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· September 25, 2020 · 90 comments

Since COVID-19 hit, financial panic and uncertainty is at an all-time high! This is a crisis like no other, and there is substantial uncertainty about its impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

If you are you worried about your financial future, I recorded this incredibly inspirational life-thriving story for you.

Repeat to Yourself: 

“I am open and receptive to change” 


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Andres S.
Senior Art Director at HBO Latin America

Don’t let the pandemic negatively affect your finances!

Get the financial results you want!!

I'm in your life to remind you that you are in-charge of your financial future.

It’s all about FINANCIAL SUCCESS with EASE!  

I truly care about you, and from my heart, I want the best for you and your loved ones! 

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I know there are times you feel defeated! However, in my membership program, I delete blocks for you and change the outcome in your favor.

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If you still doubt your ability to change an outcome in your favor – watch the video. The same strengthening I did for Andres, will also be done for Your!

Be preventative and proactive – This is truly a lifesaving method.

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Please leave a comment below – We would love to hear how this video makes you feel!

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Hi Inae and Andres, Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy for you!! I’m in Marnie’s membership also and it has been interesting because I was let go from my job, and I submitted a request to Marnie on the last call, and soon after the call I got a new opportunity that is way better. My hip and back pain are also gone. Good things always happen since being a member.

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Julie – glad your hip and back pain are gone and new opportunities opened!! Extra Strength Your Way!! More coming on Wednesday’s membership call! I love that your husband just joined and that he can now walk without foot pain. AWESOME!! No surgery! Woohoo!

nathalie gauvin

This is a great story, yeah for the arts!!!!! What a great couple and I love the explanation of Inae how she conveys to you what’s happening at the moment and keep informing you of the changes, Plus how she feels you working on her, her husband and beyond the situation.. I agree that staying connected to you is what we need to do. I am amazed at how protected I feel about the virus. We were in France when the spreading started and did not know it until later. We we were safe. Thank you Marnie. xx

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Nathalie, Thanks for sharing … Yay for the ARTS – STRONG! I am glad you feel protected from the virus. Sending you Extra Strength and can’t wait to connect on Wednesday’s call. Love you!

nathalie gauvin

Yes I am looking forward to this call. Thank you for what you did for my mom. She feels so much better tonight. Things are shifting. Love you so much.

Marnie Greenberg

Nathalie, I worked on her shoulder and will continue on her hand. Glad her shoulder is better. She is amazing!! She said she was singing with me “We Will, We Will, Rock You!” OMG I love her energy!!! Sing it with me Nathalie with your angel voice – Rock on! Lots of love and support!

Cristina Gabriela

Inae, positive changes, and job opportunities can only make us happy.
And that the COVID does not affect us! And more financial opportunities!
Marnie and team, I appreciate everything you do for us!
Lots of love!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Cristina, thanks for sharing … glad you have had positive changes in the membership and that you are happy and healthy! More coming on Wednesday’s call!! I love you!

Arzelie berouard

Beautiful 😍 and I love how the husband has been converted to it !!!! 😆😆😆 Amazing 👏


Joy to FEEL Marnie with us!
Marnie is so fun and natural! We will! We will get results better than you possibly can imagine! Yes!
Wonderful outcome in the experience of Inae and her husband! When Marnie is Present we create well-being and success! Thank you, Marnie!
Total appreciation for your work!

Marnie Greenberg

Yes T.S.! You got it … We will! We will get results better than you possibly can imagine!
Extra Strength your way!!! I love ya!

Karen H

Wonderful story. So happy for you both and I love all the positive changes and that hubby is now in on the strengthening with Marnie magic. 🤗

Marnie Greenberg

You got it Karen – Hubby Happy – Life Happy!!! It’s all about being even with your partner. Turning All Desires Into Reality – Strong!! You are a rock star just like Inae and Andres! I’m with you and sending you extra-strength!!

Nesha Fantasy

Hi Marnie, I felt so good knowing you were working on me. Thank you.


With Marnie you will just know that the Coronavirus will not get you!!

Personally I’ve had great improvement with my balance and blood pressure.
Just this week, I had a knee pain and Marnie took care it immediately and it
didn’t come back. I’m feeling safe and well. Thanks Marnie!
I also love that the husband was converted.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Diana, I am glad your knee pain is gone and your blood pressure is normal. I am strengthening you more now for what you sent me in the membership area. Just like Inae and Andres, I’m glad you feel it and so open and receptive to change!! YAY!!! Love ya!


Another wonderful example of Marnie the magnificent!! Unstoppable!! She has got you covered no matter the situation.🤩

Marnie Greenberg

Steve – you are unstoppable and so is the entire group!!! Thanks for sharing. Andres is a mirror of you in the sense that you percieve the changes and always get the outcome you want. You keep going no matter what and that’s what counts! Love ya lots!! Senidng you Extra Strength Now!

Marisa C.

I’m part of Marnie’s membership. I listen to her activations daily. I have Lyme so I have been struggling trying to get out of the remainder of this illness. But since I have been listening to Marnie’s activations I have had more energy to clean and cook and do other things. Her monthly membership has helped me see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been sick with this illness all my life and I am 41 years old. Marnie is a master teacher of this method and her activations are not something I can live without.… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Marisa, thanks for sharing … keep listening to the self-strengthening and deletion activations!! You got it! Sending extra strength your way … I have your back and can’t wait to connect on Wednesday’s live call!! HUGS!


Thanks for sharing your story. Financial security and freedom would be awesome!! I do think it’s a birthright for us all to live without limitations. So that is my wish for us all.

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Martha, Glad you just joined the group!!! I am strengthening you now for Financial freedom! More coming on the Wednesday call. Hugs!

Caroline Masters

Hi Inae and Andres – that is wonderful news! So great to hear positive and empowering stories in these uncertain times. :) I am also in Marnie’s Membership and Lifestyle Mastery groups and am receiving amazing results on many fronts from all of Marnie’s work and listening to the activations and applying the method. I have some unexpected and very positive news on the career changing front – I had an initial phone interview on Wednesday afternoon (after the Lifestyle call) that went extremely well. Briefly, they seem to be a really great fit for me, better than I could… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

You got it Caroline! You are a powerhouse, just like Inae/Andres, you will rock it!! I promise!!! I have your back 100% of the time! As always, keep me posted with feedback after the interview. Confirming your blocks were deleted on the last call! I love you beyond words!! You and Inae are so similar – no holding back – check mark reality!

Ashleigh Deanshaw

What a wonderful, uplifting and strengthening video to watch. Thank you Inae and Andres for sharing your story! This video has come at just the right time for me as I was looking at my finances yesterday and I ended up feeling a bit down and lethargic about it all. After watching this video, those feelings have gone!! Marnie’s membership group is a really, really powerful place to belong and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.

Marnie Greenberg

Ashleigh, sending you extra financial strength!!! Be sure to join me live on Wednesday’s call!! I love ya!

inae kortz

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback on our journey ! We feel the love ❤️ from Marnie and everyone !
We send unconditional love right back and in many many folds ❤️

Marnie Greenberg

Inae, Glad you both are feeling everyone’s unconditional love!!!! WOOHOO!!!


Thank you Andres and Inae for telling us. It is heart warming to hear about blocks beeing removed and the relief to have financial security. To feel safe in this period is so important

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Kjerstin, Glad you feel safe! I love ya!!!

Wilmer Mendoza

Hello!!! Marnie..
I’m Wilmer Mendoza and I’m a new member on your membership for the monthly calls.
It seem like the finances and Intuición are a little bit off..
I appreciate your time!!
Thank you so much Marnie!!!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Wilmer, Welcome to the group!! Sending Extra financial strength your way!! Can’t wait to connect with you on the upcoming membership call. Hugs!


Wow awesome, congratulations! Marnie magic! I have never been to the doctors since I’ve been with Marnie 😍 Not even for cold and flu. Marnie is a big part of my life and I listen to her louder when my kids have issues. 😍 Jason has come a long way – both knees have broken by playing football and Surf, but now both better, and he is back to playing again. We are good compared to others! Also, my kids are getting noticed, and they are okay with the school. Oh, I can write a book about you Marnie, but… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Glad you and your lovely family feel strong and healthy Nadee!! It’s Awesome that Jason is back playing football and surfing!! Extra Strength your way!!!


Thanks Marnie, I totally felt your strength! It’s much needed, and my dad’s memorials day is the 27th. I miss him, and I would love to fully connect to his love one other side ♥️

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Nadee, I am connecting you to your dad now. He is your angel on the other side and is sending you strength. I will process more in-depth on the upcoming call. Hugs! Love ya!


Thanks lot Marnie♥️ It’s make me so happy! I felt tears as I read this 🙏 joy and unconditional love thanks 💓 I send you joy, love and happiness ten fold! Looks forward to call ♥️🙏🤗

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks Nadee! Glad you feel more joy, love, and happiness!!


Thank you Marnie, Inae and Andres. I needed this uplifting story today. Your success reminds me that “if they can do it, so can I!”
Peace, love, joy and blessings galore
✌️❤️😊 🙏🙏🙏

Marnie Greenberg

Extra Strength your way Monica!!!


Thank you for sharing this great video. I’m hoping to get into a job with better pay and less exhausting. I love the reminder to be fearless and unstoppable Marnie!

Marnie Greenberg

HI Karen, Deleting all fear!! Extra Strength your way!!! I love ya!

Nathan Broad

Great story,so glad everything worked out for you guys so easily

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Nathan, Welcome to the membership … things will work out for you easily also!! Looking forward to connecting on Wednesday’s call! Hugs!

Nathan Broad

Hey Marnie,thank you 🐬

inae kortz

Hi Nathan, Thank you ! It was definitely a process and like I mentioned in the video , one correction opened another door and another door and with Marnie’s help we unraveled for the best outcome . That’s why I love this method , I don’t have to settle and can always do something about my situation, even if it involves others . We saw the opportunity to be proactive and these corrections are so so powerful! I am in awe how it unfolded and still there is more growth to come . We will keep you posted ! Thank… Read more »


Thanks Marnie

Bring it on!

Marnie Greenberg

Daniel, BRING IT ON – You got it! I’m on it!! Glad you joined – You Rock!


This was very encouraging because they were aware of the problem in advance and it got turned around in their favor and not only them but others also benefited from clearing the blocks that would have jacked them up. I love that there is something that can be done to help people reach their goals. Marine you are very good at what you do and it is very inspiring as you teach others to do this work as well. Thank you for sharing and giving all that you do.

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks for your comment Patricia … I’m all about team strengthening – all for one/one for all – strong! I am strengtheing you now for what you wrote for this upcoming call. Attracting people who bring you up and are supportive! Deleting all the users and energy drainers!!! Join me on the Wednesday call and you will feel uplifted and awesome!! I love haviing you in both groups! Hugs!

Anna R

Thank you so much for sharing guys – its so wonderful to know Marnie is looking out for us all – I feel the love and feel very supported. I am so looking forward to the call this week … and all the new opportunities coming our way bring it on!!!

Marnie Greenberg

You got it Anna … Bring it on – STRONG!!! The upcoming call is exactly what you need – perfect timing! Hugs and love!

Susan Hollander

Hi Marnie,
Thank you for your good work. I joined the monthly membership in June and our business’s finances have improved so much. Thank you!

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Susan, I’m glad that your financail situation improved since you joined the membership – YAY! Sending you Extra Financail Strength!! More coming on Wednesday’s call!


Inae and Andres, I’m so happy you both have the career outcomes you want. You radiate the creativity that makes an impactful contribution. Hooray once again for Marnie’s insights, knowing who to correct and what to correct! What a joy to be in this community of like-minded people.
Andres, I am so excited you gave this method a try. You are a shining example of receiving results by “giving Marnie your password.”

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Mary, Thanks for sharing. I love that both you and Inae got your hubby’s on board. It’s best when both you and your partner are getting what you want in life! Just like you, Andres is an extraordinary talented award winner and deserves the BEST! Lots of love and Extra Strength your way!

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