used to be somebody who is trying to fix and solve everyone else’s problems! Now I focus on myself, the best place to begin.And this program gives us tools and resources to correct others as well. I’ve observed the results of Marnie’s corrections of others. Love, Mary

Ulrica Broman

Thank you so much, Mary. Yes!! Same here. Working as a nurse assistant, I give so much. Even in my private life. Now it is my turn – STRONG! haha. That’s fantastic that the energy connects and gets results. Wow. So much love to you. Take care. Ulrica.


I feel empowered after watching this video! So much impressing results.
I wish to be so full of activity, health and joy like Mary! Thanks for sharing these experiences.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Petra, Sending you an extra energy boost!!! HUGS!


Petra, Activity, health, and joy! I love hearing those words. Best to live our lives to the fullest while we are here. Marnie has helped to light the way. Love, Mary

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