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Independence Day Is Here!

On this Special July 4th holiday, it’s time to Claim Your Independence – 100% Infinite Potential.

For many of us, this special day brings many emotions to the surface, and triggers physical, mental, and emotional dependency we have with our partners, co-workers, and friends.

It’s time for YOU to call the shots, and not someone else! 

This free stream will strengthen you for being in your full power, speaking up, and loving yourself unconditionally as it relates to being in charge of your life, despite whatever negativity comes your way!

As I strengthen live callers and delete their hidden weaknesses, YOU will also receive the strengthening if you resonate with the same issue/problem.

Take charge and repeat to yourself the following:

  • I am assertive in everything I know and do in my life.
  • I automatically attract others that support my cause.
  • I re-align myself to have the expertise to allow others to pay me.
  • I have a strong influence on pre-programing my future.

Take a moment and repeat to yourself the following:

  • I reclaim my INDEPENDENCE 100% infinite potential
  • Independence – Dependence – Neutral

I AM …

  • Able
  • Willing
  • Ready
  • Deserving
  • Worthy
  • Expect it
  • Reality
  • On the Spot … STRONG!!!!

Take a moment, and delete all weaknesses to claiming your Independence.

I'm deleting all your unresolved Karma, Trauma, Limitations, Illnesses and Fear …   and most important Collective Consciousness B.S.

  • Eliminate
  • Set Free
  • Make Independent
  • Release
  • Protect
  • Forgive and Forget
  • Unconditional Love 

It’s time to recognize and delete all the hidden weaknesses … 

I'm strengthening you to delete your mind, activate your physical intelligence and insight so that you automatically take independent action that leads to success…  

You will feel me directing you EXTRA STRENGTH on this special day for INDEPENDENCE!

4th of July – STRONG!! 

FREE! Delete Stress & Pain LIVE!

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