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I want to make sure that your Abundance Blocks
are not holding you back from getting
everything YOU want, and deserve!

Quick Overview of the Call …

I took live callers with various types of financial/career stress and physical pain and resolved it on the spot. I demonstrated how financial/career stress, and blocks to abundance (giving and receiving) can cause physical pain.

Are you WORRIED about your money/finances?

Are you feeling ANXIETY, OVERWHELM, or DEPRESSION with your business/job, or difficulty finding a job you love, and also experiencing physical pain?

Are you forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do?

Listen to how I strengthened and deleted the live caller's weaknesses.

After I deleted Michelle’s neck and quadriceps pain (the first caller), she expressed “you are spot on! My pain is now at zero.”

Diana (the second caller), was experiencing pain when she tilted her right ear to her shoulder.

I explained her weakness was really all the things that she did not want to hear. I deleted her reactions, sensations, and emotions to criticism and judgment. People had said things to her that they had no right to say, and it was hurtful! I deleted the cumulative effect of all disappointment, and her reactions specifically about people putting her down about her financial situation.

After I deleted Diana’s physical neck pain she said, “Amazing! It's phenomenal! It’s really mind blowing Good!”

If you resonate with these same problems, you will feel improvement just by listening.

How easy is that?

It’s time to DELETE your belief that this is IMPOSSIBLE, and MAKE IT POSSIBLE, on the spot!

If you are asking the question – Will this work for me? The answer is YES!

It does not matter how serious your problem is, every condition is reversible!

This transformation happens immediately, on the spot, simply by locating and deleting the previously unknown causes and the exact hidden weaknesses that created the problem in the first place.

If you want the same results … Be sure to listen to the end of the replay, as I also discuss how to resolve your financial stress.

I want to make sure that your Abundance Blocks are not holding you back from getting what YOU want …

If you ever wonder why others have more than you do, or why making money seems effortless for others but not for you, or why great things happen to others, while you continue to work hard and struggle – The answer is simple – they are open to receiving. 

It's your time to be open to receiving also.


Here are just a few of the testimonials we received after the previous monthly membership call …

I am so grateful … the last call was an Ah-ha moment for me, all those past Christmases of disappointment and sadness, and I never knew why, but now I know the universe was trying to get my attention? wake up, you are powerful, you can create anything. It was never not anything outside of me that was causing me to be happy, or the idea of getting something. It has always been that I am a creator, I create my own happiness, I am my own power, but how to access it, that was the missing piece.

Getting Neutral, big key for me. … more insight, and change is on the way … Marnie also said, be “Fast to Rerouting”, wow, huge! I never saw we can “Re-route”, and the universe does this every second, technology networks are doing this in real-time, re-route to what feels good and strong, every moment, every day.
John K.
Engineer – Apple Inc.

This call felt so powerful! I felt my blood rushing through my body so intensely, and I actually feel more in my body now than I have for awhile. I feel much more neutral and able to move ahead without any panic. Fantastic, thank you!
Janna M.

Eliminating my heel pain was not my monthly request, so I am benefiting from others who are having you work on their foot pain issues. I also had an overall sense of well-being when it came to my relationship with money/the energy of money, and curiously enough, the number in my mind that I've always thought could someday be my maximum net worth suddenly increased by 300%. It's like you deleted a limitation I had and it resulted in significantly raising the ceiling of what my belief system or comfort level had restricted me to. Now I suddenly have a much higher number that I identify with as being an attainable net worth. Very cool!”
Julie Q.

My fatigue is completely gone! Love it! Significant change in my quality of life now that my energy level is 100% Infinite Potential. I'm more Positive about Creating Wealth doing work that makes me Happier!
John Y.

A couple of work opportunities presented themselves shortly after the call, which was great. I'm happy to tell you that the zapping nerve pain in my foot is gone! During & After the call, I felt so Uplifted … that feeling like Everything is Possible!
Harry N.


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