Knee & Neck Pain GONE, ON THE SPOT! Productivity & Love Are The Side Effects

· August 2, 2021 · 51 comments

Do you have difficulty getting things done?  No energy?

Do you have any physical pain?

Do you have difficultly getting along with family members?

David said,My right knee was very weak, and I was wearing a knee brace and the knee has completely healed.  It's just normal now – WOW! 

I also felt that I was being blocked on different projects that I was doing, and it’s hard to say why! It was oddball projects, and I would just hit a wall.

I asked Marnie to unblock me, and then my level of energy just escalated, and I just went on this rampage of getting projects done. It was so amazing!

I was fixing this, doing that, building that, researching this, reading, writing, and it was really quite exciting!

I was saying – Is this me?

I went from like a sloth to a leopard – overnight!

Linda said,It's so extraordinary – I have more love in my heart, and especially with my sister and siblings. I was talking to Marnie and Dr. Yuen about the difficulty with my neck and jaw and I'm finding that I can navigate in such a sweet manner, that it is a song in my heart that I can talk to my sister in a neutral way. It's angelic. It's wonderful. It's taken most of my life to be able to do that! It's a subtle change that's extraordinary!”

When you delete your pain, you will automatically be more productive and have more love in your heart!

What Do You Need, Want, and Desire?

Repeat to Yourself:

Anything & Everything is Possible! STRONG!

I Can & Will Do It! STRONG!

Press Play – WATCH NOW
(Only 4 Minutes!)

Join the comments below. 

Linda and David continue to get the outcomes they want in life – and You Can Too!

They consistently sent me their questions/problems every month in my Monthly Membership Program…


David and Linda’s Results:


– Neck & Jaw Pain – GONE! 

– Knee Brace – GONE! 

– Knee Pain – GONE! 

– Hitting a Wall – GONE! 

– Blocked Projects – GONE! 

– Lack of Energy – GONE!

– Stress With Siblings – GONE!


BOTTOM LINE: It's Your Turn – What Blocks Do You Have?

Take Action and Join Marnie's Monthly Membership!

If Not Now – When?

Monthly Members – I am blown away by all the feedback and success stories everyone in the group is sharing.

We are an undefeatable team! I can't wait to connect with you on the upcoming membership call!

Not a Monthly Member?

It's time to delete all your hidden blocks on the spot!

Yes! I Want to Go Beyond Infinite Potential!

Real People! Real Results!

Consistent results for everyone in the world!

If you missed my last blog, Ignite Your Fire Energy, On The Spot! Click Here and leave me a comment about how this energy makes you feel, or any story about how my monthly membership program has changed your life and ignited your fire energy – and you will non-verbally receive 100X the Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments – this is the Yuen Method Kung Fu power of igniting your fire energy and directing the fire energy to where it’s needed most! Burning up all that no longer serves your highest good!

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I am very much aware of how awesome the Yuen Method is. I have been involved for a year in September. Marnie and Dr Yuen have eliminated sciatica pain for me, resolved issues at work, serious health issues have vanished. I am very grateful for the continued support. Relationship issues have resolved miraculously and instantly. I could go on and on. As things get resolved, other issues come forward. It is a process that continues, making my experience of life so much better with every month.

Marnie Greenberg

Marti, Thank you for sharing all the success you have experienced in the group. You are amazing! Unconditional Love ❤️


YES MARNIE! Increible joy I felt inside me with energy you bring up “you already made the right decision! You choose FREEDOM!”. Thanks David and Linda for expressed their freedom in heart and projects! Really the sense of freedom is the energy of the BEING being expressed…
Marnie after maybe one hour of your message in moment I was arriving home in car I saw in sky a MAGNIFICIENTE FLY OF 2 STORKS! ! ! THANK YOU FOR ALL MARNIE! !!

Marnie Greenberg

I love you, T.S!! ❤️ Freedom is who you are!


Lovely testimonial !!! For me lower back gone! , more iner peace knowing that the Univers has my back !!!! 🤣

Marnie Greenberg

Arzelie, That’s great your lower back pain is gone! Unconditional Love ❤️


Since I’ve joined the group I’ve felt more hopeful that I can get what I want. I’ve had more friends around me and I’m also having a lot of insights regarding family dynamics. I believe my health is also improving in a variety of ways.

Marnie Greenberg

Liza, Thanks for sharing your success! Unconditional Love ❤️

Linda W,

This was so inspiring, I resonate with Linda’s experience with siblings and staying neutral. I am new to Yuen Method, but I look forward to being able to share similar successes especially in the areas of health which I am currently working to improve and possible new business adventure. Marnie and Dr. Yuen are marvels, I am so glad to have found you both. It must be synchronicity that the method came into my life when most needed!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Linda, Welcome to the group! I will process deletions to change your x-rays! Be sure to join me live on the 25th! Unconditional Love ❤️

Souli Yates

Hi Marnie & Dr Yuen, I absolutely love that video & such a beautiful couple. I so needed to hear that today. I have gained so much from being a part of your awesome group, so grateful. Big resonance with the issues in this video, my gosh, you know, always 🤩 Spot on! Block to starting new project Gone! I have a huge smile on my face at the moment created by this video & you xoxo Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🦋🙏

Marnie Greenberg

Souli, Thanks for sharing – glad you resonated with Linda and David, and your blocks to starting new projects are gone – woohoo!
❤️ Unconditional Love

Theresa Maltais

Hi David & Linda,

This is so wonderful hearing all your successes! Your are very kind and sincere. Thank you for sharing! ❣️
If you can do it .. so can I! Strong!

Marnie Greenberg

Theresa, you got it!!! ❤️ Unconditional Love


Great testimonial, I felt neck relief as I watched

Marnie Greenberg

Federico, Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥

Heidi Wagner

Both the monthly & Life Mastery have resulted in steady wins !
Sales: greater sales during “pandemic” than previously.
Left knee pain almost gone; able to walk 2 miles to work daily.
Less conflict at work with employer.
Had “covid-like” symptoms on Friday. Submitted this issue
in my August monthly, symptoms subsiding. Listening to coronavirus activation daily now !
Less stress over to vaccinate or not.
Thank you, Marnie ! Great programs !

Marnie Greenberg

Awesome Heidi!! Thanks for sharing your changes! Unconditional Love ❤️


Marnie and team assisted me over the weekend with some strengthening of a situation that had so many variables for failure. I needed it to just work out in a bad way….and you know what? IT WORKED OUT! Viewing the world with unlimited potential vs probable failure now. It all added up in just the right time. It can and will happen to you. Thank you thank you thank you!

Marnie Greenberg

YAY!!! Always on it Sequoia!! Thanks for sharing! ❤️ Unconditional Love


What a sweet couple. Always so nice to hear all the success stories and positive feedback! You help us all so much Marnie, thank you.

Marnie Greenberg

Love ya, Stacey!! Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥

Caroline M.

Thank you Marnie & Dr. Yuen! The positive changes in my life continue to manifest in unforeseen ways – as of last Friday I am now working with an exceptional business consultant and his associates on both my fine art business and in future on commercializing Christopher’s scientific development projects. I feel like I have been wandering in the desert and have found an amazing oasis!
No words can adequately express what these new connections mean to me on so many levels… Thank you for clearing the way and holding open the possibilities!

Marnie Greenberg

Caroline, You are a powerhouse! You are Kicking ass with all your projects!! Thanks for sharing your changes – yes, beyond words!
Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥

Caroline M.

Thank you Marnie!!! Between you, Kam, Joann, Chris and everyone in the groups I feel so supported, and I truly am manifesting the life of my dreams! ❤️ 🎉🎊🪅💃😎

Marnie Greenberg

Caroline, You are amazing – you truly are manifesting your dreams into reality every step of the way!! ❤️ Unconditional Love

Judy W

The painful varicose veins running across the top of my knee have dissolved and the area feels great!!!
In this time with my life feeling so upside down having you and Dr Yuen there to be in my corner is my lifeline! Thank you so so much

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for sharing, Judy! Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥


Thank you, Marnie and Dr. Yuen! Thank you to Marnie’s miracles in the membership for continually restoring my optimism and hope and joy. I’ve had health and financial improvement and I love seeing, hearing, and experiencing more and more of what’s possible! Here’s to more and more success and freedom and joy!

Marnie Greenberg

Jesseka, Thanks for sharing! Freedom is who you are! ❤️ Unconditional Love


I have noticed deep things shifted and still shifting into an open space to receive and accept. I sense a big block on a deep level has been and is being deleted. I am eager to continue and experience what is next and to actualize more and more. My life has been getting easier and easier. In appreciation, thank you and looking forward to more and more!

Marnie Greenberg

Jill, Everyone resonated with you and the higher messages on the last call!! (The “J and the K” – who knew the keyboard could reveal such deep meaning) Very cool synchronicity – your heart is on fire! ❤️ Unconditional Love


That’s awesome! I just had a similar experience where my basement flooded and after cleaning it I could NOT STOP! Cleaned my entire place, threw out 60 bags of old crap and junk, got rid of so much clutter and old items with bad memories. Feels like a whole new energy in my place and smells Pine Sol fresh:)

Marnie Greenberg

OMG – Go Karen!! Thanks for sharing. basement clean – yay!! Time to relisten to the May membership call – there is a blindspot with “water” – I’m deleting it for you and it’s HUGE!!!! ❤️ Unconditional Love


What a great and fun couple! Love the tenderness and the positivity❤️
Thanks for sharing🙏🏼

Marnie Greenberg

Helena, Just like you and Robert!!! YAY!! ❤️ Unconditional Love


Great couple….Great Energy!!!!!! This method is like no other and Marnie and Dr Yuen are amazing. I am grateful for all the help and support every month, from resolving relationship issues, to problems with my body….the layers continue to disappear instantly. I love it when I can FEEL the blocks being removed!!!!!! Neutrality and unconditional love is the key ❤️🗝.

Marnie Greenberg

Karen, Thanks for sharing – You are open and receptive for all the layers to disappear instantly.❤️ Unconditional Love


Unbelievable: I just started watching the video and I immediately connected with the Neutrality I was looking for!!!
Thank you!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Awesome Andrea – Sending you a blast of Marnie Chi – Neutrality and ❤️ Unconditional Love!

Suzanne Carrier

Such great results. Love being in Marnie and Dr. Yuen’s community.

Marnie Greenberg

Suzanne, It was awesome connecting with you today!! ❤️ Unconditional Love!


Great work Marnie! I felt some of my Financial/Career blocks being removed as well!

Marnie Greenberg

That’s great Marcus! Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥


I want to be unblocked too! I would love to have great energy and vitality. Leopard -strong!

Marnie Greenberg

You got it, Kristin! See you on the monthly call tomorrow! Can’t wait to connect! ❤️ Unconditional Love


Hi Marnie I just watched the video was really inspirational, and I felt that strong energy as I was watching that video because of being open and receptive to their energy of Neutralty 🤠👍👍


Thanks for video Linda and David!! This comes in the right time as a lot of difficulties and disappointment has occurred to me lately where I just want to disconnect from everything. But this video reminds me of how incredible the Yuen Method is and I’m destined to stick with it.

Marnie Greenberg

Joyce, Sending you 100X the ❤️ Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect! 🔥

Jill H

I love this! Brad and I worked with David and Linda on a charter school board years ago and they are precious. So happy to see they’re part of the best group in the world! And congratulations on the fabulous changes!

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