Special Message From Marnie ...


As a special client of mine … I wanted to share my insight with you.  

I have many email questions coming in … 

Please read the following in full, so that I can best support you in living your life with 100% infinite potential. 

Here's the Good News …

I've made it very easy for you to stay connected with me, and make 2018 your best year yet! Receive Continuous support during the most important months of the year – December 2017 and January 2018!

At the discounted price of $497 (SAVE $200), you can join with the special 2 payment option, so there is no obstacle holding you back.

It's simply 2 monthly payments ($248.50 now and $248.50 in 30 days)

I will continue to strengthen you on a regular basis …  Here's the benefits you will receive: 

Benefit 1: Submit your requests to me! 

Stay connected to the live strengthening and deletion  for 2 months straight … allowing you to maximize the benefits of remaining linked to my energy field, to be supported and strengthened by the group energy rather than being limited by the conventional thinking of the collective conscious, and finally to receive my personal attention in resolving your specific problems. 

Benefit 2: Better Quality of Life! 

Receive Continuous support …  Life is multifaceted … You must strengthen every area of your life. 

Benefit 3:  Live Activations

Don’t accept anything less than the best quality of life!


  • An explanatory monograph in PDF format corresponding to the subject matter. Marnie clearly explains the processes behind strengthening and deletion, as well as expanding on the specific topic and issues involved in the program.

2. ACTIVATE (ALL NEW!) Guided Self- Strengthening and Deletion Series

  • Marnie will start each Live clinic call with a 15-minute guided Self-Strengthening and Deletion protocol designed to put the book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot in ACTION, and ensure results on the spot, for yourself.
  • Each week’s activation will be topic specific:
    • Deleting the cumulative effect of all your 2017 garbage so you enter 2018 with a Clean Slate
    • Changing holiday stress into holiday success
    • Pre-programing 2018 for health, wealth and happiness
    • 2018 Abundance

    Available to replay for daily self-strengthening and deletion so you can start your day with a clean slate. Your past will no longer affect your future. Marnie will direct you using geometric figures to turn on your internal computer, optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen your neutrality, be in the mindless/spiritless state, program you for strong/exact insight and the ability to quickly compare the difference between strong vs. weak.

  • With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problems on the spot!
  • Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your 2018 – without pain, stress or limitations.


  • 4 One-Hour Group Strengthening and Deletion Tele-Calls, LIVE with Marnie

Submit Your Problems to Marnie!

  • You will be able to submit your primary problem when you begin the 4-Part Tele-Clinic

Specific Deletion:

  • Marnie will Identify & Delete Specific Issues on the LIVE Calls and direct you to improve continually. Very specific negative emotions, reactions and sensations, experiences, limitations, karma and trauma attached to your past, current and future problems will be totally deleted from your body, mind and spirit to make sure they no longer impact your daily life.

Submit Your Feedback Each Week to Marnie:

  • After each call, you will be able to submit feedback in the membership area to ensure you are improving. You will feel shifts in your life, like “peeling an onion”, and as a result, your stress and pain will be reduced each week!
  • Marnie will insightfully evaluate and re-evaluate on each call. She will delete and strengthen each weakness as she tunes into each individual and applies group deletions (all names will be kept confidential). 

Experience #1 Wednesday, December 20, 2017 

Pre-New Year's 2018 Special

This is your “YEARLY UPDATE” that is essential for your human operating system. In this Live Group Strengthening and Deletion clinic call, Marnie will delete the cumulative effects of your 2017 baggage on the spot, so that you enter 2018 with a clean slate!

It’s time to utilize your own inner high tech equipment that rivals the capability of any computer.

Experience the Lightning Effects of Specific 2017 Deletions:

      • Delete 2017 Regrets about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
      • Delete 2017 Worries about your future security
      • Delete 2017 Disappointments over certain wants/needs/desires that didn’t materialize
      • Delete 2017 Stresses about finances/relationships/health 
      • Delete 2017 Doubts about what you’ve done or will do
      • Delete 2017 Indecisiveness with choices and decisions
      • Delete 2017 Rejections, personal/work-related
      • Delete 2017 Hurts/Grievances if you’ve been unappreciated/unloved/unsupported/treated unfairly/criticized/suffering from a loss

    Experience # 2 Thursday, December 21, 2017

    Pre-Holiday Special! Change Holiday Stress Into Holiday Success Effortlessly

        • Delete Stress amid the Holiday Hustle associated with shopping, cleaning, cooking, money problems, traffic, long lines, lack of parking
        • Achieve Holiday Neutrality and why it is vital
        • Delete Negative Past Holiday Experiences and triggers
        • Delete Family Disputes & Depression during the holidays
        • Delete Holiday Negative Emotions: overwhelm, anxiety, and loneliness
        • Delete Post-Holiday letdowns

      Experience #3 Thursday, January11, 2018

      Pre-Program Your 2018 RESOLUTIONS  into REALITY, on the spot RESULTS!

          • Strengthen Your Resolutions so they automatically become reality and with No Effort
          • Fulfill Your 2018 Wants, Needs, Desires
          • Strengthen Your 2018 Aspirations, making their realization inevitable
          • Change Your Future by writing your own script as you Pre-Program 2018

      Experience #4 Thursday, January 18, 2018

      Activate Abundance Extra Strength to Stay Strong in the New Year!

          • 100% INFINITE POTENTIAL – Activate Abundance with everything in your life
          • Maximize the Strength Behind Your Wants, Needs & Desires so that they actually manifest in the New Year! 

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      Discounted Price $497 (SAVE $200)

      2 monthly payments of $248.50

      ($248.50 now and $248.50 in 30 days)

      Special Message From Marnie