Delete Physical Problems
Reverse Aging

Ideal Body, Skin and Facial Rejuvenation

The Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience …




Understanding the
Principles of each module



Topic Specific Self-Strengthening & Deletion Experiences




Discover the Absolute Quickest and Fastest Way to …

Reverse the Aging Process, Delete Your Pain and Stress, Achieve Your Ideal Body, and
Rejuvenate Your Appearance!

If you want to experience the life you dream of, enjoying ideal weight and a streamlined body, where the conventional downslide of aging is reduced, stopped, and even reversed, radiating the health, fitness and beauty from head to toe, with no effort on your part …

This Tele-Program is what you’ve been waiting for, the one you truly deserve.

It’s Really Simple

Aging is not the complex and inevitable progression conventional thinkers lead us to believe! Aging is a simple process which affects every quantum particle, atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, system and structure that impacts all of our body functions.

Marnie will DELETE and DEMYSTIFY the Mystery of Aging

Live your life WITHOUT reliance on DIET, EXERCISE, PILLS and other conventional therapies and BYPASS or REVERSE the so-called inevitable AGING CHANGES that sneak up on us, like thieves in the night, silently robbing us of our vitality and our ability to maintain the same active and fulfilling lifestyle we once enjoyed.

Marnie will DELETE and DEMYSTIFY the Mystery of Permanent Weight Loss

Obliterate the myths surrounding permanent weight-loss and health maintenance once and for all … the ones that insists weight reduction depends on eating fewer calories, exercising more, or a combination of both … the ones that insists that physical exercise offers you the best chance of combating health issues!

Marnie will DELETE and DEMYSTIFY the Mystery behind True Internal Body Fitness

Stop health issues before they manifest, rather than relying solely on diet, supplements, and physical exercise.

Are You Suffering from any Physical Pains,
or Various “Age-Related” Conditions?

Are You Overweight/Underweight?

Suffering from Obesity or other Weight
or Body Shape Issues?

Has Your Skin Lost Its Youthful Appearance …
Wrinkles, Bags, Flab, etc?

Marnie Will Strengthen You and Delete the REAL Reasons, Causes, and Sources of Pain, Stress, Aging, Weight Problems, and Age-Related Conditions

Program Schedule

Module 1

Delete Physical Problems and Reverse Aging – Marnie reveals the most effective method of Halting/Reducing/Reversing the downslide in appearance, performance and health that can accompany aging.

Module 2

Create Your Ideal Body – Marnie demonstrates the most advanced ways to achieve one’s ideal body weight and dispels misinterpretations and misinformation about weight reduction (and weight gain).

Module 3

Skin and Facial Rejuvenation – Marnie unveils the virtually unknown method that replaces the need for cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, Botox, etc.

Here's the thing …

If You Want to Improve Now, and for the
Rest of Your Life, it is Simple …

Join Marnie in the New 12 Part
Ultimate Rejuvenation Program

This is the program where:

Your feelings will be refined … your perception will be enhanced. You will experience a lightness, rejuvenation, and vitality previously unknown and unavailable

  • The currently accepted professional theories and ideas about aging, weight loss and remaining healthy vanish
  • Effort, struggle and frustration are replaced by ease using methods that cut to the chase, providing outcomes previously unheard of
  • Your true physical potential finally emerges
  • It will be IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL!



Personally Designed by Marnie to Ensure that You …

Stop/Reverse Aging, Maintain Your Health, Achieve Your Ideal Body, and Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Marnie interactively improves the group in this program to delete common blocks. You will experience Results On The Spot!

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE SHOULD NEVER STOP, and by participating for 12-weeks straight with this exclusive group, it will provide you with an opportunity to succeed that requires little, if in fact any, effort on your part. 

You will improve on a weekly basis with unparalleled benefits. It is all about strengthening your own weaknesses and the group’s weaknesses as a whole until each member has fewer weaknesses and ultimately close to none. This will automatically propel each of you into an extraordinary and fortuitous future, one that will be well beyond your expectations.

Improve for 12 Weeks Straight!
Here's How This Specially Designed
Tele-Program Will Work For You…



Delete Physical Problems/Reverse Aging

Description: This module reveals the unsurpassed method of halting/reducing/reversing the downslide in appearance, performance and health that accompanies aging. 

Problems Addressed:  

• Back, Shoulder, Neck, Knee, Hands, Feet, Legs, Headaches
• All Major Organs, and Body Systems
• Reproductive Problems
• Digestive Problems
• Respiratory Problems
• Heart Problems
• High Blood Pressure 

• High Cholesterol
• Memory loss  

Targets These Specific Areas: 

• Longevity
• Regeneration/Degeneration/Rejuvenation
• Slow Down, Reverse, and Stop Aging 

• Maintain/Improve Physical Functions
• Loss of Your Sex Drive/Libido


Ideal Body

Description: This module reveals the most advanced ways to improve one’s body weight and dispels misinterpretations and misinformation about weight reduction.  

Problems Addressed:

•  Overweight – Underweight
•  Constipation
•  Food Cravings (Sugar/Salt/Fats)
•  Over Eating (Food Addiction)
•  Binge Eating due to Stress, Depression, Negative Emotions/Experiences
•  Worried About How You Look/Appearance
•  Decreased Quality of Life
•  Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Targets These Specific Areas:

• Maximize Transfer of Matter to Energy
• Streamline Your Body
• Speed Up Digestion, Elimination & Systemic & Cellular Metabolism
• Slim Down With No Time Gap
• Specific Body Size Reduction – (Abdominal Region)
• Maximize and Speed Up the Elimination of Cellular Waste and Dead Cells
• Increases Energy for Breaking Up Encapsulations


Skin and Facial Rejuvenation/Regeneration

Description: This module reveals the preeminent method that replaces the need for cosmetic surgery.

  • This module is designed to strengthen your facial structure to ensure you are younger looking.
  • In this module, you will improve your facial features such as puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, as well as nose, mouth, lips, teeth, wrinkles, skin elasticity, and loss of collagen. 

Problems Addressed:

  • Sagging/Crepey Skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of Youthful Appearance
  • Dark Circles/Bags Under Eyes
  • Double Chin
  • Acne/Scars

Targets These Specific Areas:

  • Physical Facial Regeneration
  • Skin Longevity
  • Time and Aging
  • Maintaining Beautiful Skin


Live Group Strengthening and Deletion Call Recording

Each Module Consists of Four Powerful Parts

Designed To Maximize Results!



Manuscript/PDF Explanations of the Principles for Each Module.

An explanatory monograph in PDF format corresponding to each module's subject matter. Marnie clearly explains the processes behind strengthening & deletion, as well as expanding on the specific topic & issues involved in each of the activations.


The Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience …
3 Life-Changing and Transforming Audio Activations
From Marnie Greenberg 

Marnie Greenberg directs you on a “Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience” designed to put the book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot in ACTION, and ensure results on the spot, for yourself. 

These Guided Self-Strengthening and Deletion protocols are designed to keep you strong on a regular basis.  

Marnie will direct you using geometric figures to turn on your internal computer, optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen your neutrality, be in the mindless/spiritless state, program you for strong/exact insight and the ability to quickly compare the difference between strong vs. weak.

With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problem on the spot!

Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your life – without pain, illness or limitations.

  • Each activation will be topic specific
  • Available to replay for daily self-strengthening and deletion


 Group Strengthening and Deletion
Audios with Marnie 

  • Full recordings of the three monthly calls that comprised the original 12-week program with Marnie. Included are the group strengthening and deletions based on each module's topic.

Specific Deletion:  

  • Very specific negative emotions, reactions and sensations, experiences, limitations, karma and trauma attached to your past, current and future problems will be totally deleted from your body, mind and spirit to make sure they no longer impact your daily life. 

Experience the Power of Group Deletions

  • You are probably wondering, “What’s so great about group deletions?” Many people are restricted by the limiting belief that individual consultations are preferable because they address your specific question/problem. Actually, the opposite is true. This may be as difficult for you to accept as it is for a newcomer to accede to the possibility that instant changes can and do happen on a regular basis. Yet the fact remains that GROUP DELETIONS can be far more effective and powerful than individual ones. This is a result of the synergetic effect.


Group Strengthening and Deletion Audios with Marnie

Not Sure This Program Is Right for You?
Here's What Others Are Saying About Marnie's Programs …

“If You Think You Are Aging - This Program is a MUST HAVE ... I See the Results Showing Up Everyday!

Isabel Ferreria – Portugal


My daughter said to me, “I don't know what you are doing, but you look younger”!

Each time I listen to the activation I have a palpable energy leave my body. Feels good.

My daughter said to me, “I don't know what you are doing, but you look younger” Just wanted to share that.

Virginia R.  Coral Springs, FL    Businesswoman


My relationship with food has shifted to a calm and unemotional event!

My relationship with food has shifted to a calm and unemotional event. I eat less and feel full faster, no dramatic cravings, don't reach for sweets anymore. I enjoy what and how much I eat ~ it's truly a wonderful experience.

Over the entire program I have experienced improvements in my facial skin, feeling comfortable in my skin, and more neutrality about the issues I had written in about. Thank you for an incredible program Marnie!

Irina M.  San Francisco, CA        Family Business Consultant


The pain in my left knee is so much less too!

Things keep getting better and better. Feeling stronger, and even though I still have some things going on, nothing seems to have as much of a charge as it did. The pain in my left knee is so much less too!

Yvette V.  Duluth, MN


This work is the wave of the future!

I'm a completely different person and I am strong to continuing to let go of the old me!

I have lost weight, am moving my body more, look younger, am more confident and areas of my life that do not match this improvement are flaring into my sphere of activity. This work is the wave of the future.

I am overjoyed to have been given the keys to Mastery in My Life!

Kathryn B.  Lancaster, PA     Spiritual Intuitive/Artist/Mama


When I was tired, I used to have pain in my whole body. Its all gone!

I notice a change in my face. It's thinner. My double chin is also diminishing. I feel that i am getting thinner in my whole body. I don't rush anymore to the fridge, to get something to eat. Also not so fond of sweet things. I listen to the activation every day, on weight, on skin, or aging.

I have more energy. No pain in my whole body. When I was tired, I used to have pain in my whole body.

Its all gone

Lucie G.  Longueuil, Quebec   Retired 


There are huge shifts in awareness!

The clarity of the activation and how the mind and spirit are deleted. There are huge shifts in awareness, my body is lighter, movement is free and flowing and I feel taller.

My movement on the tennis court is amazing! I feel more energetic.

Munz A.  Monroeville, PA     

Health Wellness CEO 


My face is looking better, with less wrinkles!

My face is looking better with less wrinkles! Great! My overall look is younger.

Thank you for your miraculous activations. I hear them everyday! Love them all. I look forward to our next private sessions.

Isabel F.   Lisbon, Portugal     Coach


My skin appears less wrinkled and more moist!

 I am happy to report that the skin rashes I mentioned last time have gone, My skin appears less wrinkled and more moist.

Vanessa L.  UK    Flight Attendant


I felt much calmer and with less pain on my body!

I liked it! I listened to the audio, and when I finished it, I felt much calmer and with less pain on my body.

Mariana C.   Miami, FL      Accountant


I've just received my second blood test. YAY- so happy!!!!! Dropped from 131 to 106!

I'm feeling better. I had a blood test in April – my insulin was high -131. The normal should be between 74/110. After sharing this feedback with you, and since the Module 2 activation, I've just received my second blood test. YAY- so happy!!!!! Dropped from 131 to 106. !!!!!! Normal is between 74- 110”.

Tere R.  Buenos Aires, Argentina    Business Owner


Delete Physical Problems
Reverse Aging
Ideal Body, Skin and Facial Rejuvenation

The Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience … 

3 Modules – 12 Part Activation Series!

Original Price $1,491 (Value Per Module $497)
Your Special Price $847 (SAVE $644)



What happens after I enroll? 

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with your Membership Login information. Use this information to access the Membership Area where you will retrieve your call-in details and submit your personal requests to Marnie. 

Will I receive benefits from listening to the replays? 

Strengthening and deletions are equally as effective when listening to the recordings. You will improve each time you listen, and it will increase the impact and effectiveness of the strengthening.