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4-Part Personalized Coaching Program!

Delete the Cumulative
Effects of your Stress & Pain
and Make Your Dreams a Reality!

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Is Your Past Holding You Back?

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Actually
Achieve the Goals You Set, and Finally
Fulfill All Your Future Needs, Wants, and Desires?

It's Time to Delete the Accumulated Baggage that is Preventing You from
Creating the Life You Envision and Deserve!

It's Time to Clear Your Body/Mind/Spirit So That
All Your Dreams are Quickly and Easily
Manifested and Actualized


Personally Designed by Marnie Greenberg to Ensure
Fulfillment, Harmony, Success and Neutrality



  • An explanatory monograph in PDF format corresponding to each module's subject matter. Marnie clearly explains the processes behind strengthening and deletion, as well as expanding on the specific topic and issues involved in each of the activations.


(ALL NEW!) Guided Self-Strengthening & Deletion Series

  • Four topic specific activation audios, with musical background (20-30 minutes each), designed to be replayed daily so you always begin each day with a clean slate.


  • Full recordings of the four weekly calls that comprised the original 4-week program with Marnie. Included are the original weekly activations, and group strengthening and deletions based on each week's topic.

Two 50 Minute Personal Consultations with Marnie

Consultation #1: Marnie will initially determine any past, current and upcoming weaknesses and obstacles intuitively, then continue to delete each one by accessing the unconscious minds of the person, or groups involved, determining the actual unseen weaknesses, issues and blocks, and then Delete them on the Spot! This process results in solutions showing up naturally and with the right actions being taken automatically.

Marnie will coach you on how to feel, perceive, and intuitively pinpoint the “answers” to your unseen blocks and achieve results on the spot. Her ability to feel, perceive, and intuitively direct people of all walks of life the applicable answers that can radically change and create an unlimited infinite potential life is impeccable. She makes what seems impossible, possible at lightning speed.

Consultation #2: Marnie will follow up with you and answer any questions, continue the strengthening and deletion process and ensure results.

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Join Marnie LIVE and she will resolve your stress & pain on the spot!

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